Well, the ‘odd-ball’ colored chest of drawers SOLD the last day of the five-day sale!  Kind of nice to make money selling something that I didn’t have to put a lot of WORK into.

With all the other big pieces that sold during the sale, I wasn’t sure if I had enough new pieces ‘ready to go’ on Tuesday when I went in to re-stock; soooooooo . .

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I decided to try my luck again at selling a piece ‘as found’.  And this one is REALLY different for my booth!  I just LOVE ‘little drawers’ and this was a crazy good price.  If it hasn’t sold by the time I get something to take its place in my booth; it just might be coming home with me!


I could incorporate it with the red and turquoise I have in my kitchen!


It sure stands out like a sore thumb in my booth, doesn’t it?  Priced at just $89.00 thoughm

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  1. Oooh, oooh! I LOVE that red drawer chest! Oh I wish I was there in US to buy it from you.SHipping to Australia would be astronomical though…..sigh…..

    Glad you sold the other ‘non-done’ one! Great not to have to put time and effort into something, isn’t it? Hope the weather is not too hot in Oregon!

  2. If you don’t keep the red and turquoise kitchen items, I would like to but them from you. Let me know. Thanks, Sunnie Murphy.

    • Those are my personal kitchen items; just shown as an example of how well red and turquoise go together!! BUT, both are very popular colors in kitchen utensils these days. I bet you could find some in your area. The containers I have them in came from a thrift store though.


  3. Love all those drawers and that red color!! The turquoise and red colors compliment each other. 👏

  4. I agree….the red and aqua go well together….Maybe you need to have two signature colors. 🙂

  5. The red chest should not last long–I have found that my potential customers like pieces with storage. It really does look nice with the turquoise you have going on in your shop!

  6. I will have to send my brother in Portland to get that red chest for me & drive to AZ on his next trip to the south 😋tony

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