To paint, or not to paint?

Found this cute pair of vintage wall plaques last week.

P1240684The cherubs on them are ADORABLE!  But that ‘pink’ background?!???

P1240687It’s just a very ‘off-pink . . . . kind of the ‘flesh’ crayon color from when I was a kid.

P1240686The sides are very think . . . and PINK.  They are kind of ‘bowl shaped, but with straight sides, and the cherubs are inside the bowl at the bottom.

P1240688Normally I’d just spray paint something like this with white or cream and just cover it entirely.  But I really like how the faces are painted.P1240689

I’m torn!!  I’m considering attempting to hand brush paint ‘just the pink part’; but I’m not sure white paint would look right either?!?!  And I hate ruining cool vintage stuff like this!

P1240684What do YOU think of them ‘as is’, in their original color?

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  1. What about dry brushing? Would that work?

  2. I myself love them the way they are.

  3. I would try to sell them as is first. Then if they stick around too long, paint them. They are so cute, I don’t think you will have trouble selling them as is. They would look so cute in a nursery or little girl’s room.

  4. I am usually a paint person, but in this case…don’t paint…

  5. If I were selling them I would leave as is. If I were keeping them I would blend a darker terracotta color to the background. I think that would make the cherub faces more outstanding

  6. Is there any way to try a little antiquing medium in a inconspicuous spot to see if that would work on the “flesh” tone? I never liked that crayon in the box! LOL kind of creepy. Were the pieces fired after painting? I’d hate to see you lose the faces if you painted the entire piece even with some gold accents you’d lose so much of their desirability?

  7. a lot of people are looking for that very-50s retro pink. I like the suggestion of trying to sell them as they are first.

  8. I know you are partial to white and aqua, but please leave these pretty plaques as they are. You are right, the faces are adorable but I don’t think they would look good on a white background. Have a very Happy New Year!

  9. Please don’t paint them! Love the pink. They would look great in a vintage sitting room or nursery.

  10. I’m with all these ladies. Leave them…they are very feminine and genuine this color. This is a very mid century color for plaster plaques. They are plaster, correct? White would be too stark and I think you might have a hard time blending into the angels.
    I’m sure some new mom, who is doing her nursery or little girl’s room in retro mid century decor, will love these!!
    What a wonderful find!!

  11. I agree with the others to leave the faces as they are. Maybe add a little white or cream to the edge of the plaques to make the cherubs stand out even more?

  12. Attempt the hand brush and if it fails you can just spray the entire piece

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