A jar with no lid ~

This is the ‘front view’ of the half bottle I altered in the last post.  I wanted to show you how BIG the jar for today’s project is by comparison.P1180177

It’s a nice BIG half-gallon jar.  I LOVE the big gallon size ‘restaurant pickle jars’.  Like to paint the lids and use them as canisters.  Was thinking that I might find ‘just a lid’ some day for this half-gallon jar, OR convince myself to sacrifice one from a gallon jar for it.  THEN, I had this idea!

Add a wire handle and make it into a candle lantern!

P1180191I’ve seen this idea used on baby food jars with battery operated tea lights, hanging in trees for outdoor party decor.

P1180192And done with pint and quart size canning jars.  You can ever BUY the canning jars with the wire handles already on them!  I wired my own.  YOU just have to be sure your wire is SNUG, and below you lid ridges.


It needed ‘something more’ than just the wire handle, so I attached an old padlock and key.


And I always put candles in anything that is supposed to hold a candle before I put it out for sale.

P1180197And a burlap bow for good measure!

Speaking of gold . . .

Didn’t I JUST say that I didn’t really like gold and show you some gold frames that I was repainting?!?!?  I still don’t like gold, but occasionally I find gold items that I like, regardless of the color.

P1100958These cherub busts with a gold rim that I used as handles on some make-do cloches were such items.  As well as the vintage perfume bottle.


I came across this rusty tin lid that used to top a paper mache box (that got wet and ruined) whilst sorting through some boxes of old craft supplies.  Couldn’t think of anything to do with it ‘at the moment’, so it went in my ‘think about it pile’.  The rule is (my own personal rule for getting rid of stuff!) if I can’t come up with a way to use it before my next trip to the thrift store, that it has to go in the donate box.  The gold candle pillar was in the ‘TAIP” as well.  My first thought on the pillar was to paint it white,  I can ALWAYS use white pillars.  And in fact just recently painted several of them white and took them to Stars.

P1130058Here are a few pictures of what I DO with the white pillars in my display.  These items are all priced separately; the shoes, the cloche and the pillar.  If someone wants to buy all three and use them just as I have them displayed, Fine!  But more often than not, someone wants ‘just the cloche’ or ‘just the shoes'; and then they have to call me and I have to remember what items they are talking about and divide up the prices and they have to make new price tags for all three items and THEN half the time the customer doesn’t even BUY the item!!  Just TMW!  (too much WORK!) When it can be easily avoided with individual pricing in the first place!

P1130087With this one the nest is permanently attached.

P1120940Here I just sat the jars of glitter eggs atop a couple of the pillars.

P1120803In this little grouping I had placed a small white bird cage atop the pillar.

P1120820On the far right you can see a rusty tin candle lantern atop another one.

P1130141Back to the topic of GOLD stuff.  This wide gold candle stand ended up in the “TAIP” as well.  At the end of the day I was looking at the pile and kind of LIKED how the gold stuff looked together and LOVED how the gold stand looked with the rusty tin lid!

P1130138It just needed a little something more . . . .beaded trim!

P1130142I’m really liking this little pair of  ‘goldies’.  NOW I just have to figure out HOW to work them into my display at Stars!

P1130232I decided to group ALL of the gold stuff together!  I think I forgot to take a close up picture of the gold hurricane.  It was another ‘orphan’ that I came across in my sorting.  Was going to save it for Christmas and put some little bottle brush trees and snow in it.  But since I’m doing a gold group I may as well put ALL the gold stuff out.

P1130235Put it front the center in my booth.  That’s a HUGE wood lazy Susan with an upcycled table on top and the gold stuff grouped together on the table.

P1130231Put a trio of cloches between the legs of the table.

P1130265Tied a key to the handle of this one.  Little touched like this will make your items stand out from the rest.

P1130229As always . .  lots of LAYERS in my display!  Especially at the very FRONT.  The shoppers first impression is what will make them decide whether or not to go INTO your booth and explore further!

