Shabby pantry cupboard

Vintage wood framed screen.  Michael built a tall shelf to attach it to.  You can see the shelf to the left there. 

Since I decided to paint the shelf yellow and the door was white, I needed a way to tie the two together.  My first thought was to ‘dry brush’ the shelf with white over the yellow.  After sitting on that idea for a few days I decided to add white to the shelf backing instead.

Using my regular acrylic craft paint and a sponge stamp with a design that looked good ‘right side up’ and ‘upside down’ I stamped away!

It was TOO bright and sunny outside (TOO?!?!?!) to get a good picture of the color once Michael finished putting the whole thing together.  But the white door against the yellow shelf was too stark; so I dry brushed a little of the yellow paint over the white screen frame. 

I DO soooooooooooooooo love the way that backing turned out!!!  Can’t you just see this cupboard filled with vintage TURQUOISE dishes???


Ta~ DA!!! The white screen cabinet is done!

The Sunday afternoon nap . . . .

Around our house, the Sunday afternoon nap is the best part of the day. (perhaps even the best part of the week!) It’s just SO nice to not have to go anywhere or do anything and just curl up in bed and doze off in the middle of the day.

I was ready for my nap earlier than Michael today; so off I went. Michael actually prefers to nap on the sofa (which is actually a really good napping sofa!) I slept for about an hour, got up and shuffled my way to the living room expecting to see Michael asleep on the sofa. From the hallway I could see that he was not there. Shoot! Now I am gonna have to feel guilty for sleeping while he went back out to the workshop and continued to work!

But what did I find once I got to the living room???? The cats (Spike and Lewis) napping on either end of the sofa, and Michael curled up on the living room floor! Now what’s wrong with THIS picture?!?!

 Okay, back to work now . . .

We got the piece we built using those old white screens finished during last week, and delivered to the store on Saturday. I love the way it turned out! Of course a new piece of furniture in the store means some major display rearranging! Figured as long as I was rearranging, I may as well break out the springtime product. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. while I do love the dark primitive colors, it always feels so good to lighten things up a bit for spring.


For pieces like this, the size and color of the vintage screens really dictate the size and color of the finished item. We pretty much left the screens ‘as found’ and just cleaned them up a bit. The unit would be painted white to match the paint on the screen trim. I like to go with a different color for the backing of shelving units to give the piece more character and dimension. My initial thought was to go for a soft sage green for the backing, but we didn’t have any paint that color! So I used the light butter yellow we had.

Michael cut the shelf pieces and I painted them. I prefer to paint BEFORE the piece is put together. It’s so much easier to just lay out all the shelves and roll on the paint. No hassle of trying to get paint into cracks and corners. PLUS, if you are distressing your piece, it’s much easier to sand before it’s put together. Of course you have to do a little touch up painting after you assemble your piece, but you are still ahead of the game because you saved so much time on the painting.

For the legs on this piece I had Michael cut down some unfinished turned posts. (the other halves of the posts will be made into pillar candle holders! Nothing goes to waste around here!)


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First a reminder that we are CLOSED today. Wishing you all a safe holiday, and don’t forget your sunscreen!

It’s been VERY busy since the start of the ‘lost our lease’ sale. Product is really selling down, but the store is STILL nice and full. (does that make sense?) There is less product, but more spread out now and easier to SEE it all. I’ve brought in ‘some’ new product (still cleaning out my project piles!)

6.20.09 projects store019

Funky, fun reading glasses. But a spare pair or two and save yourself lots of time hunting for your reading glasses! I seriously have probably six pairs of reading glasses! A pair at my computer desk, in my purse, at the cash register in the store, and a back up for that pair in the drawer at the store, in my tool box for shows and then one more pair in case any of those get lost or break! At just $2.50 a pair, why not have several?!?!

6.20.09 projects store020

And glass cases to put those glasses IN! Also just $2.50 each.

6.20.09 projects store047

Pretty pink peonies in clear glass bottles.


Rustic elegant candle holders.


Shell candle-capes.


Vintage pretty glass bottles.


Vintage tool carriers painted bright red!


Mini stepback cupboard.


Old sliding top bread box; I gave it a primitive make over.


Little shabby chic foot stool and a Parisian style door crown.


