Pumpkin make-overs.

P1230212We had a few very windy days and a lot of moss fell from the pine tree in my yard.  I had brought this pumpkin back in to re-paint (it was my ‘least favorite’, had that weird grainy surface) and decided a bit of moss around the stem might be a nice touch.  The tiny yellow pumpkin is a real one.

P1230213So then, of course I had to add moss to ALL of them!

P1230214Just  bit of tacky glue and blobbed it on!  easy peasy.






On a TOTALLY unrelated topic, I’m debating whether or not to splurge on a Keurig single cup coffee brewer; presuming there will be some pretty good sale prices on them during the upcoming holidays.

I only drink ONE cup of coffee in the morning, and for the last few years I’ve been content with instant.  Before that I had a Melita single cup brewer, which I really liked.  But they stopped making the pods for them!?!?  For the years years before that, when I could drink an entire pot of coffee during a day of crafting, I always bought Starbucks whole bean coffee, and ground it fresh per pot.

So when the brewers that take k-cups originally came out; I decided to not get one for fear that the same thing would happen and I’d have to toss out yet another perfectly good coffee maker.  But, by now, it’s pretty clear that the k-cup is here to stay; and they even make a Keurig MINI that is less expensive and takes up less counter space (which, as you know there is not much of here in my new place!)

AND they even make them in turquoise and red!!!  I’ve had coffee made with them when visiting others and it IS really good.  But the k-cups are a bit pricey . . . but if I only use ONE a day . . . .

Do any of you have a Keurig?  Was it worth the price?

Do I NEED one??

Time off to recover from surgery.


Happy October!!P1220982

FINALLY had my carpal tunnel surgery!  That big ole bruise goes through to the top of my hand also!  Needless to say, I will be ‘out of commission’ for a while.

P1220883I did get a few more blue / grey pumpkins painted up for my front porch before surgery.  I had actually found one REAL greyish-aqua pumpkin at the grocery store; piled in with all the white pumpkins.  It didn’t have a stem, so I added one.

P1220892A medium branch had fallen from the tree in my front yard.  I chopped it up for the real pumpkin and used it on the fake ones that had ‘removable’ stems.

Saved some of the scraps of the branch and just laid them around the pumpkins.

P1220889The smallest one was originally black, which showed through a bit when I sanded.

P1220881This one is my LEAST favorite.  It has that ‘plastic glitter stuff’ on it.  Teeny tiny clear plastic spheres . . . soaked up paint and the antique glaze, like a sponge.  Hence, the lines of glaze would not ‘blend out’ very well.

P1220887This one had a crackle finish originally.  I had hoped the cracks would show up better. The stem hole was too big for just one stick, so I did a double on this one.


This is how the antiquing medium was supposed to work!


This is a styro one; painted grey and antiqued.  Not really enough ‘texture’ for the antiquing medium to settle into.

P1220884One of the larger ones withOUT a removable stem, so I just painted it brown.

P1220886Small grey one with painted stem.

P1220895The benches are ones that Michael built for me a while back.  I had intended to use them for my coffee table, but until I make room for them inside, they are on my front porch.

P1220875Thrift store red berry wreath on my front door.

P1220878I used some of the skinnier parts of the branch that I cut up for the pumpkin stems to add to the berry wreath.  Just ‘tucked them in’ and wrapped them with the berry wires to hold them in place, so they are removable if I want to change it later.

WHEW!!!  That post wiped me out.  Gotta go ice my hand and rest a bit.  Will be a week or more before I can post again.

Blue pumpkins

Don’t you just LOVE the blue ‘fairy tale’ pumpkins!

P1220722I can never seem to FIND the real ones to buy though.  sigh.

P1220720When I found these two ‘squatty’ metallic pumpkins on a recent thrift store run, I decided to try to make my own!

P1220724Craft paint to the rescue!

P1220723I gave them a couple of coats of my new shade of aqua paint, hand sanded a little bit and brushed some antiquing medium into the creases.

P1220721Not quite as subtle of a blue color as the real ones, but I love how they turned out.

P1220728I was going to keep them for myself, but I decided to take them to Farmhouse Rustic.

Hopefully I can find more of this shape of pumpkins to paint for myself!

It was ‘one of those days’ . . .