Shabby white spring make over in my booth at Stars.

Got most of the recently completed white items displayed in my booth at Stars this week.

P1120498The white table (former desk top) with rusty base, corner shelf, the plain little square table, and all the candelabras set up at the front, left side.  This is the view standing in front of the booth.

P1120439This is how it looks once you walk into the booth a few steps and turn left.  Here you can see the vintage vanity chair and  newspaper/magazine table partially under the upcycled desk table.   The metal bamboo candle lantern, and a Pottery Barn cubby shelf that I’ve had for a while.   Turquoise and aqua glitter Easter eggs in a glass jar and wood tray.  It’s hard to see, but the big rusty white hanging candle chandelier in on the table right in front.  (note to self: MOVE that chandelier and put it on something DARK so it will show up batter!!!)


Closer view of the chair.


Closer look at the newspaper stand.

P1120443Outward facing left side of the booth.  The shabby white night stand with the Lion’s head drawer pull and the tall black lamp table with vintage book pages on top, both sitting on top of an upcycled crib bench.   A couple of shabby white bird cages  too.

P1120447Better look at the two bird cages.




P1120452Yet ANOTHER white bird cage; this one filled with dried hydrangeas.  I LOVE the LOOK of dried hydrangeas.  HATE how easily the fall apart and shed!  Displaying them in a cage is a prefect solution!

P1120454Here’s that hanging candle chandelier again; still hard to see against the white table.  A little white cupboard with chicken wire door with a white and aqua candelabra on top; and behind that a white jewelry armoir.  A few new white bird finials too.





P1120456The white and aqua candelabra.

P1120455The candelabra that was black that I repainted sits atop the white corner shelf.

P1120459Vintage white ceramic bunnies and jars of speckled eggs on the corner shelf.

P1120461Two-gallon mercantile jars; on left filled with vintage crochet thread for sale WITH the thread included.  Hand stitched felt hearts with vintage buttons in the jar on the right; hearts sold individually and separately from the jar.

P1120462Another jarful of vintage wool yarn.  This is a 1-gallon jar; sold WITH the yarn.

P1120478Child size bowback chair with vintage wood bowls.



P1120440More wood bowls; these painted aqua on the outside.


Moved the ginormous cubby shelf to the back corner of my booth.

P1120453HUGE vintage bentwood cheese box.

P1120471Big wicker picnic basket with starfish, smaller slat wood basket.  Little turquoise drawer is filled with packets of note cards.

P1120499This batch of aqua shelves pretty much remain here permanently; but I DO change out what it displayed on them seasonally.

P1120444Just moved all of the white dinner plates and large serving bowls to this shelf on the outward facing left wall.


Upcycled round black table; lamp shade cloche sold separately.


P1120470Stack of three aqua benches.

P1120477Blank journals displayed in a black wire cage.

P1120472Little aqua metal stand, and a new batch of small white fleur de lis finials.

P1120489Along the back wall.

P1120235Kind of hard to tell WHAT these are at first glance?!?!

P1120234They are “mini cast iron shoe form hooks”!!  Really cute.  I’ve had them for EONS; intending to use them to make coat racks.  After ten years it’s time to ‘let them go’!

P1120244Very Paris chic cloches with cherub bust handles.

P1120494LOVE creating these ‘mini vignettes’ inside old crate wall shelves.

P1120473Just added some new vintage white cream pitchers too.

GIANT vintage metal fork and spoon

P1070993So all of a sudden these things are popular again?!?!  Go figure.  Found this pair on our recent anniversary trip to WA.  Nice simple style and METAL.  (I can usually only find the carved ‘totem pole’ style handled ones.)

