Spring has sprung with new bird and nest decor

Bird topped cloches.  Birds from Michael’s (40% off!) attached to thrifted glass containers with e6000 adhesive.

BIG thrifted hurricane globe topped with thrifted bird.  Bird was the solid dark color.  I lightened up and brought out the details by sponge painting on a bit of light tan craft paint.

Thrifted hurricane vase topped with Dollar Tree rooster.

ALL of the following pedestals came from thrift stores.  I stockpile them until I am ready to repurpose them in a craft project.  They were various colors; I spray painted them all white to match the white birds I bought at Michael’s (40% off of course!)  All the birds are glued in place using e6000.

SO, I had all these pretty white birds on white pedestals all finished up and sitting on the dining room table; awaiting price tags and to be packed up for their destination of either Stars or the spring show.  The ones for Stars have been taken in . . . but after looking at the rest of them sitting on the table I decided they weren’t DONE!  One more little detail to add. . .

CROWNS!!  Pretty little glittery crowns!

MUCH better with the crowns, don’t you think???  Now I’m going to have to bring home all the ones I took to Stars, add the crowns and take them back in!

Visit my Dollar Diva blog   to see the tutorial for these bird cloches with nest.

And now for some nests!  Again, thrifted bases, spray painted white.  Nests glued onto containers using e6000.  Little blue eggs were leftover from ones I painted last year.

And yes, I even glue down the eggs and feather!

And to some I added some little Dollar Tree birds; glued down

Some of the WOOD bases I decided to distress.

Decided the nests needed a little ‘fluff’, so I added a pinch of Spanish moss (buy mine at Dollar Tree for MUCH less than the same size bag sells at craft store!)

Added little birds, bought at Dollar Tree.

 Couldn’t find the nests I needed anywhere locally; so I ended up ordering a CASE of them from Craft Wholesalers on line.

These little cuties also got the ‘royal treatment’  . . .

But their crowns are made of vintage sheet music instead of being glittered.

This little shadow boxed bird got a crown also.  I just didn’t get a picture of it.

Look for these items in my booth at Stars and at Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar at the Washington County Fairplex; April 24th – 28th.  

AFTER the show, I will be adding what’s left (OR will make more!) to my etsy shop.


Springy bird and nest cloche


Take one brass pillar candle holder base to repurpose as the base for your cloche.  I chose to paint my brown.

Add a thrift tore glass cloche that fits your base; glue (using e6000 adhesive) a little ceramic bird from the craft store onto your cloche as a handle. 

This bird was purchased in this chocolate brown color; which is why I painted the base brown.  I just wanted to try one that wasn’t shabby white, since that is the style I usually do.  Nice to offer something different every once in a while.

Perfect fit!  with just enough room to add a little nest and egg under the cloche.

Finished and ready to sell!  I hand form  my nests out of Spanish moss.  (and I usually GLUE the eggs into place.  Sticky fingers seem to be VERY attracted to little eggs!)

After looking at it for a while, I decided it needed a bow at the top.

 This cloche went to our space in Camas Antiques.

Birds nests on pedestals

Assorted mis matched pillar candle pedestals.  

These first few I left ‘as is’, and just glued my little birds nests on.

Still need to add some tags to these.

Added some loose twigs to a few of the nests.

This batch of shorter pedestals HAD to be painted though!

Since the original finish was shiney and I didn’t want to have to sand, I spray painted them cream color.

Add a little “bit o’ Ralph” (Ralph Lauren Tobacco glaze!)  I applied it in sections, to the bottom part first; just GLOB it on.  You want full coverage, but not too THICK, because you are going to be wiping most of it off, and why waste it?

You really have to work QUICKLY with this stuff as it ‘tacks up’ very quickly.  Apply your glaze and immediately dab off.  I did each base, one at a time; let dry for about 15 minutes so I could handle the base to do the tops.

A little comparison: The one on the LEFT is one of the formerly red ones that I painted and glazed.  The one on the right was ‘factroy glazed’ and purchased ‘as is’.  I COULD have made mine look MORE like the factory glazed one by WIPING off more of my glaze.  Leaving more glaze in the crevices and less on the surface.  I just prefer to DAB mine for a more uniform look.

Then I glued my little birds nest on top of the factory glazed one.

Here’s all three of the formerly red ones finished and awaiting nests.

As you can see, I didn’t glaze the inside part of the top.  Why waste the glaze when it’s going to be covered up by the nest?

Here are a few other finished ones.

I bought these nests (ON CLEARANCE ALREADY!!) premade, and just added some extra moss to fill them in more.

This big green pedestal perfectly compliments the color of the eggs!

 A little tea stained bird tag is the finishing touch.

These finished ones have gone to my space at Stars.



 Home tweet home!

