Sophie’s Annex Premier Display

Got my additional 2’x8′ wall space at Stars all set up yesterday.  It’s very difficult to take good pictures because of spatial limitations.  There is simply not enough room in that back aisle for me to step back far enough to take a good picture of the entire booth.

This is the little sign that I made explaining that there will be an entirely new theme displayed in the space every month.  This first display is kind of a mixture of farmhouse, galvanized stuff and garden-ish things.  May’s theme will be ‘Happily Ever After’.


This picture makes it look even smaller than it actually IS!  The purple border on the floor outlines my space; and the shutter door on the right hand side, which I put up to divide my space from the one next to me.  The big ladder is not a terribly effective use for this limited space, but it works so well with all the baskets et all.  The ladder IS for sale.

This is as far back as I can go to take a picture, but you get the idea.

This is what all is displayed on the ladder.


BIG jar filled with dried hydrangea (from my garden!) on galvanized metal tray.


Jar of assorted dried botanicals, another galvanized tray (I have three of them the same size) The metal bird-cage thingys on a pedestal are supposed to be for candles.  I put some mini glitter chandeliers in them.


Burlap curtains, valance and cafe.  I’ve had these curtains forEVER, but have never HUNG them to display them.  There are more of the curtains in bundles right beneath the hanging ones.


Hand crafted paper wreaths and small olive buckets with pale blue rims.  I also have some olive buckets with red rims.


Cloche with wood base is filled with three nests.  Glass jar is filled with assorted moss and bark, gathered from my yard.  I have LOTS more of the nest, egg and botanical items; just no room for them yet.  Will be adding more to my big booth after Easter; and as room becomes available in this space.


One of the several garden trugs available sitting atop a small grubby step-ladder.  Those are big burlap bags in the rusty basket under the ladder.


Another trug, vintage canning jars, that third square galvanized tray, a nest with eggs and a bird skeleton; stack of buckets behind the bird.  Under the trug is an old rolling mop bucket that I upcycled into a storage bucket with a padded seat.  The seat lifts off to store things inside.


Big olive bucket and awesome long narrow galvanized trough.  Burlap pillow cases in the shabby metal urn to the right.


There’s the aforementioned red rimmed olive buckets!  A cute little glass and galvanized house and electric grubby candle.  Three more garden trugs under all that, and an old tool tray on the right.


I’ve got LOTS of these rusty wire mesh baskets.  Galvanized storage box with blue lid inside.

P1350530Stack of buckets, vintage and upcycled.

Remember, this ALL GOES AWAY the end of April.


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  1. OH! Now you’ve done it! Now I have to visit the North West. I love all the galvanized stuff, the bird cage thingies, the olive buckets and and and!

  2. I can’t believe all the stuff you have in such a small space. I always love your booths – they are quite inspiring to me.

  3. Wish I were close enough to shop with you, but Tennessee is a long drive away. I do think you must be related to my husband. When we had a booth like this, he could really pack a lot of stuff into a small space. But, his booths always looked inviting, as does yours. Good luck with your new venture.

  4. Love your new space!!! Look so good!!! “Happily Ever After” for May, huh? I take it you are doing a wedding insired booth??? Can’t wait to see it!!! 🙂

  5. I absolutely love your booth posts! I also have a booth in the city near where I live and it started out as just handmade Primitive stuff, but it’s hard to keep up with holidays on time and all that, when you have a full time time job, and a child a little under 10yrs old. After seeing many of the bogs that show their booths, I’ve learned so much about filling it, and am now working on filling with all different things, but still having a lot of my handmade stuff still. I used to have this thought that I couldn’t possibly put an empty bucket, or an empty antique jar, and I don’t know why I thought I always had to do “something” with it! And, to just throw in different things, like I recently bought an old clothespin bag that someone did a great job making, for my mom bc hers is falling apart, but she has no need for the antique clothespins that were in it, so I’m going to throw some in the jars I have. It’s just so hard finding that one thing that sells good, and then finding the supplies to make it worth selling! I’m always trying different things. But your posts on your booth items really inspires me and helps remove the anxiety I sometimes feel, from overwhelming myself! Lol, I always think once it’s no longer fun, I won’t do it anymore, but thankfully those not so fun feelings, come and go quickly, bc I do love having the booth, esp when I have many sales in a month!

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