Country heart shelf – AGAIN!!

I’ve lost track of how many of this EXACT type of shelf with the heart cut-outs I’ve made over through the years!

P1230198The hearts are TOTALLY dated and have to go!  But the shelf style, by itself, is really a very timeless style.  I just get rid of the hearts and add backing.  Adding the backing is optional, but I really prefer to always add backing.  Items just ‘show’ better against a backing.

P1230219I painted it my ‘new blue’ of course.  HELPFUL HINT: Paint the shelf and the backing separately before attaching the back.  It will be much easier and faster that way!


Since it’s not really possible to ‘remove’ the heart cut-outs, the best option is to COVER them up.  I just cut a piece of ‘luan’ the same size as the top piece and glue it on.  Once the glue dries and add a few finishing nails at the corners.

P1230226The added piece over the hearts could easily be left plain; I decided to add these decorative elements.


 They are made of resin (originally they were ornaments) I cut off the wire loop and glued them to the luan.   Once the glue was set, I just did a little ‘dry brush’ painting over them.

P1230227I hand sanded the edges a bit so some of the original white paint showed through.


As soon as I have for ‘room’ in my booth; I will be taking it to Stars.

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  1. Another great makeover! I’ve had a few projects that required dealing with cut-out hearts. I found that wood appliques large enough to cover the hole do a pretty good job of updating a piece, too. Your shelf has a new lease on life! Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVERLY!!! 😉

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