Another updated spice rack

P1220040Interesting old thrifted spice rack with doors.

P1220041AND with a full set of 12 glass spice bottles!  Although the bottles did have adhesive labels in assorted levels of deterioration that had to be removed.  A long soak in hot water and Dawn dish soap and the came off quite easily.  But some of the plastic parts of the lids were badly stained (paprika like color) so I removed those and soaked them in some bleach water.


Still stained.  Tried some Oxyclean and let soak overnight.  Still stained.  soaked in STRAIGHT bleach.  Still stained.  Gave up and put them back on.  The stains are barely noticeable in the photo.

P1220042With the lattice like doors, this was going to be a difficult piece to paint, so I opted for spray paint.

P1220072Hand distressed along the edges with some coarse sand paper.

P1220074Left the bottles plain.


Don’t forget to distress the knobs!


Distressing along the edges.

P1220078Distressing of the decorative ‘notches’ along the edges and the lattice.

P1220075Ready to travel to Stars in search of a new home!



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  1. love the color!

  2. Did you consider cookbook pages or old recipes to line the back?

    • I will remember that for the next one! thanks. aj

  3. Very cute

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