Little sea horse table do-over

The longer I looked at my painted sea-horse table, the LESS I liked it.  See the entire  original project HERE.

I TRIED to like the neutral black/tan color combo.  Really I did!!

And THEN I painted these little metal  wall sculpture sea horses.  Had multiples of them so I could try different colors.  Liked the aqua SO much better on these, that I decided to repaint the table too.

Bits of the tan paint still show through in spots, adding more interest.

NOW it’s ready for me to take to Stars!


Outdated / Updated big ole seahorse candleholder

Found this BIG seahorse candle holder at GW last week.  It’s almost 2 feet tall!  Was pondering attempting to turn it into a lamp

But I really needed to repaint it FIRST to be sure it would turn out good enough to be made into a lamp.  First a good couple of coats of flat black spray paint.

Then I sponge painted it with tan, and decided I didn’t want to make it into a lamp.  Mostly because I didn’t want to have to go hunting for a lamp SHADE!  Found a big wood charger plate in my stash and turned it into a little TABLE or plant stand instead.

After painting the plate to match the base, I glued them together with e6000.

Perfect little accent table for displaying a few of your favorite collectibles; or setting your drink and snack on!

This piece will be going to my booth at Stars in the very near future.

OUTDATED / UPDATED: Carved wood seahorse

Vintage carved teak wood seahorse I found at a thrift store.

It had a bit of a crack down the middle of the head, so before I painted it, I filled the crack with some tacky glue to be sure it didn’t crack further.

I just slapped on a couple of quick coats of my beachy blue paint and sanded it to distress (with a COARSE sanding sponge).

The eyes don’t show up very well in the photo, but they do in person.

For sale in my booth at Stars.  I’ll be adding more beach and spring decor after Valentine’s Day.

The ‘periwinkle’ seahorse vase


A reminder of the ‘before’ picture. Not sure what kind of paint had been used on it originally; but it was NOT a fired ceramic glaze, no sheen to it.

Still I wanted to be sure my paint held on so I gave it a quick spray with KILZ primer. Then I rummaged through my stash of spray paint and found some tan color. Sprayed the whole thing tan. (had I not had the tan spray, I would have just used my acrylic craft paints and brushed it on.)


Then. to give it some depth, I sponge painted a slightly darker shade of tan onto the raised parts.


And I just used my finger to put a dot of black paint on the eye.


I think he turned out pretty darn cute! Anything that has to do with the beach/ocean theme seems to sell well lately. It’s such a popular decor theme for bathrooms.


So, as i said yesterday, don’t avoid things at garage sales and thrift stores ‘just because’ they are the wrong color. EXCEPT if it has a VERY SHINY finish, you can almost always re-paint it. The shiny finishes can be tricky to paint over, and always need a coat of good primer.

Anybody need a used horse trailer????

I swear the neighbors must thing we are CRAZY!!  (and we only have two neighbors!) 

Gearing up for spring show season and Michael decides (and I agree!) that we need to buy a trailer instead of renting a U-Haul over and over and over again.  So, he’s hunting for a used trailer on Craigslist.  Half the people who post don’t ever return his call or email.   A couple he goes to look at are sold just as he arrives after driving an hour to go look at them.  He’s getting frustrated.  He wants a trailer.  Finds a reasonably priced HORSE trailer that he figures he can convert.  He buys it.  The neighbors are scratching their heads as Michael drives up the driveway with a horse trailer!  They know we don’t have space for a horse!

A week later Michael finds a REAL trailer!  Needs no work and is ready to use!  He buys it.  So, now he has to sell the horse trailer!  And he says I’m the impatient one?!?!?!  sigh

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Lots of new SMALLS at Stars

P1070335A big ole basket FULL of assorted monograms and small signs.  Priced $3 – $10.00.

P1070315Added a lot of new things to the spinner rack.

P1070313Bags of colorful little drink umbrellas for your summer party.

P1070314A new batch of little fauXzen Charlottes for your altered art projects.

P1070317Wild flower design blank note cards.

P1070318Sets of three blank note cards.

P1070320Very vintage looking gold foil note cards.

P1070319I moved the packaged nests with eggs to the spinner rack.

P1070321Always plenty of cute mini take out gift boxes and gift enclosure cards.