You know, one of those days when everything seems to go wrong! I was stocking my booth at Stars and not even TWO minutes in, I dropped and broke an item. Not even five minutes later, I dropped and broke something ELSE! I should have just turned around and gone home at that point.

Then the vendor across from me dropped and broke something . . . and I LAUGHED! sheesh. I explained that I had the ‘dropsies’ and had already broken two items.  I was just putting out a darling porcelain doll.  I hadn’t even taken pictures of the doll yet.  I turned to grab my camera and CRASH!  A customer had reached for an item next to the doll and knocked the doll to the ground, breaking her head!
P1220582Poor Dolly.  And she was such a cute doll too.  (WAS being the operative word!)

P1220581And this is what she looked like when I took her back home.  To do WHAT with her, I had no idea!  I just couldn’t throw here away .. . . not yet anyhow.

P1220583Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe I’ll happen upon a porcelain doll head one of these days and can fix her up.  But I’m still really TRYING to ‘de-clutter’ and only keep items that I can personally use (or collect!) or can sell.  If it doesn’t fit either of those, I have to get rid of (donate) it.

She sat in my living room for a couple of days as I pondered her fate while sorting through my Halloween product and supplies.  Hmmmmm????  I wonder what it would look like if I attached this little skull to her???

P1220668Not really ‘my style’ at all, but I do see a lot of these ‘creepy baby dolls’ around this time of year; so why not?

P1220667It she does sell, great!  If not, I’ll donate her like I would have had to do anyhow.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained; right?

P1220703She has gone to my booth at Stars, along with lots more Halloween goodies.

Here’s a peek at some more of the Halloween decor.

























Getting SPOILED by all this sunshine!!!

Eighteen days straight of dry sunny weather here!  Second longest dry spell this year!  Yeah . . . we get a little giddy from too much sunshine around here!  It’s been so nice to be able to work outside this late in the year.  I’m getting LOTS of sign boards ‘prepped’ (sanded, base coated, painted and distressed) ready to be stenciled on later when I am ‘stuck’ inside.  Getting a good number of other painting projects done too!

10.18.13 both malls prijects 011Little three drawer apothecary chest I picked up last week.  I liked the bird/garden themed drawer pulls, just not on here.

10.18.13 both malls prijects 012

The color was a little ‘different’ too.  Almost a Periwinkle blue.  Removed the drawer pulls (set aside to use on another project later on)  Sander off the sheen and painted it my signature Aqua.

10.18.13 both malls prijects 033Another round of sanding and some new knobs and voila!

10.18.13 both malls prijects 098It’s now in my booth at Stars; $29.00.

10.18.13 both malls prijects 013Ceramic Father Christmas from last weeks thrifting.  Will be leaving him ‘as is’.

10.18.13 both malls prijects 018Vintage AQUA aluminum compote dishes!!  To keep or to craft with????

10.18.13 both malls prijects 021Of course I HAD to look to see just HOW small these pieces were?!?

10.18.13 both malls prijects 020REALLY small!  Don’t even ask me why I bought it?!?!?  Maybe use it as a ‘gag gift’ for the Larson Family Christmas exchange??

10.18.13 both malls prijects 019Anybody got any ‘puzzle pieces’ craft project ideas??

10.18.13 both malls prijects 027Another picnic basket!  (needs a little repair work along the edge)

10.18.13 both malls prijects 029Another apothecary chest to pretty up.

10.18.13 both malls prijects 023Too cute little blue bunny and single cup teapot, cup and saucer.

Stocked up both malls today.  BIG  SALE at STARS Thursday – Sunday.  25% off all regular priced items in my booth.  Still Lots of Halloween goodies available too!

10.18.13 both malls prijects 104

10.18.13 both malls prijects 105

Birds of a feather . . .

P1080494But these two ‘thrift store bought’ birds are NOT going to flock together!

10.1.13 pics 009The white one was a salt shaker, so to hide the holes on top if it’s head, I globbed on a bit of spackling.  Then I noticed this other salt shaker and how perfectly sized they were for each other!

10.1.13 pics 010I glued them together with e6000 and let the glue cure overnight.

10.18.13 both malls prijects 010

Once the glue was set, I spackled the base also and let that dry.  The top and base were both slightly different shades of white, so I spray painted the whole thing to make it cohesive, and, of course, added a crown!

