Dear etsy, HERE’S your sign!

My dearest blog readers,

Please pardon this post and all the annoying superfluous pictures of equipment and piles of wood.  etsy has ‘requested’  that I provide them with PROOF that “I” hand make the signs that I sell in my etsy shop.  I sent them links to the several posts in my blog where I show and tell how I make my signs, but that was not good enough for etsy.  Nope.  I am required to take CURRENT step by step pictures;  and those pictures MUST include a piece of paper with the date on it.

***EDITED TO ADD:  Oh my word!!  I just ‘double checked’ the incredibly ANAL list of etsy’s requirements to prove all this, and I see that I overlooked that I was supposed to also put my etsy username on that dated piece of paper that I had to show in every picture!  (so that they can be SURE that it really was me who took the pictures)  Hopefully posting it here on my blog will satisfactorily fulfil that requirement.  Afterall I DO continually promote my etsy shop here in my blog.  ***

I really couldn’t think of an easier way to ‘show and explain’ to etsy my sign making process from start to finnish other than posting it here in my blog.  I wonder HOW other etsy sellers do it when they are questioned about their hand mades???  Far too many photos and details to be able to just attach pictures to an email!!


4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 122Paint brushes used to paint sign surfaces.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 123MORE paint brushes and paints.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 126Yep!  I buy my much of my paint by the gallon.  And mix some of my own colors in smaller containers.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 127Stacks of wood for sign making.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 134MORE wood for signs.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 135And still MORE wood.  The wood I use is ‘reclaimed’ (stuff that other people were going to throw away!)  So I get as much as I can, whenever it’s available.  When I get into ‘sign production mode’, I can easily use up two big stacks of wood in a weeks time.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 130This is my scroll saw that I cut sign boards to length with.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 131And this is how I position the wood for cutting.  Sorry, I don’t have enough arms and hands to be able to take a picture of me doing the actual cutting AND take a picture at the same time.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 128This is my 4″ belt sander that I use to sand the edges and surfaces of the sign boards before I paint them.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 133After I cut and sand the sign boards I ‘base coat’ them with black paint.  Then I let that paint dry.  (Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the paint drying!)

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 136After the black base coat is dry, I paint the top coat color and let it dry.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 129After the color top coat dries I use this orbital hand sander to ‘distress’ the sign; by sanding off some of the topcoat and allowing areas of the black base coat to show through.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 148Then I go to my file of stencils and select the file that contains the stencil that I need for that particular sign.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 124I probalby have 50 or 60 stencils in my current sign making repertoire.  I keep them in file folderds of 2-4 stencils each; grouping similar themes together for easy identification.  This is the file that contains the “Paris” stencil used to make the specific sign you inquired about.  I also have other PARIS stencils in different fonts.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 138I position the stencil on the painted and dsitressed sign board, applying some blue painters tape to the egdes to hold it in place.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 139Using acrylic paint and a small sponge applicator, the paint is gently and carefully ‘dabbed’ over the cut out parts of the stencil.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 140

I carefully remove the stencil, then remove the blue painters tape that held it in place;  and take the used stencil to the kitchen and put it in a pan of soapy water to soak for a bit before I wash off the paint residue (which never actaully comes ALL the way off, as you can see in the picture of the stencil).  During this time the stenciled on paint dries.  (sorry again, no picture of the paint drying!)

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 142After the stenciled on lettering dries, I use a very fine paint brush to touch up any details that need it.  Let that dry, then I apply a coat of matte varnsih and let it dry.  (no picture of varnish drying either!)  And yes I DO buy my varnish by the gallon too.

4.12.13 signs CURIOSITIES stencils 013(undated stock photo) After I apply the varnish I put the paint brush I used to apply the varnish in a jar of water to soak.  Then I use a hammer to attach a ‘nailless sawtooth hanger’ to the back of the sign.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 144But in reality, I  NEVER make just ‘one sign’ at any given time.   To maximize my productivity I work in a modified assembly line manner.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 127Some days I’ll do nothing but sand a couple of piles of sign boards.

Then the next day I’ll paint them all with the black basecoat, and leave them out to dry.

Then the next day I’ll paint them all with the topcoat color, and leave them out to dry.

