Book pages star wreath revisited. Did I ruin it?

So, I played around with some different materials to use as a bow on my book pages star wreath.P1230876

It DOES need ‘something’, but none of the bows I tried looked right.

P1230913I had some ‘Joueux Noel’ strips of printed paper from a previous project that I thought I’d try.  But it didn’t show up very well against the book page stars.  So I glued on a silver snowflake, and put the Noel across it.


 But just ONE silver thing on the wreath looked odd, so I added three silver glitter stars.  I don’t really like the silver stars in the middle of the big stars, but they didn’t look any better elsewhere.  (and I played around with positions for them for about 5 minutes?!?)


NOW I’m thinking I should have left well enough alone!!  Oh well, we’ll see if it sells, I guess.  I’ve got enough stars to make several more!


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  1. I like the added shine. Looks good!

  2. Looks good both ways! I like it without … but would bet it sells fast with.

  3. I like it with the extra!!!

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