‘New Blue’ paint-a-thon

In spite of all the rain and damp weather, I managed to get a nice big batch of ‘new blue’ stuff painted.  Of course it took me about a MONTH to paint what I could typically finish on ‘2 sunny days’ . . . but what ELSE is there to do with this much rain!?!


I’ll show the ‘pretty pictures’ of the new stuff in my booth at Stars, first . . . then I’ll show the before and afters.




Stacked as high as I can stack it!


Whenever I bring in a new batch of furniture, I always try to place it at the very front of my booth.  So many customers just ‘browse by’ and don’t actually walk INTO every booth to look, so keeping your booth’s ‘first impression’ always looking it’s best and NEW is what will ‘invite them in’.


I am ‘extra fortunate’ to have TWO open sides to my booth because I am on the ‘back corner.  It CAN be a challenge to keep both the front and side looking great; and it IS a real challenge to not have much wall space.  I finally figured out that if I have about 40% of my booth with ‘permanent’ display shelves (that are NOT for sale and not moved) to keep my staples and smalls on, that I have more time to concentrate on keeping the rest of my booth always looking NEW.


Sometimes you just have to make a display do ‘double duty’.  MOST of my permanent shelves are ‘back to back’ on the open side of my booth, covering about half that distance.  The rest of it has to look presentable from the inside and outside views.  This is a BIG part of the reason I always paint the ‘backsides’ of items that have backings, IE shelves and dressers.  This little shelf facing into the booth, sits about eye-level, stacked on top of two tables.  I positioned it in the center of the table to divide the space and create a ‘clean backdrop for this batch of upcycled candle pedestals.

P1250185And this is the other side!



Very simple black 4 drawer nightstand.


With CLEAN drawer ‘innards’!


Some new paint, a bit of sanding and some ‘new’ brass knobs.

P1250148And just for fun, some vintage road atlas pages to line the drawers.

p1190273Does this little table look familiar???  This was it’s THIRD incarnation . . .


I sure HOPE, the fourth time is the charm!!  Just plain shabby blue.


And a chunky wood stool in plain shabby blue.


And a smaller stool!


Found this great oval pine pedestal table at an estate sale.


The grain pattern on the top distressed beautifully!




Small drop leaf table.


The legs were VERY time consuming to paint and distress, but it looks SO nice now that it’s done.


I have a similar table in my booth that I just painted the top cream color.


Some one went crazy with the gold spray paint at this estate sale!  A LOT of stuff was painted gold, including this cute child’s chair.


I sanded most of the gild paint off the seat and the headrest before painting it, so that when I distressed it the wood would show through.  The gold shows through on the legs and spindles, but the areas are small enough that it’s barely noticeable.


A couple of wood trays, painted and distressed.  Trays always sell well for me.


In fact, this divided carrier has already sold!


I usually don’t bother to sand the inside.


Another candle pedestal; and as always, WITH a candle on it and included in the price.  I usually ‘save up’ my candle pedestals until I have a ‘batch’ of them to paint.  I just like seeing a GROUP of them better than just one or two of them.  AND they do seem to sell better when there are more of them to choose from.


Painted mini armoir (Jewelry size).


I usually don’t buy them if the insides need painting, but this one was a really good price!


All painted up!


Just a little distressing on the front.


Vintage maple milking stool, painted black first, then the blue and distressed.


Yes, another stool!  This one was already painted white on the legs, and the top was left wood-tone, but very scratched up.  A quick sanding and painting of the top and it looks like new again.  Stools are one of those things that I will ALWAYS buy, if the price is right.  They are easy to paint, come in very handy for displaying and they SELL well!


Old turned wood lamp.


Painted and sanded.


It’s getting harder and harder to find old lamp shades that are actually re-usable.  I’ve been opting for NEW shades lately.  This one is burlap.  I can usually  find them at a decent price at Ross stores.  (and if I remember to go on a Tuesday I get the added Senior discount!)  It can be ‘hit or miss’ as to whether or not they will have any in stock, so I’ll usually buy a couple of extra ones when I can find them.


This little ‘open’ oak shelf was really quick to paint.  (no before pic; oops!)


Oval storage box, repainted; stenciled ‘VINTAGE’ and a decorative key glued on.  (these are scrapbook keys so they are FLAT on the back and easier to glue on!)


I ran out of room for this shelf; so I just had to tuck it behind a display for now.  I’m calling it a ‘desk shelf’ for lack of a better description.  It’s HALF of what it was originally (we cut it in half).  the other half was exactly the same, but turned upside down and connected at the bottom.  I guess it was supposed to be a wall shelf of some kind, but it was WAY too big and heavy for ME to hang on a wall.  As they say, necessity is the Mother of invention!

That concludes the paint-a-thon portion of this blog post.  I’ll conclude with a few more pictures of my latest booth do-over.


























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  1. I enjoyed looking at your booth; love the lamps–they give it such a cozy, come-on-in look. I like your new blue–especially the little blue and white stool. I saw the little red owl peeking around; he is so cute!

  2. I just wanted to say that I am seriously loving this new blue color! I love all of your stuff but this is more my color. I enjoy checking out what you are doing whenever I get the chance. Thank you for sharing it.

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