Re-making someone else’s make-over.

Do you ever find stuff at the thrift store or a yard sale and wonder “WHAT were they thinking?!?”  P1240091

The COLOR is what caught my eye on the shelf at the thrift store . . . And the chalkboard paint ‘almost’ works.  But they took it too far by adding the ‘bling’!

P1240095The ‘innards’ were VERY clean, and the chalkboard painted inserts (I had assumed they were wood) SHOULD have come out easily by just unscrewing those gold tabs.

P1240117Apparently the chalkboard painted pieces were mirrors (or glass, hard to tell covered with the paint) and they had been GLUED to the doors!  So, the broke when I tried to remove them, and then I had to ‘chip out’ all the little bits still attached to the edges from the glue.  I didn’t have any wood thin enough to use, so I used a double thickness of cardboard and covered it with some fancy script paper.

P1240119I didn’t need to repaint it; just sanded it up real good to distress it.

P1240120Except for the amount of time it took to scrape out all the tiny glass shards glued to the frames, this was a pretty quick and easy male-over re-make.


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  1. Looks much better! So nice that you didn’t have to paint it.

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