Bare walls

Spent the first part of the day emptying the back and west walls.

VERY strange to have bare walls and the store so empty! 

Then I spent a little (a lot!) quality time with my tube of nail hole filler….

Then packed up some more of the primitives that will go home to storage until the fall shows.

THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN, the UPS guy shows up!  He pops in first to warn me that he has a LOT of stuff for me……

THEN, Fed Ex shows up with even MORE boxes!

I can’t really start opening boxes until I have a place to put stuff, so they are going to have to wait until next week after Michael has brought the trailer with the bigger furniture pieces to the store, and taken out the stuff that is packed for shows.

So, I spent the rest of the day cleaning and organizing the piles of stuff on my counter!  Maybe tomorrow I’ll even tackle the space behind the counter while I’m waiting for the freshly painted walls to dry.

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Second hand stuff

Here are pics of the stuff I found recently at estate sales and thrift stores:

Cool shell covered pyramid thingys!

Milk glass, old insulator and some brand new rolls of wired ribbon.

Okay, these are a tad more on the primitive side than shabby cottage.  What can I say?!?!  Old habits die hard.

I think I can use this red in the cottage look.  May end up giving that big ole rusty star votive holder ball a light spraying of white paint to ‘shabby it up’ a bit.

Vintage aqua kitchen stuff and a couple of Fire King dishes.

How cute would those little espresso cups and saucers be filled with a bundle of chocolate covered espresso beans??  Will make the big green mugs into gift sets also.

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Extreme Makeover: Store Edition

Folk Art Originals by AJ has officially closed it’s doors for good.  Time for the makeover to begin!!!  I decided to give the store makeover it’s own category in the blog, so it will be easier to refernece i the future.  But posts will also be cross-categorized.   Once the new store opens, (in about five weeks; early August) I’ll go back to putting posts in the assorted categories. 

Here are pics of the store the day the “Store Closing 50% off everything” sale began:

And here is what it looked like on the last day:

Today I’ll go in and pack up the primitive stuff that doesn’t fit in with the ‘new shabby cottage look’, and it will go to the shows we do in the fall.  Then I start redecorating!  I’ve got one trailer load (6×10) full of stuff for the new store stored at home already.  Hope to get that to the store and the old stuff out by the end of this week.  Then I’ll know how much time I need to spend over the next month ‘treausure hunting’ for more vintage goods for the new store. 

I’ve also ordered in some great stuff, which has already started arriving!  Here’s a peek at a few of the new things I ordered; and some of the items I painted last week:

Got so excited when we actually had a dry day and I could get some painting done outside that I forgot to take ‘before’ pictures of a lot of this stuff.  (WHY is it so hard for me to remember to take the before pcitures?!?!?!)  This was a light oak pressback chair; fairly well worn, but enough shiney varnish on it still that it needed to be primered or sanded before I could re-paint it.  I opted for the spray on KILZ.  Then spray flat black paint.  Then a good sanding!

This was a dark oak chair that I was able to paint directly over the existing stain.  This in one of those Ralph Lauren paints I got a while back.  A creamy soft ‘chamois’ yellow.  I also have a dark desk and dresser that will be painted to match this chair.

A small wall shelf painted the same color.  It was so bright outside when I took these piecutes that it’s kind of ‘washed out’ a lot of the distressing detail.  These all look much more distressed in person.

Oval wood frame and fence post topper that Michael brought home were both painted my new favorite color of blue:

And here are a few of the new things I’ve ordered for the store: