All gown up!

Remember this little cutie patootie?!?!

That’s my sweet grand puppy Willow.  AKA Silly Willy . . .  Willie Manillie . . . Willapalooza . . . Willy Nilly . . . Willadoodle . . .


The above picture is from July 2016.

And here she is July 2017!  From a lovable little goof to a BIG lovable goof!


Surveying her kingdom.


Going bye-bye!

She still comes and visits her grandma once a week or so.  And she STILL thinks that she is a LAP dog!  She insists on laying on my lap for at least 15 minutes a day.  We’ve worked out a routine.  She always waits until I am seated in my recliner chair and reclined half way back.  She will sit with her chin on my lap until I invite her up.

She carefully climbs over the raised foot rest and sits right on my lap.  (which IS a bit much at that point!)  Then she lays down, so her hind end is supported by one arm of the chair and her front end by the other; keeping a good % of her 65lbs supported so she’s not too heavy on my lap.  Every so often she will lay her head on my chest, right over my heart.  Gotta love her!

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