P1070305An AMAZING cake plate with dome lid!!!!  I have never seen one like this, where the platter sits flat on the table.  The platter has a raised rim that the dome top fits inside of, so the lid CAN’T slide off!  (there is one VERY tiny chip on the rim; barely noticeable)

P1070272Doing some beach themed collages.

P1070273LOVE the sparkles on the sea horses!!

1 stars bannerBrought in a LOT of newly created shell topped bottles, and have them displayed in the ‘over the bed’ shelf.


P1070088And some newly made sea glass wreaths!

P1070118This big one has already sold, but I have several more to take in.

P1070090A couple of framed and matted sea glass collections.

P1070309And the biggest change is that I moved all the white dinner dishes from one of the ‘outward facing shelves’ on the back aisle to the big aqua hutch right by the entrance.  Just swapped them out with the cake pedestals that were there.

P1070298The dessert stands (MOST of them that is!) are here, where the white plated and bowls used to be.

P1070328It just makes more sense to have the rest of the white dishes closer to the others that I moved to the right side of the entrance a while back.  PLUS, the plates were not selling very well where I had them.  So hopefully this will improve sales!


This picture was taken BEFORE I removed the cake stands and put the plates and bowls on the hutch, but it’s the only picture that I have where you can SEE how nicely the display ‘transitions’ from the two front shelves to the hutch.

P1070307Just piled the stacks as high as I could!

P1070308And with them now being right at waist level, it will be easier to ‘dig through them’ to find exactly what you need!

P1070329Beat the heat and enjoy a bit of SHOPPING THERAPY at STARS!


STARS will be OPEN July 4th!

Latest photos of my booth at Stars:

It’s a difficult piece to display; look to the right of the shelf, just behind the buckets.  It’s a BIG OLE piece of vintage white molding!  Would make an awesome mantle piece or wall mounted head board.

And here’s that white sea horse planter I just showed you.  OH!  And if you look reeeeeeeeeeeeally closely in the bottom right hand corner, you can see the crowns I put on that cherub soap dish that I an using for my business card holder.  I’ll TRY to remember to take a ‘proper’ photo of it next trip.

A pretty good stash of white pitchers on hand just now.  While I’m ALWAYS on the look out for them; the bigger ones are really hit/miss and hard to find.  The creamer size are much easier to get ahold of.

The glass ‘vase’ with jute wrapped around the top is one I just made, and forgot to take a separate photo of.  Just happened to have this ONE sand dollar with the hole in it to tie on to the neck!

Galvanized buckets make fun trash cans for an office or craft room.

THE big lantern with a new interior display.

The art of STACKING!  Two benches, a small curio shelf AND a little corner shelf with a lamp on top!
Gotta make the best possible use of every square inch of display space!

 Just one bench on the bottom of this stack; two tier end table on top.  Treasure chest topped with a few smalls.

Stack of white dishes.

White elephant creamers.

White cow creamers.

NEW 100% cotton dish towels in neutral tones.

Interior of the vintage washing machine shelf.  Perfect for storing all your laundry products out of view.

Blue and white cotton dish towels.

Little metal scoop light.  Perfect for lighting up a wire door cupboard.

Lotsa old wood utensils in vintage crocks.

STARS is open 11am – 6pm; seven days a week.

STILL in ‘collage mode’ . . .

P1110043Getting a few ‘Valentin-ish’ ones made.


P1110040These wood hearts with wings were purchased unfinished from Dollar Tree several years ago.  Glued vintage sheet music to it first then embellished a bit.

P1110045Just slightly altered gift box.  Such a sweet faces little cherub on this thrift store box, I HAD to buy it!  I filled it with my custom blend of paper shred (as I do with ALL my gift boxes) and added the love definition on the left side, the stamped ‘bliss’ tag and gave her a hand cut gold glittered crown.

P1110050Super simple bird collages.  Scrap book embellishment birds mounted on old book pages in repainted and antiqued thrifted frames.

P1110054More birds in similar frames but with a more layered background.

P1110056The birds have a little bit if shimmer to them.

P1110058Old dictionary pages and scrap-book paper with script writing for the background.


More layers of papers and paper lace on this backing.


Having used up all the birds I had, it was time to move on to the sea life embellishments.  Seahorse in a tiny frame and pair of starfish on dictionary page with tea stained backing.


Seahorse and starfish.

P1110145Seahorse and sand dollars.

P1110141Sea shells.

