About a year ago I asked for the advice of a very knowledgeable business colleague about suggestions for increasing my sales in my booth at Stars.

Sales are GOOD, mostly quite steady; an occasional jump up and an occasional ‘slowish’ month.  Nothing at ALL to complain about, but I wanted to know if she had any suggestions for increasing my business.  Most of what we discussed I had already tried or was already doing.  Her biggest suggestion was in regards to COLOR.  (did you see THAT coming?)

She suggested that I might be in a bit of a rut with my aqua color scheme, and I really CAN’t disagree with her!  I’d LOVE to work with other colors; alas they just don’t seem to SELL for for,  sigh.

Still, I value her opinion and decided to ‘give it a shot’ and really give it my ALL this time.  I almost always ‘change things up a bit’ seasonally in my booth.  Adding a few red or pink pieces for Valentine’s; bringing in a LOT of white for spring; then going back to aqua after that.

SOME of the white stuff always sells fairly quickly . . . .the the rest of it just sits and sits and sits.  I rearrange it and move it around and it still just sits.  So, I give up and take the white furniture pieces home, paint them aqua and bring them back in and BAM!  They sell!

At her suggestion, this time, I ‘let it ride’ a bit longer; for over a year actually.  My overall sales didn’t suffer at all during that time, but even I was getting tired of reworking the same old furniture pieces week after week; and finally started pulling the ‘tired’ pieces and taking them home to re-paint.

 I’m glad I took her suggestion and gave it more time because now I really KNOW that, for me at least, that adding more white did not really have an impact on my sales.  Therefore, I am more much more confident in painting so many of my furniture pieces aqua.

BTW, shoppers ask me why I don’t do other colors too.  It’s just evolved into being part of my ‘signature  style’ and it just WORKS for me.  I’d have never imagined that I’d STILL be doing the aqua (or turquoise) for THIS long; buy you know the old saying:  “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”  In that spirit; here are my latest ‘do-overs’.00q0q_d9aAxcJmfm4_600x450

Creamy white upcycled PETITE step-back.  BEFORE.




Perfect for holding Easter smalls.


Set of three wrought iron and wood nesting tables.  As is my habit to do, I priced them individually; and the two smaller ones sold.  So I took the remaining largest one home.  (originally the table tops were dark stained wood with glossy varnish; I sanded them and gave them a weathered wood finish.)


The wood part is very easily removable for repainting.  I repainted the one remaining table top shabby aqua.


I really like this ‘open’ area.  Even though it’s original purpose was to nest the other two tables into; it’s still a great feature . . .


Perfect little nook for extra display space! I can see this space being used to store a basket of kids toys or magazines or even a stack of floor pillows!


This adorable little drop leaf table has been around for AGES.  After a while I just started using it ‘as a riser’ for setting other things on top of.  The legs were in decent shape, so I just repainted the top.  It’s been in and out of my booth more times than I can count.


Then I found this second similar one and painted it aqua.  Since I had to paint the base on this one (which took a LOT more time!) I had to charge considerably more for it.  Just after I had put it in my booth, a customer stopped to look at it; saying to his wife he thought it would work for their TV.  I had not yet removed the other one from my booth, so I pointed it out to them also; and mentioned the price difference.  This aqua one sold a week later, and that was when I decided to re-paint the other one.


I decided to still leave the legs the original color.  Sanded the varnish off the top and painted aqua.  While sanding to distress I made sure to sand all the way down to the wood in some spots, and just down to the white in others.


Kind of reminds me of clouds in the sky.

P1250773With one drop side up.

P1250789 Nice and compact when you don’t need the extra room.


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  1. I like the blue. Gives you an “identity.” Good stuff.

  2. Like to see some pale coral as well as blue and white. 😃 But I do like the blue very much.

    • I LOVE coral colored items mixed with aqua and turquoise, and will buy ‘small vintage items’ in that color when I can find them. I did paint a few small furniture items (little shelf, small wood chest, candle stands) coral ‘back when’ we had our brick & mortar shop. Everyone LOVED how they looked . . . .but none of the coral stuff ever sold?!?!? Go figure!

  3. Just wondering if you have ever thought of doing custom colors, since the majority of people like the aqua, then just a small sign that says you can customize (maybe for a fee) for those people that ask about other colors.
    On a side note, do you ship? I see that beautiful lamp up front there and I would love it. (if the price is right). I live in Texas.

    • I’m not quire sure how offering ‘custom colors’ would work, as all my items are vintage and one of a kind and already refinished when I take them in to sell. While I could offer to RE-PAINT any of the items in a custom color; I’d have to charge MORE for the additional work. I have thought of offering to custom paint items that customers supply. But I am limited as to how ‘big & heavy’ of an item I am physically able to manage, due to my physical disabilities.

      Unfortunately I do NOT ship furniture pieces. I do not have the capacity to ‘package’ large items. While places like UPS WILL pack and ship; it’s proven to be cost prohibitive. sorry. aj

  4. AJ, personally I don’t like the table with the natural legs. I think that painted furniture is so “in” right now that just painting the top looks like you took an old piece of furniture and just painted the top. Of course this is just my personal opinion. I loved the little drop leaf table you painted all over.

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