FINDINGS: Ginormous white wicker bird cage

Gotta LOVE finding items that don’t need any work done to them!

P1220321 Check out this huge white wicker bird cage I just picked up.

P1220325Measures 14″ x 14″ x 30″ tall!  All it needed was a good hosing down to remove the dust.

P1220323The bottom slides all the way out, as do what I originally thought were 2 ‘shelves’; since they were placed at different heights in the cage when I bought it.

P1220322When putting it back together after it dried, I realized that BOTH of these were ‘floor grates’ and meant to be placed side by side at the bottom of the cage; and NOT 2 shelves, as they had been displayed in the thrift store.  DOH!

Took this cage to Stars just in time for the BIG SALE, which runs through Monday, March 7th.  EVERYTHING in my booth is HALF OFF during the sale!


What ARE these?

Mystery of the day.

Bought a bag full of string, yarn and thread at the thrift store the other day and these wood things were in the bag too:

1.19.13 ets custom 091Anyone of you know what these are and it they are worth trying to SELL in my etsy shop.  They are beautiful solid wood.

1.19.13 ets custom 092This little plastic doo-dad was in there too.

1.19.13 ets custom 093And these three wood things.

I’m really just curious as to what they are.  Assuming they have something to do with knitting, so I will never need them.  If these are something that one of you could use, or know someone who needs them; I’d be happy to sell all of them in one lot for $5.00 and the cost of shipping.

*****EDITED TO ADD*****

For some reason the word ‘shuttle’ kept coming to mind when I saw these, but I’ve never SEEN one before, so how would I know what it was?!?!?  But after the first few comments, I decided to do a search and found this information:

So, the ARE shuttles!  Weaving shuttles though; nothing to do with knitting.   The offer to sell them CHEAP is still good for a while.  If no one snaps them up, (and now that I know what to call them!) I’ll just sell them in my etsy shop as supplies.

UPDATE:  These WEAVING SHUTTLES have gone to a good home.  Thank you all for your input!

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Deal du jour: Handcrafted country note cards

This package contains 26 handcrafted country style 3×4 note-cards; each individually wrapped in a cello sleeve. Cards are blank inside.



Regular price on these cards is $2.25 each. Total retail value of $58.50

Sophie’s deal du jour price is $26.00.


Flat rate priority shipping plus delivery confirmation is $5.60

Total to purchase this package: $31.60

*** To purchase this package, leave a comment that you want it; then send your payment of $31.60 via PayPal to Be sure to mention which items you are purchasing when you send your payment.

Be sure your mailing address is correct on your PayPal account.

This listing will be deleted when the package has sold.

Deal du jour: Trees and houses collection



(votive candle not included; just used to show size of items)

This package includes:

4 wide wood house shelf sitters @ $5.95 each

2 wood tree shelf sitters @ $4.95 each

4 tall wood house shelf sitters @ $4.95 each

Bottle brush tree $2.95

House ornament $2.95

Mustard mache box $5.95

Green mache box $4.95

Church block house $6.95

Block cottage $5.95



Total retail value of this package is $83.20.

Sophie’s deal du jour price is $29.95.

Flat rate priority shipping with delivery confirmation is $11.00

Total to purchase this package is $40.95

*** To purchase this package: Leave a comment saying you want it; then send your payment of $40.95 via PayPal to Be sure to mention what package you are purchasing. Be sure your shipping address on your PayPal account is current.

Once this item has been purchased it will be deleted.

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This deal du jour contains TEN items:

Crow penny ornament – $1.95

Handcrafted crow penny runner – $29.95

Round mustard paper mache box – $4.95

Little lamp with handpainted crow shade – $19.95

Handpainted crow egg – $19.95

Wood crow nodder – $14.95

Big crow on a post – $19.95

Little crow cupboard – $7.95

Believe star – $6.95

Crow word block – $5.95


Total retail value of this package is $132.50. THIS IS A ONE OF A KIND OFFERING!

Sophie’s deal du jour price is $49.95 .

Flat rate large priority box shipping with delivery confirmation $14.60

Total to purchase this package is $64.55.

*** To purchase this package, leave a comment that you want it; then send $64.55 via PayPal to Be sure your shipping address on your Paypal account is current. This offering will be deleted once it has sold.

Announcing Sophie’s “Deal du Jour”

Well, the weather was NOT very cooperative for our big sidewalk sale last Saturday. Friday was a GORGEOUS day, sunny and almost warm even. Saturday was FREEZING and windy, getting ready to snow on Sunday.

SO, I’ve got LOTS of stuff leftover from the sale. I’ve set it up on tables in the store and will continue the clearance sale there. AND, I will be offering some of the goodies for sale via the blog!

I get asked if I sell via the blog quite often and I just haven’t until now because it’s just TOO complicated with figuring postage and all. So, to simplify the process I will be shipping in the flat rate priority boxes only. And basically I will just FILL THE BOX with as much stuff as it will hold.

All offerings will be ONE OF A KIND, and sold on a first come basis.

I will post the offering in the blog under the ‘Deal du Jour’ category. To purchase the package, FIRST:  leave a comment that you want it. (whomever comments first, gets it) Then send your payment via PayPal to (be sure to say what package you are purchasing in your payment comments)

Once I receive payment, I will delete the package listing from the blog, and ship it off to the purchaser.

To get things started, I’ve got THREE to list. Listing to follow in three separate posts.

I canNOT combine shipping on offers as they are already packaged FULL in flat rate priority boxes. But I will always do my best to give you a great value for your shipping $$,

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