10.13.13 botj malls projects 100

This ‘pre-crown’ picture shows how petite this little guy is.  Will probably save him for spring.

10.1.13 pics 011I was in ‘Halloween mode’ by the time I got to the other bird, so it got painted black.

10.7.13 stars etsy projects 083

Gave the bird a sheet music paper crown and glued him atop a little wood box (opening facing to the back); dug through my stash of Halloween embellishments to find this head stone shaped one to glue to the front of the box and added a little glittered spider.

10.18.13 both malls prijects 106It’s quite petite, as you can see here in my space at Stars.


Halloween goodies now in both Stars & Curiosities

I’ve now got my booths in both antique malls stocked with fun Halloween goods.

Here are the pictures from STARS:

P1080437Nevermore raven, grubby old medicine bottle, mini glitter skull under a cloche (cloche sold separately).



‘skeleton’ shades are great for Halloween decorating!


Big glitter skull on a stick with ‘spider eyes’



Small glitter skull on a stick with crown ornament.


 Little glitter witch hat and framed spider.


If the broom fits, ride it signs.

P1080531Skull with paper crown (sold separately).


 Feather crows with crowns.

P1080538Vintage grubby old critter cage with more crowned crows.

P1080533Mini glitter skull ornament; same size as the turquoise one.

P1080534Altered glittered owl.

P1080536Altered vintage perfume bottle,

P1080537Black owl with crown.

P1080539Assorted Halloween paper silhouettes; 2 to a pack for $1.00.






And the following pictures from my booth at CURIOSITIES in Beaverton:

P1080586Large skull on a stick.

P1080585Medium and small skulls on a stick.

P1080587Another large skull on a stick.

P1080588Little black shadow box shelf filled with Halloween stuff.


Glitter owl.

P1080590Glitter skull ornament.

P1080591Jarful of skeletons.


Prettied up pumpkins on pedestals.

P1080592Close up.

P1080594Jack-o-lantern face vintage crochet threads.

P1080613Lasercut tagboard candelabras with glittered candle tips.


This one is set up for display; others available packaged so they don’t get damaged from handling.

P1080615Shabby chic wood porch pumpkins.


Spider with a hat.

Happy Halloween decorating!





HALLOWEEN & CHRISTMAS stuff now in my etsy shop

Halloween and Christmas goodies now available in  my etsy shop:

9.12.12 etsy finds 058MOST of the Halloween stuff is listed in ‘lots’.  More bang for your buck and less shipping cost!

9.12.12 etsy finds 070

9.12.12 etsy finds 088

9.12.12 etsy finds 044

9.12.12 etsy finds 038

9.29.12 etsy projects 051

10.30.12 etsy 001

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 061Just to show you a few.  Hop on over to my etsy shop  to see everything!

Repurposed / upcycled vintage crochet spools

I don’t know why big jars and bowls filled with spools and balls of old crochet yarns/threads

are SO appealing to me?!?  They just ARE!  And it’s a fairly popular decorating trend also.  The first time I saw a jarful in a booth, I HAD to have one too!    I’ve been curating and collecting and creating with vintage commercial yarns (on the BIG come spools) and regular size ones.  Here’s some of the stuff I’ve done with them in the past:

Roll them into balls and sell them by the bagful in my antique mall booths,

Occasionally I’ll have compiled enough of them that I can just toss them in a big bowl or basket and price them individually; as shown on the bottom shelf of this rusty planter rack.

When I can find jars that are BIG enough, I’ll fill them and sell the whole thing together.

Assorted yards and altered spools of string individually priced and displayed in a big wood bowl.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 016

And maybe sometimes toss in a few hand stitched felt hearts that I’ve made.

Individually decorated some of the fuller crochet spools I found.

Displayed and sold them individually.

LOVE IT when I can find these big old ‘mercantile jars’ (1 and 2 gallon sizes!) to fill.  Have a couple of these at home with my personal collection!

And it’s especially fun to find the big Industrial size spools!

Yep, I LOVE spools of yarn!  (and apparently so do my customers because they always sell well too!)

Here’s an entire post I did a while back on crafting and decorating with string and crochet threads with LOTS more pictures that I won’t bother to copy and paste if you are looking for some more inspiration.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 016

I found some itty bitty spools last year . . .

12.17.12 finds hats nude beach sign 017

Turned some into snowmen; inspired by some I saw made of regular size spools of crochet yarn.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 037

A topped a bunch of them with little bottle brush trees.

