This, That and the other.


Time for another STARS SALE!  Four full days: Friday, January 18 – Monday, January 21, 2019.  This sale is called their ‘Haggle Sale’.  Many vendors will be on hand to bargain with you on the price.  Everything in both of my booths is HALF OFF during the sale.



I am no longer selling my items at the Pink Door in Aurora, Oregon.


I finally have carpal tunnel surgery for my left hand scheduled for the end of this month, January 29th.  I’ve been ‘stuck in no crafting mode’ for months now because my left hand constantly goes numb, and my hand brace is no longer helping.   Since I need both hands to type, I will probably not be posting much in my blog or on Facebook for a couple of weeks afterward.


I took some additional inventory in for both of my booths this week, in preparation for the sale.  Here’s a peek:

p1370992I found some fabulous Jane Austen post cards, with very witty and surprisingly relevant quotes on them.  I’ve framed several of them (as shown above) for use as unique decorative pieces; and I also have ‘just the post cards’ available for purchase.

Several vintage cherubs have taken up residence in my booth for Valentine’s Day decor.

Both free-standing cherubs and ones that can hang on the wall.

I added some more hand stitched hearts.  Many are not ‘Valentine specific’ and could be used year round.  Coordinated sets of them in everyday colors are packaged and ready to fill your favorite little bowl.

Lots of glass cloches, wire cloches and glass containers make perfect displays for a few little hearts too.

Valentine banners and signs.  The one banner that is tied up in a bundle is 8′ long!!  Too long for me to hang for display in my booth; but perfect size for a party!

Happy shopping and SAVING!!


Coming soon to Star’s Antique Mall in Portland, Oregon:

Sophie’s Annex.

At the end of this month, I’ll be taking on an additional space at Stars!  You won’t have to walk far to find the new ‘Sophie’s Annex’.  It’s along the back wall, directly across from my existing booth; literally two steps away.

Why am I so excited about this additional 2′ x 8′ space; and what will I DO with it that I couldn’t already do with my existing space?

It’s no secret that changing up the look of your booth, adding new inventory, rearranging furniture and just generally ‘refreshing’ your space brings you more shoppers.  With a 10′ x 10′ booth FULL of inventory, changing things up is pretty difficult.  I have so many great ideas for ‘cute little vignettes’, and the inventory to create them; just not the SPACE to do so.

Taking on this additional wall space feels like the perfect solution.  It’s close to my original booth, so no extra moving stuff throughout the mall.  And it’s small enough that I can totally EMPTY the space and set up an entirely new vignette every month.  THAT is the plan!

At the end of every month, all of the existing inventory in my 2’x8′ wall space will be removed, then a whole new vignette will take it’s place.

I’m so excited about this new venture at Stars!

What’s your favorite decorating style that you can never seem to find enough of? 

What styles are you ‘just over’ and wish would go away already?  

Final ‘pre-market’ post.

It’s almost time!!!!

My car is already loaded.  The kids (my son and daughter in law) are helping me load the U-haul tomorrow evening, and Thursday morning we deliver to the Rebel Junk Marketplace show at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

A couple of quick pictures of some last minute items I just prepped for the show.

Several different colors of REAL dried Hydrangea.  (from MY garden!)

Shabby chic square metal birdcages.  You can see what they originally looked like in the upper left hand picture.  I dry brushed them with a soft white paint, originally just as a base coat and prep before spray painting them white and distressing them.  I decided the the dry brush looked so good that I didn’t need to do the extra work!

LOVE these red and white lace edge metal cake stands.  (I love cake stands in general though!  I have a personal collections of 8 of them!)  They are so much fun to work into booth displays; for adding height or emphasizing a certain item.


Lots of assorted glass bottles and vintage jars headed to this show.

I’ll be spending all day Thursday and Friday setting up my double wide booth.  Hoping to get done in time to take photos before the early bird shopping starts on Friday evening.   (I did NOT accomplish this last year.  sigh.)   And I’ll TRY to post some photos when I get home Friday night to give you locals a preview.

I’ll for sure have time to post pictures next week, after the show for those of you who are not local and can’t make it to the show.


And DON’T FORGET to ASK for your 20% discount!


Have you been to the new antique mall in Portland yet?  URBANITE is now open at 1005 SE Grand Ave, catty-corner from Rejunivation .  No, I don’t have a booth there . . . yet!  (fingers crossed; they are FULL and have a waiting list for vendors right now.)  I stopped in today and just HAD to take some pictures to share!

How cool is this stuff?!?!?

Seriously.  If you are looking for a BIG industrial piece,  this is THE place to go!

Lots of galvanized and rusty stuff too.

Antlers and textiles too.

Plenty of individual compartments and old drawers too; unique storage containers.

Seriously, a little bit of everything.



Pop over to their Facebook page for store hours and more information.

ANNOUNCING!! ‘Make and Take’ SIGN MAKING Classes

I am now offering

‘Make & Take’

sign making classes

on how to make your own sign.

I’ll provide EVERYTHING you need to make your sign.  You can choose which sign you want to make from my library of over 200 designs.

To avoid spending half of our class time watching paint dry, I’ll do the sign prep for you in advance; so when you arrive for the class, you’ll just have to stencil on your chosen design.  Your sign will be done in about an hour.

