I will NEVER shop at Home Depot EVER again!!!

Over the past few months I’ve spent at LEAST $500.00 at Home Depot on garden stuff, (plants, potting soil, fertilizer, garden tools) power tools, (a new hand drill and orbital sander) wood stakes etc.


I bought two one gallon Jasmine plants to plant in pots on my back patio.  Nice BIG patio pots for those plants, pretty metal trellisses, B-1 to prevent transplant shock, a new hose and nozzle to water them.


I also bought a couple of Japanese Holly shrubs at Home Depot.


So, a couple of months have gone by since I purchased and planted the two Jasmine.  One has grown and thrived, and One of them DIED.  Completely dead; not one bit of green left on it.  So, I dug it up out of the pot, put it in a plastic bag, got the receipt out of my receipt box and headed to Home Depot to request a replacement.

I explained that I had purchased two of them and planted each exactly the same way; but this one died; I would like a replacement.  The guy at the returns counter opens the bag, looks inside and shakes his head.  “According to our store policy, we can only accept returns that are in their original containers.”  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!

Do you meant to tell me that if I had bought this plant and taken it home and just left it sit all root bound in it’s original pot and didn’t take care of it at all and basically LET it die, that you would take it back???  But you WON’T replace this one that I spent a good $100.00 on supplies for, and planted and took care of???

There is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with that return policy!  I will NEVER shop at Home Depot ever again!!

**** So, I guess this is your ‘heads up’, that if you have recently purchased any plants from Home Depot to; SAVE THE POTS after you plant them.  Then if they die on you; put them back in their original pots to return them!

But, I still needed a replacement plant for my patio pot.  I headed to Fred Meyer and the FIRST thing I did was ask the cashier in the Garden Center what their return policy was for plants that have died.  The cashier directed me to the manager at the other end.

I told her about my ‘problem’ at ‘some other’ (did not give the name at that point) garden center and asked how they, Fred Meyer, would have handled the same situation.  The first thing she said was “That sounds like a lot of stories I’ve heard about Home Depot!”  Apparently their reputation precedes them!

She assured me that if I had bought those plants at Fred Meyer, the dead one would have definitely been replaced.  I know where I’ll be buying any more plants or starts that I need from now on!!

Unfortunately they didn’t have any Jasmine plants.  I ended up with a Trumpet Vine; which has similar leaves.  I can only HOPE it doesn’t look to lop-sided to have different plants in the pots that flank my garden ladder.

Then I bought a Clematis too; because the one that I ordered by mail only has ‘seven leaves’ and is going to take FOREVER to grow!!  Planting it by the front door, where it will be able to vine up and across a rope I’ve attached under the overhang.

So, you have been WARNED!!!  Don’t buy plants at Home Depot!  Tell your friends and family too.  I REALLY do NOT like businesses that have such poor practices!

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  1. LOWES!!!! home depot stinks for lots of reasons……….so sorry!!

  2. I used to work at Home Depot. If you ever go back just ask for the manager ….he should take it back…but you need to go online to their website and leave the same message as your message here, they need to know….but having worked there for 5 years I can’t say I’m surprised by them. Sorry this happened to you.

  3. I was head cashier and worked returns for over 10 years there. Talk to manager. we were trained to take back without questioning.
    I have heard since I left that they have really gone downhill. I wonder if they have changed CEO’s?

  4. I quit shopping at Home Depot years ago for just that reason. Also–you can never find anyone to help you and, if by a miracle you do, they don’t know anything!!! I go to Lowe’s, or better yet, a local business where the money stays locally.

  5. I have just discovered that Walmart has the same policy on plants. I learned this because we spent a good amount of money there only to have three or four of our plants die within two days! (I think that might be a record) I couldn’t find anything on the plant policy on line so I opened a chat with customer service and they explained as long as we have the receipt and original packaging, we can return within 90 days. I quickly sent The Husband to the trash and recycle bin to retrieve all the packaging! 🙂

  6. Most people are honest but I imagine stores get people returning stuff and trying to pull one over on them. Maybe they need the original pot back because it has the sticker with the UPC code on it?
    Someone returned something at Penneys three years later,never worn but I think they should not have been able to return it.

  7. not my fav store – whenever I go there something weird and wrong happens. I went for a plunger and the clerk KINDLY (aka talked down to me) explained they help people build new not repair old so probably didn’t have any plunders. Did find the plunger but didn’t step into a HD for 3 years after that. Went in because an instructor said all HD have an item – nope not true AGAIN so I said I would go to Lowes – they explained Lowes is like a bid dept store and I said “and yet THEY will have what I am looking for”…yeah not a HD fan….

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