Shabby white drop leaf coffee table

DRAT!  Yet again I have lost or forgotten to take a before photo!  This was just a basic maple wood coffee table with drop sides.   The top was pretty badly scratched up, so the price was low.P1180649I LOVE drop leaf furniture!!!  Compact when you need it to be and roomy when you need the room.   I painted this coffee table white and wasn’t planning on distressing it.  But something floating in the air while the paint was wet got stuck in the paint.  I had to sand it to get the crud off before I could paint it again, and decided to call it good after just the sanding.

P1180647Much less distressing than I typically do, because I wasn’t planning to distress it, I had given it several layers of paint.  I do fewer layers of paint when I’m planning to distress. (because WHY do lots of layers if you are just going to sand it off, right?!?)

P1180648I just sanded enough to get the ‘crud’ off; then hit the edges a little harder.

P1180650A bit of distressing along the drop leafs, and I left the legs NOT distressed.

A quick couple of coats of varnish on the top and drop sides and she’s ready for a new home.  (perhaps MY home!  I haven’t decided just yet!)

White drop leaf tables at Stars

Took these two cottage chic white drop leaf tables to Stars last Monday, and they called me yesterday to let me know they have both SOLD already!

P1200081Before I even had a chance to do a blog post on the booth re-do!

P1200077So, the two ‘focal point’ pieces in this vignette are now gone, which means the vignette needs a complete do-over and will not look like this if you go to Stars now . . . .  but I really liked how it turned out, and wanted to ‘show it off’ anyhow!

P1200119The idea was to make it kind of look like a wedding dessert buffet set up.  (I forgot to put the sign that says “Eat, Drink & be Married” on the table!)

P1200062I did this drop leaf coffee table a while ago, and was actually planning to keep it for myself.

P1200063Drop leaf tables are MUCH more time consuming to sand and paint than a regular table.  So I was kind of ‘hoping’ that if I really priced it to reflect how much TIME I spent on it, that no one would buy it and I could take it back later after I finally get moved.  I SHOULD have learned by now that that ‘game plan’ NEVER works!

P1200066Upcycled vintage dessert stand (I added the base and painted it white) is filled with chocolate cupcake candles.

P1200079I’ve also used stands like this to display vintage creamers, or loaded it with pretty ornaments as a Christmas centerpiece.

P1200094I just HAD to have a cute little faux wedding cake for all the cake stands I upcycle.  I made it from paper mache boxes.  The birds are GLUED on!

P1200093I’ve got a fabulous stash of little vintage dessert plates.  I started out with about twice this many; lots have sold!

P1200068This piece ended up in this vignette just because I didn’t have any place else to put it!  Used it to display vintage creamers and sugar bowls; which I always have in stock ‘en masse’.

P1200080The rest of my creamer stash went on the little step-back; along with some other assorted small pieces.

P1200087This display even looked pretty good from the side!

P1200113I haven’t entirely abandoned my signature aqua paint color!  Just trying to keep it ‘segregated’ in a separate vignette.


For now though, the white furniture IS selling better than the aqua.

P1200075Usually the night stands sell in a snap.  Took these in two weeks ago.

P1200114You can see from these candle pedestals, that I am moving towards a lighter and softer shade of aqua.

P1200103Now to figure out what to do when I go to Stars tomorrow to re-work my space?!?!?!  Usually I stay two steps ahead of the game and always have ‘what I want to do next’ all figured out.  Since these two pieces sold so quickly though, I’m just going to have to ‘wing it’ this time!

Thrifting finds

P1130166A few more jewelry boxes to make over.

P1130170Very ‘French classic’ style wall clock.  (yes, it WORKS!) Will be selling this one ‘as found’.

P1130145A BIG drop leaf coffee table.  Sorry about the strange positioning for the photo!  This thing is HEAVY, so I had to have Michael unload and store it for me and it’s so big he HAD to stand it on end to get it to fit in my ‘project storage shed’.

P1130146The table top is in pretty bad shape; but tops are very easy to sand away any damage on.  Legs, on the other hand can be a LOT of work if damaged; so I look more closely at the LEGS than I do at the top when making my buying decisions.  I’m a sucker for ‘pretty legs’ too!

P1130137VERY tall candle holder.  It’s quite heavy too.  Will make a great table base . . . . eventually!

P1130126Pretty ceramic Madonna.  I had another one just like this in my booth at Stars, but the other one was just a glossy clear glaze.  LOVE the tiny bit of coloration and matte glaze on this one.  This has gone to my booth at Stars, as is.

P1130147Funky little plant stand in need of a total make-over.


That design on the top is actually just a plastic applique!!!  (HOPE it’s not to hard to remove it!)

P1130149Outdated country style cubby shelf.  Will add a carved wood applique to the top to update the style and maybe a backing before I paint it.  LOVE finding unfinished pieces like this that I don’t have to remove any old paint.

P1130150Metal wall pocket thing.  Will probably get painted white.  Tempted to keep this one and use it to hold wash cloths in the bathroom.

