Time for another great SALE at Stars Antique Mall!

They call this one their ‘Haggle Sale’.  Many dealers are on site during the sale dates, and welcome haggling for better prices on the items in their booth.  I am not personally able to be there during the sale, so I just offer 50% off EVERYTHING IN MY BOOTH during the sale.  It’s a great time to grab that piece you’ve had your eye on for a while now!

THE SALE RUNS FRIDAY, 1/12 – MONDAY, 1/15, 2017.  HOURS 11AM – 6PM

I just stocked lots of new inventory, including Valentine gifts and decor.  

LOTS of different colors and styles of hand stitched felt hearts, in various sizes.  Prices start at $3.00 and go up to $29.00, with a median price of $5.00.  Most of them with little ‘words of love’ added to them; but also some ‘not Valentine specific’ hearts that could be used year round with vintage buttons or just simple embroidered designs.

Other vintage and upcycled Valentine items too.  ALL 50% off during the sale.

LOTS of furniture too; mostly white and aqua / turquoise.  ALL 50% 0FF during the sale.

And, as always; lots of vintage Ironstone dishes, vintage Milk glass dishes and vases and frames.




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  1. great displays…….good wishes for lots of sales.
    Just for fun, I would add ONE red vase, etc. on each shelf that is all white.

    • Cute idea on the addition of a red vase amidst all the white, Kathy. I do usually do other colors of dishes/vases, but I will keep an eye out for some red vases. I LOVE doing ‘pops of color’ in my displays.


  2. Hello!Your booth looks amazing! Wish I could be there to shop! Just wondering…is the little gingerbread guy still for sale? I would love to purchase him for a gift for someone. Juliejulie002@earthlink.net

    • Hi Julie, I’m not sure what you are referring to as the ‘little gingerbread guy’? These are all new photos, after I packed away all my leftover Christmas product; but in looking back over the photos, maybe it is a ‘grubby little stuffed CHERUB’ that looked like a gingerbread to you??? in this photo:


      Take a look at that pic, and let me know. (I think the bigger photo will clarify that this is a cherub as opposed to a ginger, but one COULD argue that it is a ginger with wings and a halo!) At this moment, I cannot tell you if it is still available or not, as I am not at the mall, and I have no way of checking on inventory without physically going out there. But please DO let me know if you are still interested, and I will check when I go in on Monday or Tuesday. I did make THREE of the little cherub dolls, and would be happy to bring one home to sell and ship to you if you are still interested. aj

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