P1070992THIS set had a very unique addition; taper candle holders on the handles!  You can see them on the spoon, in this and the previous picture.  (the original pics of these were in with the ones my computer ‘ate’ and I was too lazy to put the candle holder back on BOTH pieces.  They easily screw on/off with a nut on the back)

P1070995Here you can seer the hole where the candle holders screw in.  Easy enough to touch up the paint if I decide to leave the holders off.    But I can’t decide if I should do that or not???  When I first saw them, the FIRST thing I did was look to see if the candle holders were removable.  And If they had NOT been, I probably would not have bought them.  But that’s just me!  Maybe the candle holders are what will make others WANT to buy them?!?  I just don’t know???

P1070994Would love your input on the candle holder of NO candle holder conundrum!

Right now I ma just holding on the them.  What I REALLY want to use them for is HANDLES on a big pantry that Michael could build sometime in the future.  

Old table legs upcycled into Candle pedestals

6..25.13 projects big chair 087Start with some round and square little wood plaques from the craft store.  ( I always have a stash of these ‘on hand’.  Buy a few every time they are on sale.  SO many uses for them in crafting!)

6..25.13 projects big chair 088Then hunted some tin candle pans I had leftover from my ‘primitive days’.  You don’t really HAVE to add these, but I do if I have them on hand.

6..25.13 projects big chair 089Cut your tables legs down to whatever size you want your pedestals to be.  Where the ‘turnings’ are in the wood determines where it’s best to cut on some styles of turned table legs.  These two pedestals were made from ONE leg; and I had 3 of those legs which made six pedestals.

6..25.13 projects big chair 091Grab a round or square wood plaque to add to your candle base; as shown.  (I use e6000 to glue them on)  As you can see in the one on the right, I added a second round plaque to the TOP of my pedestal; strictly for decorative purposes.

6..25.13 projects big chair 090

BUT, if you don’t happen to have any tin candle pans to use (I don’t even know if you can buy these anymore!?!) this is one way you can make your pedestal without them.  Of course you wouldn’t actually ever be able to BURN your candles on such a solid wood pedestal!   Just remember that your TOP plaque goes on upside down, to allow more surface area to hold your candle.

6..25.13 projects big chair 092Here are the six pedestals I made out of three table legs.

6..25.13 projects big chair 094I also had 2 table legs with these square sections on them.  Decided to cut each leg into 3 pieces; for three graduated sizes of pedestals.  Six total from the two legs.

6..25.13 projects big chair 095I elected to use the square bases on all of these since the sides of the legs are square.  And, as you can see, I used graduated sizes of rusty candle tins on these.

6..25.13 projects big chair 093Alas, my tin candle pan stash is dwindling and I had to ‘make do’ with what I had for tin pans for the second set of these.

6..25.13 projects big chair 096I glued the candle tins in place using e6000 also.  YOU do need to wait a day between ‘gluings’ though.  I glued my wood bases on, let cure overnight; then glued on the tins and let cure overnight.  For the pedestals with TWO wood plaques, it took an additional day.  

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 019Since I needed to prime the tin pans before I could paint them, I just sprayed the whole things with flat black paint.

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 020I painted them two different shades of blue (although BARELY different!) and a sage green. (Brush on acrylic paint this time)  I WAS going to use Turquoise, my beachy blue and green, but my beach blue has become SO aqua that it looks almost just like the green?!?!

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 021So the plan was to create 2 sets of three with the square legs and three sets of 2 with the other; so I selected my paint colors accordingly, to have different colors in each set/pair.  Then I sanded them; the wood part AND the tin part.  And yes, I used my orbital sander.  Hand sanding is just too much for my ‘bad back’.

I ALWAYS put candles in candle holders when I am selling them.  (and again, I always have a small ‘stash’ of candles for this purpose; mostly purchased on close out).  Even just a simple white or cream color candle from the dollar store looks better than NO candle at all when it comes to ‘marketing’ your items.  Sometimes the buyer will opt to leave the candle behind and just buy the pedestal.  Fine by me!  I’ll wrap that candle up and use it again later!