Then the next day, I’ll hand sand and distress that same batch.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 147Then after all that is done,  I store those stacks of ‘ready to stencil’ boards in my craft room.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 145Sorry !  I forgot my ‘date card’ on this picture!  Having a lot of boards prepped and ready to stencil really streamlines the whole process for me, and cuts down on the actual amount of time I ultimately spend on each sign.  Predominately set up and clean up time.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 145And by having a multitude of boards ‘prepped and ready to paint’ when I get a request for a custom color of a certain sign; I am able to go ahead and make a whole BATCH of that particular sign, in several colors; and stock up my etsy shop.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 141It doesn’t take any more TIME and effort to clean a stencil that was used to make six signs that it does to clean it after making just one sign; so why not MAKE MORE and WASTE LESS TIME ON CLEAN UP.  Same goes for paint brushes.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 143Finished signs are stacked and stored on a shelf.  (Heaven forbid!!!  I forgot my date card again!)

So, etsy, does THAT clear up any suspicions you may have had that I am  not hand crafting my signs myself??

It sure would be nice if etsy would give sellers ‘some kind of recognition’ for having gone through this tedious process of proving they hand make their items.  Perhaps even a simple notation of some kind that this particular item has been individually vetted by etsy would be nice.

4.26.13 **Edited AGAIN to add:

So, now that etsy has seen waht they need to see, I can explain why all this REALLY ‘gets my goat’!  And it’s not that I minded having to PROVE that my items are hand made by me.  What is so annoying is the sales of ILLEGAL licensed designs is absolutely rampant on etsy, and they DO NOTHING about it.

The ONLY time they will question a seller of such items is IF the holder of the license of that design (Disney, Sports Teams, Barbie, Hello Kitty, spongeBob . . .there are THOUSANDS of them) complains.   Because that is ‘all the law requires.

BUT, if one person, ANY one person, contacts to etsy and says “I don’t think that person hand-made that item.”  A full-blown investigation is launched.  And they require you to show every single step in the process and every single tool and piece of equipment used. (as you can tell from my post!) It’s a LOT of work, let me tell you.

And ALL it would take for them to validate someone selling licensed designs is to have them show their ‘credentials’.  And it HIGHLY unlikely that ANY of those sellers actually DO have permission.  It costs a LOT of money to ‘buy’ that permission.  If they could afford to legally acquire permission to sell a licensed design, they wouldn’t NEED to sell on etsy!

It’s the ‘turning a blind eye’ to illegally sold items on etsy that really annoys me about this whole situation!  It’s perfectly okay to sell ILLEGAL products, but don’t you dare sell a hand-made item that bares any resemblance to something that is manufactured!

Stepping off my soapbox !


Here’s your sign!

Stack of signs ready to be lettered.

When I am making signs ‘for me’ (to sell in our space and shows) I do them ‘assembly line style’.  Michael cuts a whole bunch of boards for me.  I sand them all.  Basecoat them all with a dark (usually black) paint; then my top coat of color.  Sand, letter, sand again, stain then varnish.

All my signs will come with a sawtooth hanger on tha back; unless otherwise specified.  Other hanging options available upon request and for an additional charge.

This is a good picture showing the ‘distressing’ I do.  This batch is yet to be stained and varnished.  My technique gives the signs three colors; dark base, top coat, and stained wood where it has been sanded down to the wood. 

The above batch is awaiting one more sanding, after the lettering has been added.









Larger letters are 2″.  Smaller letters are 1″.





Some pictures of signs displayed throughout our retail venues:















Once in a BLUE MOON, we happen upon some wonderful OLD painted wood like this, that we can use for signs.  It’s rarely, but when we do, it will be offered for use on signs at an additional cost.  If YOU happen to have an old piece that you want me to make your sign on, you can mail it and I’ll use it.




Example of 1″  letters in all caps.

Recent custom orders; your input please

I frequently get asked WHERE I get all my ideas from.  Sometimes things just “POP” into my head; usually in the middle of the night!  Sometimes it’s a process . .  .trial and error until I evolve to something that works.  And of course I get inspiration from all the other amazing artists and upcyclers from around the word via the wonderful WWW.  And sometimes ideas . . . some of my BEST ideas come to me via CUSTOM ORDER REQUESTS.