My little collection at home.

10.3.12 stars projects 096

Having seen the cute snowmen made from them, I decided to try some Jack-o-lanterns last fall.

9.22 12 etsy projects 003


Those cute little witch hats came in a four pack from the craft store.  I cut the faces from black paper and just glued them on.  Black crepe paper rosettes on the bottom for a collar.

9.22 12 etsy projects 008And when I ran out of the purchased hats, I made my own with a back paper come and a rosette.

WHAT’S NEXT?!?!  I’d been staring at a pile of them for a while, trying to think of something ELSE to create with them.  I had just finished a new batch of cake and cupcake stands; so I thought I’d try to make some ‘mini cakes’ out of them to display on the cake stands:

P1070454I just got out a bunch of my fabric embellishments and started decorating them.  For some I had a smaller matching one that I was able to put on top.  I think those are my favorites.

P1070460Some are made of colors that I don’t normally use.  But it was either use them up or toss them in the donate bag, so what they heck?!?!

P1070458I wish I’d had some bigger strands of pearls to use.  I think that would have really made them look much better!

P1070459Or maybe I should have kept the small ones separate and out them in a fluted cupcake paper???

P1070461 This one is a small ‘cupcake size’.  Like I said, I was just ‘using what I had’, so they’re not my BEST work.  But I had FUN making them.  


So, whaddyathink???  Yay or Nay?  Maybe just different/better embellishments?  I’m open to suggestions!  This was just one of those projects that I just ‘went with it’.  Not really having a ‘vision’ of how I wanted them to turn out.  It’s always a process though.  What would you try next??

P1070513I’ve taken them all to my booth st Curiosities in Beaverton.








Skulls on a stick

Got these glitter skulls in the ‘dollar spot’ (that area in the front with all the cheap seasonal stuff) at the same time that I got the glitter owls.  Again, NOT my favorite colors, but there were no other options.  These are about ‘life size’.

Dollar Tree used to always carry smaller ones, like this; but not for the last couple of years.  I found these at Home Goods. They have a loop on top of the head to be used as ornaments.   So what am I going to DO with them?

I made ‘skulls on a stick’ (candle holder actually!)  These are two of the smaller ones.  I cut off the hangers, then glued the skulls to the painted wood candle holders.  Let the glue dry overnight before embellishing.

I grabbed some little vintage sheet music crowns from my stash*; these had clear glitter on them.

*I almost NEVER make the crowns ‘as I need them’.  Rather, it’s something I work on while I watch TV at night.  So I always have a ‘stash’ of crowns, ready to use whenever I need one.

The BAT on that crown is actually a little BUTTON!  Pretty cute, eh?

Got these big bags of bat and spider buttons at JoAnn’s during their big coupon sale.

The spiders are TOO cute!  (and I HATE spiders! )

On this crown I glued on a sticker.  NOT an easy task to a GLITTERED surface!

The stuff around the necks of these is actually a pony tail holder!  I found some at DT and some at Target; with the Halloween theme sheer ribbon already on them,  I just added a little more ribbon to fill them out a bit more.

For the bigger skulls, these were the only candle holders I had to use.  A bit too tall and skinny for the weight of the skulls, so I added the extra wood base to keep them from toppling over.  Again, I glued the skulls to the sticks and let the glue set up overnight before working on my embellishments.

Same thing as on the small ones for the neck.  If you can’t find the pony tail holders, you can easily make your own using plain pony tail holders, rubber bands or just string!  Cut your strips of different ribbons in slightly varying lengths, then just tie them onto your band or string.   Slip on or tie on your finished piece!

Yes, I have a stash of the bigger crowns ready-made too!  These are big enough to fit MY head.  Just added embellishments.  For this one a scrapbook sticker and a border.

A big cardboard spider and lots of the little spider buttons glued on this one.

And a glittery peel-n-stick border on this one.  

The border didn’t quite reach all the way around the crown.  Just be sure that if you do have a ‘bare spot’ that it’s centered in the back.

I was kind of feeling like I should have added ‘something’ to the candlestick just below the collar.  A tag maybe?  I couldn’t decide what to do, so I left well enough alone!

ALL of these skulls shown are for sale in my booth at Stars.

LOTS of other Halloween decor too!