Bird and nest cloche

So, what did I do with that nice BIG candle pedestal leftover from yesterdays post that I decided NOT to use in the silver candle project?

Ah~ha!  A cloche that fits perfectly!

And a little ceramic bird that fits perfectly on top of the cloche!  (attached with some e6000)

Now for the nest.  Well, first some BROWN paint on the pedestal.  The black just wasn’t doing it for me.  I hand formed the nest with some Spanish moss and worked in a little bit of green moss.  *GLUED the nest to a small circle of cardboard, which was in turn glued to the pedestal.  Then hot glued the eggs in place.  *(Theft-proofing!)

I actually kind of like how it looks with the top set to the side.

But it’s really meant to be displayed like this.

Now that I am looking at it all finished, I’m thinking it would have been cute to tie a little tea stained tag around the top.  Oh well, maybe next time.  This one is already in my space at Stars.

You’ll notice I had to make the nest VERY flat around the edges as the cloche had a very fluted base.  Just be sure to ‘test fit’ you cloche over your nest before gluing things down.

And here it is, in my space at Stars.

In a little table top vignette with other nest and bird decor items.

Those sweet little birds fit on a LOT of different cloches I had in stock!  Now if I can just fine MORE of those little birds!!

This project listed on Shanty 2 Chic’s ‘I Made it Without my Hubby’ linky party.


More nests and eggs and bird things


I ran out of eggs much too early last year, so I’ve really stocked up this year! Lots of different kinds too. Sold individually for $.50 each.



Some nests to put the eggs in.


Framed egg images.




Pretty paper bird shadow boxes.



Tiny vintage porcelain dish. (probably a ‘ring holder’ to place by the sink)


Cute pelican family from a recent estate sale.


Vintage brass (?) crane from the same estate sale. There is a ring at the end of his beak, like something was once hanging from it, but I still thought it was pretty.







Little quail ‘nest packets’ with egg, quail feather and nesting grass.


Little packets of three robin’s eggs .

More birds and nests

In a little rusty watering can.

On a pedestal made from a tree branch.

Under a glass dome on a glass pedestal dish on a bed or pretty paper shreds.

OUR WEBSITE:  www.cscrafts.com/aj.html


4.27.13 custom cloche moss wreath 001How cute is the tiny cheese board and cloche?!?!  I’ve never seen one this small, so I was pretty excited when I found it.

4.27.13 custom cloche moss wreath 004Perfect size for these little nests I have!

4.27.13 custom cloche moss wreath 002I didn’t even need to ‘do’ anything to it before I added the nest.  A pretty ribbon and the price tag and DONE!

4.27.13 custom cloche moss wreath 006Also found this moss-covered wreath while thrifting.  It’s a grapevine nest, and looks like someone just glued the moss on.  I attached the little nest and feather bird . . . . then it sat and sat and sat for weeks!

4.27.13 custom cloche moss wreath 005It needed ‘something more’ but I was stumped as to WHAT.  I just set things like that aside until something comes to me.

4.27.13 custom cloche moss wreath 010I decided to use some of the pretty PAPER ribbon I got a while back.  It’s sooooooooooooo pretty, and SO impossible to work with!  sigh.  I had to use wire cutters to cut the wire edges then the paper just ripped apart.  GRRRRR!!!  I managed to create a bow by tying jute around the center, then used that just to tie the bow to the wreath.  And every time I touched the moss it would SHED!

4.27.13 custom cloche moss wreath 011To cut back on the shedding, I used more jute twine and wrapped it criss-crossed around the entire wreath.  (I wish I’d thought to do that FIRST!)

4.27.13 custom cloche moss wreath 013I guess it’s done??? I’m really not sure.  It still feels a tad bare.  Maybe it just needs a tea stained tag added???  I really try to keep the embellishments on things like this in ODD numbers, so it should be fine with three, but I just still feel like something is missing?!?!?

Little birds; from spring to Holiday BLING!

Had just a few of these little resin birds with the wire feet left over from spring, and decided to try and do something with them for the holidays.  I tend to mostly design stuff with birds for spring decor, but birds really are popular decor items year round.  Here’s my first attempt to Holiday Bling some little birds:

First I added some irridescent white glitter to just the wings and tails.

I usually make the little crowns out of cardboard or cardstock; but these were SO SMALL that  I couldn’t roll the cardstock without it creasing.  So I just used a double layer of paper for these.  Glued 2 sheets of paper together and let dry.  Sized and cut to fit the birds heads (used a big old magic marker to roll it around) and glued into a circle.  Let dry again, then hand cut the points; apply glue to entire outside of crown and roll in silver glitter.  Shake off excess glitter and let dry overnight.  Used my hot glue gun to attach crowns to heads.