I make and sell quite a few basic ‘welcome’ signs in my etsy shop.  Had a customer ask to have the above one custom made.

Once I’ve figured out the proper spacing of the letters on a custom sign order, they are pretty fast and easy to RE-produce.  I’m thinking of having some like this ‘ready made’ to sell in my etsy shop.  But I’d probably change it to ‘Welcome to our home”.  Do you think such a sign has enough ‘general appeal’  to make more?  Do you like “my” or “our” better?

You already know that I am a little “crown crazy”.  Hard to believe that there was a crown that I hadn’t already made right?  Actually I HAVE already made crowns this big; just haven’t sold them on etsy!

And here’s why . . . SHIPPING!  They weigh practically NOTHING, but they do require a fair amount of ROOM to pack.  And they are very delicate.  I charged $12.95 per crown and it was $7.00 to ship them.  And it would have been MORE to ship if I hadn’t convinced the buyer to allow me to make the 2 crowns so that would ‘nest’; thereby making a smaller box suffice.

And I really worry about the box getting CRUSHED and them getting damaged in transit!  If I tightly pack them with wadded up newspaper shoved inside it will UP the shipping cost considerably.

So the gal who custom ordered these 2 crowns agreed to be my ‘guinea pig’ so to speak, on shipping these.  So I should soon find out how well they ‘traveled’.  I just padded them in one layer of bubble wrap and that made them fit securely in the box.  The other consideration is that if I have to go out and BUY more bubble wrap to ship these, I’d have to raise the price a bit.

So, what do YOU think?  Is $12.95 for a crown and $7.00 for shipping too much?  What if shipping was even MORE, like $9.95?  (can you believe that shipping costs are going up AGAIN the end of January?!?!)  I just HATE the thought of ‘setting myself up’ for more of ‘those emails’ from potential customers asking “WHY is shipping so much on this item?!?!”  sigh

10.27.2012 EDITED TO ADD:  I just heard back from the purchaser of the 2 crowns and they arrived in perfect shape.  So, that’s ONE worry I can cross off my list!

FAQ: How do you get people to read your blog?

Was asked this recently in a comment here on my blog and thought this was a question that many others might be interested in knowing the answer to.

 There ARE a lot of blogs out there these days!  HOW do people find YOUR blog?

My blog gets at LEAST a thousand hits a day; some days as many as two thousand.  I can look at my site stats to see WHERE most of those readers came from.  Usually they have used a search engine to look something up, and MY BLOG was one of the links that came up for them.  THAT information itself is very helpful, because when you know WHERE most of your hits are coming from, you KNOW where to focus your efforts in promoting your blog.

KEY WORDS!!!!  You MUST use key words, or TAGS.

Scroll through these OLD posts, and look at the very END of each post. Notice anything?  A bunch of TINY words at the end of EVERY POST?  I know they are hard for YOU to read.  They aren’t meant for you to read.  Those are my key words.  The words that when people used them in a search term, the search engine would send them to MY BLOG.

These are the words that the ‘search bots’ pick up on ANYTHING on the internet to tell them that a site probably has information that someone is searching for.  I didn’t do the tags at the end of every post like that for a very long time.   Just long enough to get my blog noticed.  Once you get noticed and other bloggers start adding you to their blogroll, the whole thing just SNOWBALLS.  

I also put a LOT of effort into ‘advertising’ my blog on internet bulletin boards that focused on crafting, retail sales, antiquing and trash 2 treasure.   These ‘communities’ are great ‘support groups’ for just about ANY thing in the world.  I’m no longer involved in any (don’t have the TIME!) so I can’t make any specific recommendations except for some general ‘board etiquette’ suggestions.  Don’t just join a group and pop right in and say “LOOK AT MY BLOG!”  Participate first.  Get to know what others re doing.  Comment on other posts.  Compliment others work.  Ask for input.  And just ‘slip your blog link in’ at the end of all your posts.


HUH???  What I mean is, one or two posts is NOT a blog!  Sure, it’s a start.  But it’s usually NOT ENOUGH to get readers to say, “I MUST follow this blog and see what they do next!”  Be SURE that you are WILLING & ABLE to consistently and regularly add new posts to your blog.  When you have 10-20 posts under your belt, THEN you are ready to ‘greet the world’ !  

