Companion piece to the Paris chic cupboard

WHILE I was working on the cupboard in yesterday’s post (which sold before I even got it into my booth today!) I used the same stencil to make a ‘companion’ table.

10.1.13 pics 066

This is what it looked like before it’s most recent make over.  AND I have two more matching tables!  Hopefully the third time IS the charm on these tables because I am really close to being “over them”!  (ie SICk of repainting them!) 

Here’s the original make-over story.

Those went unsold for too long so I took them home and did the postmark stencil on all three.  Which I REALLY liked and was just SURE the shoppers would too!  Notsomuch!  So, here’s my ‘last ditch effort’ to make these little tables into something ‘sale-able’!

10.7.13 stars etsy projects 066

I absolutely LOVE this French hand writing!!!!  The place I bought the stencil from showed a dresser with the drawer fronts stenciled.  Gorgeous.  (Now I gotta find a dresser!!)

10.7.13 stars etsy projects 072

Michael thinks the ‘sticking point’ on why none of the previous versions of these tables has sold is the legs.  The rusty old crusty legs.  I LOVE the old legs.  The old legs are WHY I bought the stools in the first place.  I’d just hate to paint over all that natural rust and wear!

10.7.13 stars etsy projects 071

SO, we shall see if this make-over generates a sale?!?!?  I brought home the other two tables to also re-do.  Should I do them the same???  I wonder how the wording would look done with a bit of a diagonal slant on the table top??? 

10.7.13 stars etsy projects 070

For now, this one that is already done is at Curiosities; $32.00.

Another quickie ‘Fauxzen Charlotte’ project

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 116Found this little empty frame at the thrift store.  It was PERFECT for another little fauxzen Charlotte collage.

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 117A smaller area to work with, so just a single paper this time instead of layers.   Two paper hearts as wings and a die cut gold crown and done!

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 115Tiny ones like this are perfect to hang inside a larger frame.  This is an 8×10 frame.  I added a little gold ribbon through the top of the frame to hang from.  Quickie Sunday afternoon project.

WHAT was she thinking?!?!?

I just about fell off my couch when flipping through the latest issue of Martha Stewart LIVING magazine.  I admire her for ‘building her empire’.  She’s obviously selected the ‘right people’ to work with/for her to maintain her image throughout the ups and downs of her life.  Where OH WHERE were ‘those people’ when someone talked her into wearing THESE capris for this photo shoot?!?!?  Has she really ONLY hired ‘YES’ people, and no one brave/bold enough to tell her that she looks GAWDAWFUL in those pants???

Where are the fashion police when you need them?!?!?

Seriously, those are THE MOST UNFLATTERING ‘things’ I’ve ever seen in a professional photograph!

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