Once you know the ropes and don’t need my direct guidance anymore; you can rent studio time for $10.00 per hour.   For studio time you will need to prep and paint your own boards at home and bring them with you ‘ready to letter’.   I will explain how I prep the sign boards, so you can easily do it at home.  If you don’t have an electric sander to distress your sign boards, I can help you with sanding when you get here; as part of your studio time.

For the MAKE & TAKE classes, prices are per sign; and vary with each student, depending upon which design you choose.   Prices (and approximate sign sizes) are listed with each design.  Since you’ll be using a stencil to letter your sign, the size of the lettering cannot be altered; BUT you can make a slightly bigger sign by using a larger piece of wood.  (you’ll see this option in some of the pictures of signs.)

I will provide you with varnish to use as your final top coat, and a nail-less sawtooth hanger for hanging your sign.  These signs are NOT weather proof, and intended for indoor use only.

*** Hover mouse over individual sign picture to see price and measurements.***

  (Yes, I know this doesn’t work if you are viewing on a device other than a computer with a mouse; but for now, it’s the only way I am able to do it.  Sorry!!)

I only offer light colored backgrounds for signs and black lettering.

download (12)


Left column, top to bottom:

Sage, Grey, Lt Blue, Aqua, Turquoise

Right column, top to bottom:

Pink, Cream, Ivory, Tan, Yellow

(Not shown, Lavender, Pumpkin, Mustard.)

Select your sign –  your color – a class date – make your payment via PayPal.

The wood for your sign will be cut to size, sanded, base coated in Black, top coated the color of your choice, edged and sanded to distress BEFORE you come to class.  I have room for up to four people per class; and it takes less than an hour to complete one sign.






*** SOME room signs are in other categories; IE LAUNDRY ROOM OR POWDER ROOM ***








The above ‘fancy cut’ board will work for several of my stencils; and is available in two different sizes:  13″ x 28″ and 13″ x 20″.  Cost to ‘upgrade’ to this style of sign board for any other stencil is an additional $15 / 25.00 on top of the regular sign price.




EMAIL me with your class date and time request.  Once your class date is set and you’ve selected your project, I will send you an invoice via PayPal to make your payment.

 *IF, for any reason you cannot make it to your scheduled class, you can reschedule for a different time, or request a 50% refund.  Only a partial refund is available as I will have already done the prep work for your sign in advance.

Check this out!!

Look whose blog got a mention in Oregon Home Magazine!  

I am humbled and honored!

But MOSTLY thrilled that my ‘trash to treasure re-use and re-make whatever you can’ message is being spread!

CURIOSITIES: A new antique mall in Beaverton!

4.6.13 Curiosities signs etsy 009JUST OPENED!  Curiosities Antique Mall in Beaverton at 12705 SW Beaverdam Road.

4.6.13 Curiosities signs etsy 001You can actually see it quite easily from Canyon.  Beaverdam runs directly behind the stores on the North side of Canyon; just a little farther East than Tom’s pancake house.

4.6.13 Curiosities signs etsy 004It’s right behind the garden center on Canyon.

4.6.13 Curiosities signs etsy 005And between Ludemans on the right . .

4.6.13 Curiosities signs etsy 007And Taggarts on the left.

4.6.13 Curiosities signs etsy 002OPEN: Tuesdays – Sundays; 10am – 6pm

Curiosities Facebook page  – check out and “LIKE” their  Facebook page.

AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaND . . . . . .I will be moving into a space in a couple of weeks!  So if Stars has just been TOO far for you to drive for a dose of  “Sophie’s Shopping Therapy”;  you’ll soon have a closer option.


After spending the last couple of years building my etsy shop inventory up to over 400 items; I am now DOWN SIZING.  Why?!?!?  etsy is a very ‘learn as you go’ type of business.  Part of that learning process is figuring out what sells best for you, AND what doesn’t work.

So I’ve been listing a ‘little bit of everything’, and I’ve got boxes and bins of inventory stacked everywhere.  Handcrafts: stitched fabric stuff, hand painted wood stuff, paper craft stuff.  Vintage and upcycled.  Beach cottage chic: vintage and hand crafted.  Primitives; still had a bit to get rid of.  And the MORE stuff I added to my shop did NOT equal more sales!

Time to re-think how I am running my etsy shop.  So. I looked back over what DOES sell, and am now clearing out EVERYTHING ELSE.



I still have a few more things to list (mostly supply stuff) but my wrist needs a break from the computer right now.   More listings to be added nest week.

AND, I’ll be doing a ‘Christmas in July’ half price sale; so mark your calendars!

Win a $100.00 Stars gift certificate!!

Stars is having another fun contest via their Facebook page.  Just ‘like’ Stars on Facebook to leave your ‘story’ about what you think this thing is:

” We had so much fun last time–we decided to have another big Facebook Giveaway! We see SO many strange things from the past pass through our shops. Making silly guesses as to what these curious objects might have been used for is heaps of fun and usually end up much more colorful than the correct answer!”

GIVE IT A WHIRL!! Leave a your own silly guess on ourFacebook page. We’ll pick our favorite response and the winner gets a $100 Stars gift certificate!
HINT: We’re looking for a giggle, a rib tickler, a tall tale–a vintage lover who is full of baloney.

Recent projects & Spring show dates

Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar is right around the corner!  

Mark your calendars NOW so you don’t forget.  Tuesday, April 24th – Saturday, April 28th

At the Washington County Fairplex in Hillsboro.


Prettied up old wood roll top bread box.

Shabby Paris benches.



Old wood candelabra: I added an extra piece of wood to the base to balance it out better.