Hard Cover Journals

Finally using up the last of this batch of hard cover journals.


Plain ‘kraft’ covers with tea stained, lined pages.  I bought these WAAAAY back when we very first opened our shop in Hillsboro.  They were really popular back then and VERY hard to find.  I had to order them by the CASE of 50 from a wholesaler to get them.  I had completely forgotten that I even had a few left.  Came across them when I was packing to move last Spring.  Finally getting around to doing something with them!


I only had 2 of them that had not been base coated with white paint.


I just added some vintage book pages and key images to these two.


These two have gone to my booth at Stars.


Love how they look next to the old photos, and on this drop leaf table.  this just might be my new favorite color combo!  Kraft tan and aqua.


The rest of them had been base coated black, then painted a creamy white.  I sanded them with my orbital sander before embellishing them.


Remember this paper napkin design from the little trays  I did  a while back?


The design covers the entire opened up napkin, so I could cover several journals with one napkin.


I used Mod Podge to adhere the napkins to the journals.  A coat of Mod Podge to the cover; lay the image in place and smooth out as needed.  Let dry and apply a top coat of Mod Podge.  Pretty quick and easy.


I ‘could have’ cut the image larger and extended over the edges of the front, but I kind of like the look of a bit of a border.


I used this napkin for the rest of the journals.


For some reason I was having a hard time removing the ‘second layer’ of the napkin on this design; to the point that I actually thought that maybe it WAS just a one-ply!

The journal on the right is the one WITH the second ply.  I finally figured that when I had cut the pieces to size using my paper cutter that it ‘sealed’ the edges of the two plys together.  I WAS able to remove that second ply on the rest of them.  Not sure it really makes that much of a difference though.  At least not with this color.


I debating whether or not these are ‘done’ yet.  They might need a little quote of some kind added to the front??

Haven’t decided if these will go to Stars or my etsy shop.


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  1. Love these journals–especially the ones with the birds. What a great idea and great job!

  2. Love them all, but the bird ones are my favorite.

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