P1110142In the past, I have also done assemblages like this using REAL shells.  Leave the glass out and use a sand paper or burlap backing to glue the shells to.  (for gluing on bulkier things like that I use e6000 adhesive)

P1110171Another KEY collage?!?!?  This one is just a sticker though.  I’m really trying to USE UP a lot of the scrapbook paper and embellishments I have ‘invested’ in over the years.  I buy a lot of this kind of stuff but so seldom actually USE it.  And I am NOT even a scrapbooker!  I just love the STUFF!!!!

P1110173Paris chic fleur de lis.

P1110174These metal fluer ‘charms’ (BIG charms!) I bought at the craft store.

P1110175Wishing now that I had bought more of these when they had them.  Thinking they would be neat to use on furniture.

P1110176Metal pocket watch ‘charm’ bought same as the fleurs.  Wonder what they were intended to be used for???

P1110178Bought these glitter crowns a while back from a wholesale website and had NO IDEA how I would use them.  finally came up with this.

P1110179I hand stamped the saying.

NOW, I really have to start doing some OTHER kinds of crafts!!!

Really, now; Part II

Thank you ALL for your kind and SUPPORTIVE words.  I hope it didn’t SEEM like I was ‘fishing for compliments’; because I WASN’T!  But the only thing worse than not being able to accept constructive criticism, is to not GRACIOUSLY accept a compliment.  It truly did my heart GOOD to know that my blog does indeed inspire and cheer my readers.  That IS the reason I take the time to write this blog.  PLEASE KNOW that I appreciate and respect ALL OF YOU, as well in return.

After reading all your comments,  especially noting the one from an Aussie who spells some words differently than us Yankees; and the school teacher, who by nature and habit would notice ANY spelling or grammar errors:  I’ve concluded that the ‘cranky commenter’ must be of a different culture or country than the U.S. And just does not understand how we tend to ‘make up’ our own ‘blog dialect’ sometimes.

I KNOW that ‘vintagey’ is not a REAL word.  But it BEST describes things sometimes.  Fallish, beachy and upcycled also are not REAL words, but I like them and I will continue to use them; obviously much to the chagrin of SOME people.  ( not even the word BLOG, until recently, was included as a REAL word in my BLOG spell-check for goodness sake!)  But THOSE people are not the ones I write this blog for.  It is for YOU, my regular readers, and the kindred spirits who happen upon my blog while searching for ideas and inspiration.

And given that we are ‘friends’, I do hope that IF you see typing errors that truly bother you and that you feel I ought to correct; I do hope that you would feel comfortable pointing them out to me; and in a manner that I can actually FIND them TO correct them!  I would be grateful, and not offended in the least.

And I would NOT be doing so to appease said ‘cranky commenter’ , rather on general principle.   Because we should all, always be willing to ‘better ourselves’ whenever the opportunity presents itself.  We’ll never know if the ‘cranky commenter’  read your comments or this post,  because she has been BANNED from commenting on my blog.  There are enough ‘real problems’ for all of us to deal with in this life.  She can look down on us from her high horse and judge us as much as she wants.   Sadly, she is missing out on some of the BEST parts of life by doing so however.

Happy OCTOBER everyone!!  I can’t believe it’s October already.  We are STILL having sunny warm weather here the the PNW!! (Pacific North West)  Usually by now we are waterlogged!

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Little tin candle lantern: outdated rustic to beach cottage chic

Thrifted  rustic little  candle lantern.  The price was right so I brought it home for a make over.

I spray painted it with flat white, and sanded a little to distress.

Just to ring out the pretty details.  Then as it sat on my work table while I hunted for a suitable candle, which I could NOT find, I decided to alter it a bit more.

While I couldn’t find a small enough TAPER candle to fit the existing hole, I DID have several pretty aqua 3″ pillar candles on hand; which ‘filled the space’ much better anyhow!  So I glued on (using e6000) a mini metal pie tin to put the pillar in!

CAREFULLY spray painted to newly added tin, avoiding spraying over the distressed parts as much as possible.  (YES, I am that lazy!)  Then sanded the rim of the tin a tad.  Then I GLUED IN the candle.  (otherwise they seem to ‘disappear’ at the antique mall!)

Then I ‘beached it up’ by tying on a white fingerling starfish and seahorse tag.

Pretty AND functional (remove the tag before burning!) cozy beach cottage candle lantern.

This lantern is for sale in my space at Stars antiques in Portland, Oregon.