Little wood trays

Found these little trays at the thrift store.


The fronts of old greeting cards had been glued onto them.


They were a tad beat up.


And the pictures are really dated.


They aren’t very big either; about 6″ x 8″.  But trays always sell well for me and they were a good price; so I figured they were worth buying to fix up.


I sanded over the cards a little, then painted the whole tray and distressed along the edges.

Now what to decorate them with?!?!?  I thought some stenciled designs or words would be cute, but all my stencils were too BIG to fit these little trays.


These pretty paper napkins look like a good fit.  I’ve never worked with applying napkins, so I was a tad leery, but decided to give it a shot.


I had these other napkins to consider also, but settled on the first ones.  Wanna know where I found all these pretty paper napkins????

DOLLAR TREE! I kid you not. And they have dozens more designs . . .and table covers and paper plates and cocktail napkins to match!


I cut the napkin to size and got my little 2oz bottle of Mod Podge out (which I also found at DT!!) and went to work.  I waited to remove the back layer of the napkin until after I had cut it to size.  Slathered the tray with the Mod podge and veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery carefully placed the napkin on and gently dabbed it into place.


I was able to cover all three trays with ONE napkin, by using the back; and then putting two pieces together (which you can SEE on the tray on the left).


The tissue went onto the first tray perfectly.  The next two . . . .notsomuch!  As you can see here.  sigh.  The napkin paper is SO thin it tears really easily, so as I was ‘working it into the corners’ it ripped!!


The Mod Podge ‘sets’ so quickly that I couldn’t remove the napkin to start over.  (Well, maybe if I had immediately submerged it in water).  I just wanted to be DONE with them, so I left them to look ‘distressed’.


Think this will pass for good enough?


Another little tear in the corner.  I suppose I would have tried harder to fix the tears if the trays were bigger, but these are so small it really wasn’t worth investing more  time and effort into the project.


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  1. Oh! They are very cute! MUCH better than the originals! Is there any chance you could perhaps sand the areas of the tears just a little? Then it can look aged in the appropriate way without the tears just looking like, well, tears! I love the birds!

  2. The Dollar Tree does have amazingly cute napkins! Your trays look very fresh and adorable.
    Question: what do you charge for your trays? I have revamped a couple trays and they won’t move…priced at $12. Here is my post on them if you are interested:
    I’d love your input! I’m newish to owning a booth. Thanks!

  3. i say go for it and put them in your booth. If they don’t sell that way, then a re-do will be necessary. I used napkins and mod poge to cover those brouw boxes from Hobby Lobby? Mine wrinkled but it looked good on them. The napkins are hard to work with, I agree! Don’t know if you have Tuesday Morning shops in your area but they have some beautiful napkins too at a reasonable price. I’ll have to run by Dollar Tree to see what they’ve got!

  4. Audra…Just my opinion, I would repaint in a darker blue or tourquoise and leave off the YUM. I believe the napkin and mod-poge would work on your trays even with the uneven surface since the napkins are so thin and pliable. AJ may have a different take on it. I look at EVERYTHING that has birds on it. Or make all 3 different on the inside but same color.

  5. AJ- What if you put some of your Ralph Lauren Tobacco glaze on these if they don’t sell as is? I almost always encourage you to do more. I’m a more is more person. LOL! 🙂

  6. I, TOO, am usually a ‘more is better’ person! I’m trying very hard to get into the ‘less is more’ way of thinking . . at least initially. Then, just as you suggested, add ‘more’ later IF necessary. I re-do at least a dozen projects a year!

  7. […] this paper napkin design from the little trays  I did  a while […]

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