Aqua painting binge


My first ‘binge painting’ in my new place is done, and everything is now stocked in my booth at Stars.


The three shelf spice rack.  I debated painting a design on the back, but nothing really ‘clicked’, so I painted it the same aqua as the shelf.  Lightly hand sanded along the edges to distress.

P1210781A reminder of how it looked originally.

P1210809In progress.  This is what it looked like after the first coat of paint.  You really don’t need ‘perfect’ coverage on the first coat.  As you can see, I removed the backing; originally because I was going to paint a design on it.  But even if I had initially planned to just paint it to match the rest of the shelf, I’d have removed it to make painting easier.

P1210810With the back removed you have far LESS little corners to paint and you can reach the shelved from the front and back.  And the backing takes about 15 seconds to paint with a roller.  SO, even accounting for the time involved in removing and replacing the backing; you have saved time overall.

P1210818The frame.


First I spray painted it flat black, then two coats of aqua brushed on.

P1210819I intentionally avoided getting the aqua paint down into all the carved details for some contrast.  Once dry, I hand sanded along the raised edges.

P1210817The little 3 drawer jewelry chest.  I gave it different knobs . . . thought about painting the knobs to match, but decided not to.  If it doesn’t sell like this I can always bring it home and paint them.  I used a turquoise spray paint on this one.

P1210764The before.

P1210815The ‘to paint or not to paint’ conundrum strikes again!  It was just TOO plain with nothing on the front.  These resin medallions were all I could find that would fit with the non-removable knobs.  Added them as an after thought . . .paint them?

P1210839After walking away from it and coming back later, I decided it was too much contrast o leave them ‘as is’.  Opted to dry brush paint them to allow some of the black show through.


Just what it needed!P1210853

The inside is fully painted too . . . .


Because it HAD to be!  If the inside had been white or any other complimentary color, I could have left it.  I actually PREFER the inside a different color . . . just not when it means MORE work for me.  (especially on such a small piece!)

P1210845This one ‘needs something’  . . . . but I failed to find that something.  We’ll see if it sells ‘as is’ and if not I’ll re-address the embellishment conundrum.

P1210911The top had a few flaws that were still visible after painting, so I stenciled a fleur design in a darker turquoise . . . and hated how it looked!  The contrast was TOO much.  Grabbed my paint roller and started painting over it and  . . . . . OH WAIT!!  It looks better partially painted over . . . kind of a faded look.  Old

P1210912Old dictionary pages glued to the bottom of the muddy brown drawers.

P1210828The before.  The designs on the front were ‘papered on’, but sanded of pretty easily.  The KNOBS were not removable unfortunately.  Had they been, I would have filled the holes and added new ones, centered on the drawers.

P1210844The doll clothes wardrobe;  just painted it, no embellishments.

P1210824Even though it was unfinished wood, it still required some ‘prep work’ before painting.  Raw wood will really absorb dirt and oils from usage, so if it looks dirty or grimey; give it a good sanding before you paint.  As with the spice rack, I painted the backing separately BEFORE attaching it.

P1210847The Cafe do Paris tray was a half-finished project from another time.  It had been base coated black, so all I had to do was paint it and stencil the design on.  The black ‘edging’ was done with the paint leftover on my stenciling sponge.

P1210836Not entirely sold on the color I used for the upcycled candle holder finial.  It’s one of those little free samples that Lowes has coupons for every so often.  It’s almost a periwinkle . . . we’ll see if it sells, if not I can always repaint it!

P1210790A quick rummaging through my stash of decorative curtain rod ends produced this piece which worked perfectly as a ‘topper’.

P1210791I just glued it on with tacky glue.  The candle well was deep enough that I didn’t need to remove the screw.

P1210989I typically try to put the ‘new stock’ at the front on my booth when I restock.  Reason being, most shoppers just ‘glance as they walk by’ as they walk up and down the aisles in the antique mall . . . until something ‘catches their eye’ and draws them in for a closer look.   And for those who come in on a regular basis, you want them to see NEW things every time they visit.

P1210991I’ve still got some white and cream color furniture pieces.  Some of those are grouped together down the back side of my booth.

P1210990I tired to ‘gradually’ phase into the new aqua pieces as you move around to the front of the booth.

P1210951Little gold grouping inside the doll wardrobe.

P1210958The little 3 drawer piece fit nicely tucked under a small table; the top piece in a stack of three.

P1210957I LOVE this little white shelf with a drawer!  I have not idea what it is.  My best guess is that it was used in the kitchen for cook books and the drawer for recipe cards.  It’s been in my booth for quite a while.  Might be time to bring it home and paint it aqua.

P1210962Layers!  I always display in layers!  So if the Cafe de Paris sign and little  cupboard with doors sells; there is more product behind it so it I don;t have too much bare space.

P1210988More layers.
P1210960Come on by and check out  the new stuff!

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  1. I love your blog and seeing all the blue – it’s the one email I ALWAYS open!

    Did you sell the frame? Didn’t see it in the booth pix.

    Ann Burt

  2. Ann, I just forgot to get a picture of the frame. It probably has sold by now; but I can’t know for sure until I go back in next week.


  3. Love your turquoise pieces! Do you find that color sells well? Any stool that I have painted with Duck Egg Blue has sold in my booth, but I’m a little afraid of painting a larger piece of furniture with it. Would you do a chest of drawers, for instance, in turquoise?

  4. ANYthing that I paint aqua/turquoise sells very well. In fact, half the time that I try ‘other colors’ (usually just black, white or cream!) I end up taking them home after they sit and haven’t sold for months and paint them aqua! I, personally, would absolutely do a chest of drawers! But you might want to start with a ‘not too pricey one’.

  5. Hi, I also enjoy your blog and get inspiration for pieces for my booth! If you don’t mind, may I ask what brand of the aqua spray paint, and the brush on paint, you use for your pieces? I had a few pieces in my booth painted with rustoleum aqua that did not sell… maybe it’s just my area (?)

    • Hi JoAnn, On the spray paint, there are so FEW options for colors I just get what they have in an aqua. More recently it has been a BRIGHTER aqua than it use to be in the spray paint. If I really don’t like the aqua spray paint for any given project, white or black are good second choices.

      For latex brush on paint, I find that ?Ralph Lauren brand has to most pigment. It costs a LOT more than other brands but goes MUCH farther and covers WELL in fewer coats. With as much painting a I (and probably you too!) do, TIME is money!

      The color I’m afraid I can’t help you on as I mix my own colors. Of course I do start out with a specific color when I buy a new can, but they seem to change the names and colors every time I go to buy new gallon! I don’t even LOOK at the color names anymore. Just buy the color that catches my eye, and ‘doctor it up’ as I go. sometime I add white or cream to lighten it up. Or sage to make it greener, Or grey to soften the tone or brown to really warm the tone.

      Different things always sell differently (better or worse) in different areas. SO MANY people here have booths FULL of white furniture, but white just does NOT sell well for me. I just hauled home a stack of big frames that I had painted white 6 months ago that had not sold (and frames always sell FAST for me!) and am in the process of repainting them all turquoise and aqua.

      I think everyone has to figure out by trial and error, what works and sells best for them. I REpaint a fair amount of furniture when it sits too long and hasn’t sold. But the aqua IS my ‘go to’ color that always seems to sell.

      Best of luck to you in figuring out what works best for you.


  6. Thanks for all of your knowledge and suggestions, I appreciate it!

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