I don’t have the rest of my holiday crafting supplies out yet (still working on Halloween!) so I don’t have anything else to ‘work with’ to create a vignette to display the birds in.  Maybe stand them amongst some votive candles on a tray?  Or build a nest out of silver pipe cleaners?  Or in bowl of glittered pine cones???  What would YOU do with these blinged out birds???

Painting bird eggs tutorial

I found some nice packages of little Easter colored speckled eggs at the craft store.  The white and blue ones I could us ‘as is’ in my nest projects, like this:

And this:

 Had to paint the pink and yellow ones though.

These are from 4 or 5 packages.  When I find them I buy as many as I can because it’s so hard to find eggs the rest of the year!  And while painting eggs isn’t the easiest task because of their shape and size (these are about ‘quail’ size) I’d rather buy ones that i have to paint than not have any at all.  I’ve got a bazillion ‘nest’ ideas left over from last year that I couldn’t complete due to running out of eggs.

Trying to hold these between your fingers and paint them is utterly futile.  Here’s how I do it.  I take a small plastic tray (saved from those pre-cooked entrees) and cover as much of the bottom of it as I can with a sponge.  (I bought the ginormous bag of assorted sponges at dollar store years ago and always find a new use for them!)  This one was much flatter than the res of the sponges and perfect for my use here.  Thicker ones will work fine too, and even 2 or 3 of them side by side will work just fine.  Dampen your sponge to soften it up, then wring, WRING, WRING out as much water as you possibly can.  You want it to be soft and damp, not wet and soggy.

Next take a small piece of cut sponge (sponge painting tool!) and dampen JUST 1/4″ of the end, and wring out as much moisture as you can.  You want just the painting end to be soft, the rest needs to be firm enough for you to handle.  Squirt some paint onto your base sponge and work it around with your tool piece.  Kind of like loading a paint roller.  You want it well loaded, but not sloppy sloshy full.

Plop in an egg, and using your tool sponge, press and roll it around in the paint using your sponge tool.   You’ll be applying paint top (from the handheld sponge) and bottom (from the surface sponge).   Do this until your egg is fully covered with paint.  Then drop it onto a drying tray.  You’ll need to repeat this process twice to get complete coverage.  I do ALL my eggs with a first coat, let dry, they do all with a second coat.  For the second coat, you can do several eggs at a time.

For adding specks to the eggs, I use a ‘fly specking tool’.  Seriously, that is what it’s called.  You can buy them at the craft store.  Just thin your paint about 50/50 with water.  I’ve seen lots of crafters who use old toothbrushes or combs for this, but I could never get them to come out right, so I splurged and bought the tool; under $5.00.

I cram my eggs close together for the specking process, so thins just gets one side.  Let dry.  shake your eggs around to expose the other side and speck again.  You’ll need to do this 3-4 times, depending on how speckled you want your eggs to be.

And now I have enough eggs to last me ALL spring!



Your honest opinion please . . .

 Okay, I’m inching my way towards show time ‘panic production’ mode.  Which is REALLY quite silly and totally UNnecessary.  Now that I am ‘working at home’ ALL the time, I’ve got nothin’ BUT time.  But I still worry a tad that in this new ‘unstructured’ mode that I may get TOO lackadaisical!  Ya know what I’m sayin’???  I get easily distracted by the TV, and the fact that Gray’s Anatomy is on for THREE HOURS every week day!!?!?!  (I’m actually MAXED out on watching the old episodes anymore at this point!)

Anyhoooooo . . . it’s time to seriously be cranking out the product.  So I’m doing multiples of everything at this point.  AND getting a tad bored with ‘the same ole, same ole’ sometimes.  SO, I try something NEW; which isn’t always for the better!

Case in point:

Whilst working on FLOCKS fo birds, I started running low on wood candlesticks for them, and came across a few little round mache boxes and decided to give them a try with a bird on top.

I glued the birds on with some e6000 and let that cure overnight.  Spray painted them brown the next day.

Then dry brush painted over the brown with antique white; pretty much as I had done with the birds on the candlesticks, except that they had been base coated black.  I probably SHOULD have stopped painting here!  But I wanted them to look MORE different from the other birds so I decided to experiment a little.

And dry brushed some TAN paint over the white.  (sorry about the messy work table!  If I stop and move stuff to a TIDY photo taking space every time I need to take a photo, I’d never get any WORK done!)

And they SAT on my work table for DAYS while I pondered whether or not I liked the new look.

It’s just not quite doing it for me.  The plan was to tuck some moss and a little egg inside the box, and maybe display them with the lid set off to the side.  But I’m still not sold on this color combination!

In my yet indecisive mode, I decided to try something different on ONE of them.  Spray painted it white, then added some Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze.

Better??? Worse???  Both are ‘okay’???  The white one just needs the eye to be dotted with black like the tan one???

The three of them have been sitting on my work table for MORE than a week now, and I’m STILL undecided!! 

What say you????