7.5.13 curiosities only 052One set of each has gone to my space in Curiosities.  (displayed as sets, but priced individually)

7.5.13 curiosities only 053

A set of each will be going to Stars next week.

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Trash to Treasure: old candle jars

I’ve recently bought some jar candles that have metal lids, instead of the typical glass lids.

Not only are the lids metal, they have rubber inserts that make them SNAP ON really tight; AIR tight I’d venture to say.  So I’m thinking that these would be great to re-use for food storage.

I could just glue on a decorative knob (using e6000 of course!) to really give it the look of a canister.

Then I spray painted the lids flat black.  But of course you could paint them ANY color you like.  I just selected black because I had some bigger, thrifted jars that I had already painted the lids black, and I wanted them to coordinate.

They are actually also quite attractive jars withOUT the lids too.   Because the lids SNAP on, they don’t have the ridges along the rim for lids to screw on.  Pretty storage and/or display jars.

Here’s the bigger jar lid.  It was originally the same color as the candle lids.  I’ve found this exact same jar several times at thrift stores, so I’m guessing it was some kind of food gift container.  The lids to these fit nice and tight too.

These bigger ones with the handle lid are actually were actually the inspiration for the candle jars.

Not yet decided if I will embellish this new batch the same as I did this former set.

One large and two of the candle jars makes a nice little set, doesn’t it?

So what do YOU think?  Embellish them a bit, or sell them plain, as is?

Little tin candle lantern: outdated rustic to beach cottage chic

Thrifted  rustic little  candle lantern.  The price was right so I brought it home for a make over.

I spray painted it with flat white, and sanded a little to distress.

Just to ring out the pretty details.  Then as it sat on my work table while I hunted for a suitable candle, which I could NOT find, I decided to alter it a bit more.

While I couldn’t find a small enough TAPER candle to fit the existing hole, I DID have several pretty aqua 3″ pillar candles on hand; which ‘filled the space’ much better anyhow!  So I glued on (using e6000) a mini metal pie tin to put the pillar in!

CAREFULLY spray painted to newly added tin, avoiding spraying over the distressed parts as much as possible.  (YES, I am that lazy!)  Then sanded the rim of the tin a tad.  Then I GLUED IN the candle.  (otherwise they seem to ‘disappear’ at the antique mall!)

Then I ‘beached it up’ by tying on a white fingerling starfish and seahorse tag.

Pretty AND functional (remove the tag before burning!) cozy beach cottage candle lantern.

This lantern is for sale in my space at Stars antiques in Portland, Oregon.

Plain and primitive stool to shabby chic and a repurposed candle pedestal

Grubby little old thrift store stool.

Pretty dinged up, so I gave it a good once over with the orbital sander.

A big turned candle pedestal from the thrift store and a round scrap piece of wood; glue them together and you’ve got a sweet little ‘smoking’ table!


Forgot the before pic again, but the pedestal was a dark gun-metal grey and the top was raw wood.  Glued them together with e6000 and let dry overnight.  Then a quick spray coat of flat black paint, and two coats of brush on white paint.

And a bit of sanding to distress!

Wonderfully  SUMMERY white and oh so shabby CHIC duo!

Make-do cloche


I had candles in these hurricane glass candle holders.  But they sat FOREVER, unsold.  time for a make over. 

I just flipped them upside down, and glued on (using e6000) some sweet little birds I found at the craft store to function as knobs.

Rummaged through my ‘stash’ to find this metal pedestal candle stand; which I painted white.


And for the finishing touch, I added a little nest (hand formed with Spanish moss) and some eggs.

Finished and ready to go to Camas!

(this is a HINT of the direction I am going in for the whole booth!)

MORE on that topic in the next post

Just white.

Dingy gold ceramic paint.

Quick coat of flat white paint:

I decide to NOT glaze this one.  Sometimes just plain white ‘works’ best.

On display in our Camas booth with a whole shelf full of white things.


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