P1130171Wrought iron pillar candelabra will get painted white and be taken to stars.  LOVE these that are designed to hold bigger pillar candles because they are great for displaying other things on like I did in this next picture:

From my booth at Stars; June 2012

From my booth at Stars; June 2012


This piece from a Jenny Lind cradle will make a great backing for a bench or little wall shelf.


Perfect example of a great piece, just in the WRONG color.  These handled trays are SO functional!

P1130152In my booth display, I like setting them on end like this to add height to a display.  I can tuck a few items around the base of it and then something on top.  LOVE using them as a little WALL shelf too.  Hang it with the flat bottom part against the wall.  Then you can tuck small items inside, hang towels from the bar AND set taller items on the ‘top’!  (I think I may have just talked myself into keeping this one!)

P1130155This is how this pair of child size chairs was TAPED together at the GW outlet store.  I should have KNOWN to untape and inspect them.  But that place just gives me the heebie-jeebies, so I wanted to pay and get out!

P1130154Yep!!  They were taped that way for a reason!  This is what the seats look like!

P1130156Still, pretty cute little chairs and I’m sure I’ll cone up with someway to disguise those ugly seats.

It was GORGEOUS outside today and I SHOULD have been outside painting all day.  Instead I took a FOUR hour nap?!?!  I’m not even kidding.  Must be the pain from this plantar fasciitis that is making me so dang tired.  I got a steroid shot 2 weeks ago and it started feeling better after a few days.  But by the time I went to my next appt with the podiatrist, the pain had gradually started increasing again. sigh

Now I start with physical therapy next week and then will be fitted for a custom orthodic (which my insurance does NOT cover!  double sigh!)  It started feeling a little better again this week, then Friday I took my car in for an oil change and there are three steps you have to climb to go to the cashier.  As I stepped down I could feel something SNAP in my foot.  Instant pain again and I limped through all the rest of my errands!!  At least I am past ‘that part’ where there is excruciating pain when you first put weight on your foot EVERY time you stand up!

MORE “BADwill”, puppy love and other finds

I’ve been trying to stop by the Goodwill ‘bin’ (Outlet) store a little more often lately.  Half the time it’s a 2 minute ‘in and out’ quick look.  But then I DO find stuff, it’s really GOOD stuff and at really GREAT prices.  You just have to hit it at the right time; when they’ve had a huge influx of furniture and they start marking it all down to a DOLLAR!

(if you are in the Hillsboro area, that time is NOW!  There was a TON of furniture today; a lot of it not even priced yet; so the next couple of days they will be wanting to blow it out of there!)

I found an oval drop leaf coffee table, two toddler size chairs, a small book shelf , a funky little stand and a Jenny Lind cradle end piece; and three wine crates.  Two of the wine crates were in the furniture section with price stickers on them.  Then I found another one, EXACTLY THE SAME, in a bin on my way to check out.

There are at least ten people in line and only one register open, as far as ANY of the people in line could tell.  Finally the one cashier directed some of us to the other register, where the cashier had just been standing there doing NOTHING but watch people wait in line!  HELLO!?!?!?  There are no “this lane open” signs!  And there are always ‘stray employees’ behind the register who are NOT cashiers and will very pointedly tell you so.  sheesh!

So, I put up the two crates WITH prices first.  Then then unpriced one, saying “It’s just like the two priced ones so I’m assuming it’s the same price?”  She rings up my OTHER stuff; two of which ‘went by weight’; then says she has to call for a price check on the crates.  Not on the UNPRICED single crate.  Rather on the PRICED ones!  WTH!?!?  Explaining that they don’t usually price this stuff.  I wait patiently.

As I pay she asks if I know where to go to pick up the furniture.  Yes.  And do I know that they will NOT help me load it?  What?  For a company that is SUPPOSED to be helping disadvantaged people, the sure don’t help the CUSTOMER very well.

So I guess the moral of this story is, don’t buy anything you can’t lift and load by yourself! 

On to happier things now!


P1120862How darn cute is this vintage Scotty dog planter?!?

P1120869It was MADE IN JAPAN, so it’s probably a fairly valuable collectible.

P1120867But I don’t think I can part with it!


Such adorable expressions on their faces and those floppy ears!  It’ll make a nice pencil holder on my work table.


P1120873A frame with no backing.

P1120874A very chunky (and HEAVY) little foot stool.

P1120584A little white stool and a finial thingy.

P1120580Another calendar frame holder to turn into a tray like I did with this one.

P1120588A metal tub.

Now to just find time to work on all those projects!!

Booth re-do

Front focal display from last week.

Front focal display from last week.

Since both of these two drop leaf tables sold in less than a, I really needed to completely re-do the front focal point of my booth.  But I just wasn’t ready to scrap the ‘wedding dessert buffet’ theme just yet. I’ve been trying to ‘segregate’ the white and aqua items, each color in their own little vignette for a more powerful visual impact, but I just didn’t HAVE any more white tables to replace these with so soon!