Vintage blue enamelware.


Red enamelware.


Vintage ‘made in Italy’ cherub.


Pretty wall pockets with flowers.


Embossed tin ceiling tile wall shelf.


The embossing shows up MUCH better in person.


Lots of gift baskets and sets.


Sneaking in some FALL colors with this handcrafted hurricane candle holder.


Shabby candleabra.


Big primitive candlesticks.



Laundry decor.




Shabby Paris candle holders.


Cute mini curio shelf.


Shabby Paris wall shelf.


Primitive peg rack.


Big GAUDY (as Michael has dubbed it) wall clock.


Shabby Paris wall clock.


Shabby beach desk chair.



Vintage shabby chic telephone stand.


One of a kind shabby beach table.



Primitive pine top table.



Sweet little vintage child’s chair, painted princess PINK!



And a beachy blue one.


Old tool carrier, painted pink .


Vintage style unfinished pine rocking horse.

I’m working on getting some FALL decor put out next week.

AND, of course, the ‘up to 80% off  tables’ are FULL with lots of new stuff added to them EVERY DAY!!

All settled in to our new space at Stars Antique Mall

And I finally remembered to take my camera to take pictures!  We moved from a wall booth to a back corner booth.  I LOVE how much more light this new space has.

Hmmmmm . . . It looks kind of cluttered and disorganized from this view!  Still figuring out the best way to display in this ‘more open’ space.  These pics were taken last week, so there’s still a bit of Halloween stuff in front there.

Awesome BIG old advertising letters.

Jelly cupboard we made using an old screen for the door.

Old cutting boards, cabbage shredder and rolling pins.

BIG vintage tool carrier, set on it;s end like this makes for a fun side table!

Lotsa frames!  And a turquoise and black checkerboard.

Old suitcases and a shabby dresser.


Little table and shabby Paris lamp.

Little footed trunk.  (that was a breadbox in it’s former life!)

Vintage wood child size ironing board, wood bowls and an old child’s broom.




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Shabby Paris apartment style ~ bistro table and chairs

This is the ‘how I did it’ for the bistro table and chairs shown in the previous post for our space at the antique mall.  Michael ‘scrounged’ these two patio chairs. 

About fifteen years ago I LOVED hunter green!  ACK!!!  The chairs are very sturdy, just an outdated color and a few rusty spots.

We cleaned them up real good and gave them a coat of flat black paint.  I ‘could have’ sanded down the rust spots and used Rustoleum paint to prevent them from rusting again, but I wanted them to retain that worn texture.  I don’t have a very good picture of them after I painted them.   Wasn’t thinking that a picture taken in the booth would not show them off very well because they are so ‘see through’.  My bad!

For the table I started with this old rusty Mediteranean style bar stool base.  Very heavy!  I just cleaned it up and sprayed it iwth a clear coat to keep the rust from ‘shedding’.

Michael attached a scrounged plywood top to the base. I painted it robin’s egg blue; then stamped on a Fleur de lis pattern using a foam stamp and acrylic craft paint.

I wanted the pattern to look a little worn in spots, so I did FOUR impressions per paint loading of the stamp.  That way I’d have less sanding to do afterwards!  (I’m LAZY!!!)

I flipped the stamp upside down for every other row.

PERFECT!  I love the ‘wallpaper’ effect of this stamp!  I’ve used it a few other times as on the backing of shelves (stamped white on a pastel background).    HERE and HERE   Just enough pattern to add interest, but not be distracting.

Then I gave it a couple of coats of a water based water proof matte acrylic varnish. 

Here it is in our booth at the antique mall.

And here’s one of the chairs that you can barely see.



~ primitives ~ trash to treasure ~ shabby chic ~ cottage ~ Paris apartment ~ repurposed home goods ~ repaired ~ restyled home decor ~ reused ~ recycled art ~ handcrafted gifts ~ one of a kind ~ artist originals ~ second hand style ~ junk market style ~ flea market style ~ beautiful junk ~ beach cottage décor ~ unique home décor ~ vintage home décor ~ unique gifts ~ custom made gifts ~ custom made home décor ~ personalized signs ~ Sophie’s Cottage ~ grubby candles ~ how to craft books ~