I cannot tell you how many blogs I have gone to that had less then five posts in them over a years time,  and the blogger whines that no one reads their blog!  HERE’s YOUR SIGN!


LOTS of pictures.  Even “I” am guilty of mostly just looking at pictures in blogs.  IF the pictures REALLY get my interest, I’ll read the text too.  But PLEASE do not post FIFTEEN PICTURES OF THE SAME THING, FROM SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT ANGLES AND DISTANCES!  I get soooooooooooooooo annoyed at bloggers who do that.

And while I’m talking DON’T. . . . PLEASE DO NOT use the blog format that only shows one paragraph and one super small picture of each post; then you have to click to read the entire post and see ALL the pictures.  I visit those blogs ONCE and NEVER go back.  And I sincerely don’t understand WHY some bloggers think this is a good format!?!?  When I find a new blog, I will usually read EVERYTHING that shows up on the first ‘page’ scrolling all the way to the bottom.  IF I like what I see, I’ll add it to MY blogroll and go back on a regular basis.  (Regular for me is maybe once a month!) 

And PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEase do not do black or dark colored ‘wall paper’ and light colored text.  (this is popular amongst ‘primitive’ bloggers)  I, and probably most people ‘my age’ (who need reading glasses)CAN’T READ IT!   And what’s the point of having a blog that no one can read!?!?


Get business cards with your blog address on them and put them wherever you sell your product.  I put them out in my booth at Stars, and when I did shows I’d have post cards.  I also put stick on return address labels with my business name and blog address on all the product I sell.  You can get these from ANY company that makes the stick on address labels, just put your BLOG address instead of mailing address.  

I’ve mentioned this before, but I order all my ‘advertising materials’ from VistaPrint.  They have frequent free offers where you can get a small amount of ten different products FREE; just pay shipping.  I order things like: 

business cards (use them as PRICE TAGS!)

post cards

rack cards to enclose with etsy orders

business card size magnets

pre-inked address stamps (again with my BLOG address for when I run out of labels)

magnetic car door signs

bumper stickers

sticky notes (with a printed thank you message to tuck in with etsy orders)

note pads (again with message to go with etsy orders)

thank you cards for etsy orders

Admittedly I had a bit of a ‘built in’ readership when I first started my blog.  We had our own retail store and I would send out emails every few weeks, and originally give a link to a Picturetrail site where I’d posted pictures of what was new in the shop.  Once I started the blog,  I referred my email list readers to IT for the latest pictures.  

When I advertise on Criagslist, I put my blog address

My blog address is in the ‘signature’ of EVERY email I send.  (you can set it up to do that automatically)

I advertise my blog in all my etsy listings.

When I go to thrift stores and they ask me what I’m going to do with what I bought, I give them a business card.  Same at Dollar Stores  and tell them about my DOLLAR DIVA blog (that link is on my T2T blog list of links)

So, to GET people to read your blog; FIRST have a REAL BLOG.  With INTERESTING content and lots of pictures, and regularly added NEW content.  Then plaster the link to your blog anywhere and everywhere and by any means you can think of.  

Just DON’T let how many readers you do or don’t have, be what motivates you.  BE SINCERE.  Share what you love to do.  Share your passion, whatever it be.  And do it because you want to help and inspire others.  And not just because you want to have a ‘popular blog’ with lots of readers.  

You never know whose life your blog will touch, or how!  Just put your best out there and let it happen!

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Need your input please

I’m working on a ‘composition doll’ project and can’t decide whether the wings should face UP or DOWN.  Usually when I’m in a quandary,  I’ll ask Michael for his input.  But there are only 2 choices here and we each like the opposite better.

Here’s what I started with.  A poor raggedy doll from the thrift store.

Here’s what she looked like after I took the scissors to her!!  Poor baby!!  What’s that wire thing on the left???  I’m using it the try to create a ‘Santos like’ cage doll.

I applied some Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze to the head, hands and fabric to grubby it up a little.

Then hand stitched her top half and the cage skirt together.

Neatness doesn’t matter because when finished it won’t show.

Then I needed to find something to use as the base. Ah~HA!!  An old cheese board might work!