Booth front focal display.

Booth front focal display.

Since I didn’t have any white tables to replace those that had sold in less than a week, in order to recreate the wedding dessert buffet theme; I had to intermix my aqua and white pieces.  It’ll do for a while.  The weatherman said “lots of sunshine in the 7 day forecast” so I should be able to get outside and get some more tables painted white.

One of a kind mannequin

One of a kind mannequin

Did you notice this beauty surveying her kingdom in that previous picture???  This is the first in what I hope will become a series of one of a kind ‘art mannequins’; that I just made.

P1200183She does have a pretty white post base.  I just didn’t have room to display her where it was visible.  She is standing atop a bench just behind the front display.  The base is adjustable in height and removable, making it easier to fit her in the car for transport.

P1200181I had really hoped that you could see her silver necklace better in this picture.  It’s a little silver frame with a silver key hanging from it and a pewter color heart tied to the key; all hanging from a grey sheer ribbon.  And she had to have strands of pearls, of course!

P1200180You can better see her whispy white ‘faerie-like’ wings in this picture; that match her little frilly white skirt.  What do you think of her???

Perfect sign for a wedding dessert buffet.

Perfect sign for a wedding dessert buffet.

And I remembered to add the sign to the display this time!


And the white birds decided to join in the festivities.

P1200165A couple of porcelain cherubs stand guard over the wedding cake.

P1200161A vintage metal tea light candle holder sits atop an over-sized, upcycled metal cake stand as an impromptu cupcake display.

White and aqua combined display in the back corner.

White and aqua combined display in the back corner.

Because I had to pull the aqua tables to the front display, I had to move some existing white pieces and place a few new white pieces in what had been the ‘all aqua’ corner of the booth last week.

P1200195This sweet little vintage smoking table was just brought it.  Would make a great bedside table or lamp stand.  $59.00

P1200198This little ‘chest’ atop the picnic basket is a new addition too.  $35.00.  Love how the little three drawer chest fit into the cubby on the right!  I’m guessing that this was probably a cook book stand and the drawer for recipe cards?

This same spot last week.

This same spot last week.

This is how it had been last week.  I just could NOT make myself move that big oval aqua coffee table again so soon!  (that thing is a BEAST!)

P1200207This spot previously housed all those white birds on pedestals that are now at the wedding buffet.  I like the contrast of the black pieces on this white shelf MUCH better.

Upcycled metal table top mannequin.

Upcycled metal table top mannequin.

 I almost forgot about the silver and white mannequin’s little friend here!  She is a ‘table top’ style (no stand) of upcycled rusty and verdigris metal scraps with lace punched green verdigris wings; which are removable for easy transport.  This lovely is $190.00.

P1200178The oval gold frame around her neck is sold separately.

New white mini pie safe?

New white mini pie safe?

Does this mini pie safe look familiar?  It had been in my booths for months and gone unnoticed.  So I took it home for a pretty whiter make-over! $39.00.

P1200191Added a few new lamps to brighten up the space.

P1200236Vintage crystal lamps are always a good bet.  They go well with so many different styles.

P1200224So, that’s how the booth is looking this week.  The road construction has finally made it’s way down the street a bit, so parking for Stars is once again plentiful and easy to access.

P1200222Come by soon and meet the new ‘girls’!

Just restocked (STACKED!) at Stars

After a very busy sale weekend at Stars, I pulled the few remaining white pieces to make room for all my new beachy blue stuff.

It’s a tight fit, but I did manage to fit quite a bit of the newly painted beachy blue stuff into the space by doing some serious stacking!  There’s the half round coffee table I recently showed you, on the bottom of the stack.  Topped with several benches, a little corner shelf and a small storage shelf with a drawer.  ALL of these items were constructed by us using reclaimed wood.

Enough space under the coffee table for a basket of your favorite magazines.

Little cabinet with drawer.  White wire basket sold separately.

Assorted benches.  And a big vintage wood ‘trencher’ bowl filled with old architectural elements.

Little corner shelf for extra storage on the bathroom vanity perhaps?

And little black lamps with ‘skeleton’ shades.  Just LOVE these!!!

LOTS more stacked up on the right hand side of our booth!  A gate leg and a drop leaf table topped with small tables and chairs.

Vintage grubby little step ladder that I painted beachy blue, makes a great ‘catch all’ or plant stand.

Atop the beachy blue drop leaf table, a small pedestal table with carved base, a medium sized occasional table with a little step stool underneath.

A vintage cake dome /cloche fits perfectly on the little table!

This is the repurposed bar stool table shown recently.

And a little vintage child’s chair with a bird cage on it on top of that!


Behind the aqua drop leaf table is a gate leg table (covered with old book pages) and THIS stuff is stacked on top of the gate leg.  An aqua child’s chair and shabby little bench.

And an aqua end table under the bench.   Kind of hard to get a good photo of some of this stuff because it IS so jam packed in there!

A regular size chair next to the child size one.