The Wedding.

P1220414This handsome young man escorted his mama down the aisle, gave her a big hug that prompted a few happy tears and seated her; then waited, beaming, for his bride to be to ascend the aisle.

P1220417The bridesmaids and groomsmen have all traveled down the aisle followed by the flower girl.  The music changes and the crowd stands and turns to look back in anticipation of the bride.  Here comes the beautiful and teary-eyed bride on the arm of her equally teary-eyed dad who is proudly sporting the Clarey family kilt.  Attempting to smile through the tears, they hug and he tenderly ushers her into place facing her husband to be.

P1220418The ‘uncle of the bride officiant’ gratefully erases everyone’s tears momentarily with a bit of humor.  Happy tears though they be on this joyous occasion, we’d really prefer to not become so tearful that our noses begin to run!

P1220419The cloud filled sky shelters the sun from the eyes of the guests and sunglasses are removed and tissues held at the ready and they say their I do’s.

P1220420The officiant forgets to tell the bride to put the ring on the grooms finger and begins to move on to the next part of the ceremony.  The bride quickly slipped the grooms ring onto his finger and everyone chuckles in unison.

P1220421The clouds begin to thin as they repeat their personally written vows to each other.  Just as they are being pronounced husband and wife, as if right on cue, sun bursts through the clouds as they presented as the new Mr. & Mrs. Howard.

That is ALL the pictures I took!  I was just too caught up in soaking it all in to remember to keep snapping photos. I didn’t want to miss anything by being too preoccupied with taking pictures.  I’ll leave the rest to the professionals and wait to see those later on.

It was a beautiful ceremony and fun reception; as was the rehearsal dinner for ALL the guests the evening before.  Since it was a ‘destination’ wedding and nearly all the guests had already arrived the day before, the bride and groom included everyone in the rehearsal dinner.  It proved to me a nice ‘pre-meet and greet’ for everyone.

P1220405The brides rehearsal dress was almost as beautiful as her wedding gown!

P1220406It was very overcast and SMOKEY from all the wild fires at the rehearsal, but the smoke had almost entirely dissipated by the wedding.

P1220407The view just behind the spot where the ceremony took place.

P1220408OOPS!  I cut off the end of the banner in my photo.  It reads #howardlyeverafter2015 their tag for Instagram pictures.

P1220410Entrance to ‘the Barn’ where the rehearsal dinner was held.

P1220413Casual and family friendly seating for the rehearsal BBQ dinner.

P1220412Congratulations Megan & Elliot!

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  1. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. I like the decorations. Your son is very handsome. Congrats

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