Perfect fit!!  I glued it in place with some e6000

I actually ‘dressed’ her BEFORE I added the wood base.  Just forgot to take pictures before moving on.  First, a hand stitched 2 layer tulle petticoat; stitched on.

Then a vintage lace skirt, hand gathered and stitched in place.

Nice and POUFFY with that petticoat underneath!

A scrap lace waist band glued into place.

A lace collar glued into place to cover up an untidy head connection.  Then a lace shawl, cut from a piece of vintage lace and glued into place with a button closure.

The original hair was pretty easy to just YANK off; but there was a big dark brown spot that it covered up.   Since I plan to only giver her a crown (no new hair!) I needed to disguise that brown spot.  A bit of flesh colored paint topped with the tobacco glaze worked just fine.  It won’t show a WHOLE lot with the crown, so it just needed to ‘blend in’.

For the crown, I glued some vintage hymnal pages to cardstock.  sized it to her head and glued in a circle and let glue dry.   then with a very pointy pair of scissors, cut my crown points.

 View of the top of the head with the crown in place.

MIGHT glue a small doily round to cover that spot up, not sure yet.  The crown will be the last thing to attach, so I’ll see how I feel about that when the time comes.

The more I looked at her, the more I felt she needed ‘something more’.

Maybe angel wings???

I took a bag of fabric rose petals from Dollar Tree to make ‘feathers’ for the wings.

Cut each petal into 2 feathers, one slightly bigger than the other.

Grubbied up the ‘feathers’ with my tea stain recipe.

Cut the wings out of some cardboard and individually glued on each feather.  THIS is where I need your input.  Should the wings face DOWN, like in this picture?

Or UP like in this picture???  OR maybe it’s not just the ‘positioning of the wings?!?!  Now that I look at the pictures, maybe they are just too BIG for this doll and I need to make a smaller pair?  A smaller pair that goes straight out and doesn’t have to be faced UP or DOWN????

Disturbing (to ME, at least!) new trend in blog design.

Have you seen any of them yet?  The newly designed blogs that have posts set up so that you only see a ‘snippet of  an introduction paragraph and one little thumbnail photo’  for each post; and you have to‘click to read more’.  WTH is up with that?!?!?  WHO and more importantly WHY, would someone think this is a GOOD idea???  I am sincerely DISTURBED!

I love reading other blogs!  Have a loooooooooooooong list of favorites that I visit on a regular basis.  And for me, that regular basis boils down to ‘catching up’ on each of my favorite blogs about 2-3 times a month.  And when I go there to catch up, I want to click and read, scroll down and read some more until I come to the post I last left off at.   DONE!  Caught up and on to the next blog.

This new (and NOT so improved IMHO!) blog design makes ‘my way’ of blog reading IMPOSSIBLE.  You have to read a snippet, then click to read the whole post, then click back to go back to the main page to  read the next snippet, then click yet again to read the entire  post . . . ARGH!!!  It’s just plain ANNOYING!!!  OR maybe I am just LAZY!?!  The ‘old way’ worked just fine for me.  And for the life of me, I cannot see ANY advantage to this ‘new layout’, can you?

And as I’m sure a lot of other blog readers do, I look at the PICTURES more than I read the actual content.  And IF the pictures grab my interest enough, or it’s something I’ve NEVER seen before, THEN I’ll take the time to READ all about it. 

And to be perfectly honest, I’ve STOPPED reading the blogs that are set up like this.  They just waste TOO MUCH of my valuable time. 

Here’s the only example that I saved to show you what I am talking about (if you don’t already know)  What do YOU think of this new design?  Are you one who reads your favorite blogs EVERY day?  Or, like me, do you just catch up on them a couple of times a month?  The ONLY possible advantage I can think of to this blog design is that IF you subscribe, that it shows you the entire post, without having to ‘click to read more’.  IN which case I suppose that would be an incentive for readers to sign up to be a follower.  But I don’t want 50 additional emails a day telling me there’s a new post in one of my favorite blogs.  I want to read when I have time. When I need a break and want to relax.   When I need some encouragement or inspiration.  And I don’t want to spend half my time CLICKING forward and then back again!

