pRiMiTiVe GrUbBy gRuNgY sTaiN ReCiPe

I’ve tried the rest and this one is




Sure, there are LOTS of free grubby stain recipes out there, but honestly, you ‘get what you pay for’!  And in the long run, the ingredients you buy for those free recipes cost more than what I recommend, they are more labor intensive to make and they can be sticky and stiNky!

I’ve purchased and tested many of the other stain recipes out there and this one really is the best.

I make a LOT of stained products to sell in our retail store and shows, and this is the only recipe I use.

* No smelly coffee or tea used!

* No other ‘stiff and sticky’ kitchen products.

* Make it scented or UNSCENTED!

(Stained muslin doll head shown in photo has one coat of ‘full strength’ solution.  You can make yours darker or lighter.  Unstained one shown for comparison)

Recipe also includes how to’s for:

 -> Making ‘bordered’ tags and cardstock.

-> Making oval bordered cardstock.

-> How to get that ‘mottled watermark’ look on your items if you wish.

-> Buy inexpensive flags and stain them yourself.

Fourteen color pictures with complete instructions.

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Folk Art angel ‘make do’

 I’m not much of one for sewing.  I can sew.  I just never do.  A few years ago I bought a bunch of sewn doll body blanks from a gal I knew via the crafting boards.  And I finally actually got one of them made up!  Here she is:

First, I stained her.  This is her shown in the e-book recipe for my grubby stain:  here

The tutorial for how I did her eyes is HERE.  You can use your regular craft paint and fine line permanent markers for outlining the eyes on fabric, just like you would on a hard surface.

Then I did her hair using my own recipe for textured paint.  You can buy that e-book HERE.

I used a scrap piece of wood to make her wings.  I’ve had this piece laying around for Soooooo long that I don’t even remember what it was left over from.  I just knew that someday it would make a great pair of angel wings.  (someday, being the operative word there!)  I painted them with antique white paint, then sanded.

 I wanted to give them a little bit of a ‘lace look’ so I used this foam stamp and some copper color paint and randomly, VERY lightly stamped and restamped the wings.  Once that paint was dry, I brushed on my weathered wood wash to make them look gray and weathered.  (Sorry, the wood wash is the only recipe I don’t sell.  But you can buy a can of it at the store.  Postal regulations make it too difficult and expensive to ship)

Next I painted a wood star the same copper paint color I used on the wings.  Put it in place with a bit of tacky glue.  Then I tied on the wings with a single strand of jute twine.

I just cris-crossed the jute across the front and back a couple of times, then tied it off in the back.


She still looked like she needed ‘something’ more . . . so I went digging through my box of misc. junk and found this little key to tie onto the front.


 She sat on my work table for a couple of days while I pondered what else to do with her.  She was ‘okay’ as she was, to just lean onto a shelf.  I thought about mounting her onte a plaque, but in the end decided to just give her a wood base so she could stand alone.  I used a broken 1/8″ dowel glued into a block of wood that I had painted black and sanded and stained.  Cut a TINY hole at her base, squeezed in some tacky glue then pushed her onto the dowel.