What do YOU think of this new style of blog design?  And IF there really IS some ‘advantage’ to having it set up like this, DO TELL!   Because it’s NOT a good thing if you ask me.  (which no one did!)  But in all fairness, I truly WOULD like to understand WHY these certain bloggers believe that using this kind of blog design is a POSITIVE step, or improvement.   Because for me,  I see NO GOOD in it.  It’s just NOT ‘reader friendly’.

Stepping off my soapbox now . . .

Here’s what’s new in our space at STARS Antique Mall September 5, 2008

No, we aren’t moving OUT, we are just moving.  To a different space.  A NICE CORNER space!  And we just don’t want to have to lug ALL this stuff across the store!  Everything in our space is 20% off through the end of September.

Love, love, LOVE! This shabby chest of drawers!!!  (I’ll show the before and after in a later post)

This shabby blue ‘trunk’ served out the first part of it’s life as a bread box!

Old table legs and spindles for the ‘dp it yourselfer’.  Some great old windows too!

Frames and white metal display stands with glass domes.

Little black shabby table.

Pretty vintage hankies.

Sign made on old fence board.

‘love potion no. 9’ and “je t’aime” tags.

Shabby Paris lamp and candelabra.

A nice stack of vintage suitcases.

Little gold crown on a display pedestal.

Black with gold glitter bottle brush tree.

Handpainted frames and trinket box.

Shabby screen cabinet made using a vintage screen for the door.

Vintage enamelware pans.

Vintage picnic box.  In EXCELLENT condition!

Shabby purple vintage magazine box and basket.

Vintage child’s ROLLING (not rocking!) horse.

White wire birdcage and black pedestal table.

Vintage market basket.

Shabby urn.

Embossed wood boxes.

Vintage pink with white polka dots wall paper.

Vintage costume jewelry in a sweet little vintage comsetics case.

Black wire basket.

Turquoise oval wood frame and cornice shelf.

Wall baskets.

Paris sign made on old fence board.

Black and gold candleholders.





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Here’s what’s new in SOPHIE’S COTTAGE ~ August 20, 2008

Traditional and not-so-traditional fall colors are scattered throughout the front of the store.

Sneek peek at a few of the new items for the pink ‘Shop for the Cure’ display:

Yummy smelling little jar candles in pumpkin spice, sparkling cider, apple cinnamon, cranberry orange, sugar cookie, butter toffee and vanilla.

Cinnamon refresher oil for your potpourri or rosehips.



~ primitives ~ trash to treasure ~ shabby chic ~ cottage ~ Paris apartment ~ repurposed home goods ~ repaired ~ restyled home decor ~ reused ~ recycled art ~ handcrafted gifts ~ one of a kind ~ artist originals ~ second hand style ~ junk market style ~ flea market style ~ beautiful junk ~ beach cottage décor ~ unique home décor ~ vintage home décor ~ unique gifts ~ custom made gifts ~ custom made home décor ~ personalized signs ~ Sophie’s Cottage ~ grubby candles ~ how to craft books ~ Shabby Paris apartment ~ baby gifts ~ personalized gifts ~ AJ Finsand ~

August 1, 2008 ~ Here’s what’s new in the store.


And of course, a Halloween tree!  (sorry about the bad photo!)

Some new gift baskets filled with bath/body products:

Ane even some gifts for your four legged friends!

These are the COOLEST things ever!  A doggie water bottle (with a clip even) and a flip down BOWL so they can easily drink!  Perfect for the dog on the go!

Mini alphabet rubber stamps sets make a great gift for the crafter, scrapbooker or cardmaker.  There are a DOZEN different font styles!  Fun to mix and match!

NEW CALENDARS ARE IN!  16 month 2009 calendars.

Gifts for baby:

AWESOME vintage white chest of drawers




~ primitives ~ trash to treasure ~ shabby chic ~ cottage ~ Paris apartment ~ repurposed home goods ~ repaired ~ restyled home decor ~ reused ~ recycled art ~ handcrafted gifts ~ one of a kind ~ artist originals ~ second hand style ~ junk market style ~ flea market style ~ beautiful junk ~ beach cottage décor ~ unique home décor ~ vintage home décor ~ unique gifts ~ custom made gifts ~ custom made home décor ~ personalized signs ~ Sophie’s Cottage ~ grubby candles ~ how to craft books ~