Pretty pink angel

I had made her to go to the show right before Valentine’s day; but the box she was in got lost in the shuffle and she never made it out!

This is the last of a batch of pre-sewn (but not stuffed) bodies that I swapped out some wood stuff for with a sewing frined a while back.

Her body is made from basic muslin.  I tea stained it with my own special stain recipe.  If you can stain before you stuff the bodies, you’ll waste less stain, because it will soak into the polyfill.

Her pretty pink petticoat is just hand stitched using a piece of vintage lace.

I guess she’ll now be destined to go out in the upcoming spring show.  I plan to do a small pink section along with my ‘usual’ beachy blue.

LOCAL FOLKS:  Mark your calendars and SAVE THE DATE for the spring EVERY HUSBAND’S NIGHTMARE BGAZAAR.  ~April 19-23.

We’re not waiting for the world to change

Just for the RAIN and cold to change into sunny and warm!  Seriously, yesterday’s HIGH temperature was a record LOW.  How pathetic is that?!?!?    The local farmers are suffering because crops are not ripening.  And all the extra brush growth from the excess rain is probably going to make for a terrible fire season.  We need a BREAK!

And when it does get warm/dry enough to paint again, I’ve got a stockpile of projects to work on.  This HUGE wood coffee table. (standing on end because it takes up half the trailer otherwise!)

Itty bitty cutie patootie table.

Beautiful wood barrel table, but it has several water stains.  Going to try to repair this one and leave it this color.

It looks quite reddish in the photos, but it’s really a nice dark walnut color.

It doesn’t appear to have been varnished, so that will make it easier to work with.  HOPING I’ll just have to sand out the stains, and sand over the whole piece just a little and re-stain it with some Watco oil.

UGLY plastic fake wood glove box.

I’ve re-done several old plastic fake wood sewing boxes, so why not a glove box?  Will paint and glaze the outside and apply vintage book pages to the inside.  I have another sewing box to finish up, somewhere around here.  Probably started to work on it one of those days the sun came out for ten minutes.  I dash out and start to paint, only to have to run for cover after barely getting started!

This little guy is in TERRIBLE shape!  Good thing he was ‘priced accordingly’.  That white wicker bench didn’t need ANY work done to it, and it has already gone to our space in Camas.

The top of this thing looks like it was used for wood carving practice!   Nothing a good sanding won’t cure.

Couple od chunky wood frames.  Slim pickins on frames lately!  I need a good rummage sale to really stock up on frames.  There is literally no such thing as too many frames.  They always sell quickly, and I’m constantly getting requests to sell them on-line.

Off to ‘stock and spruce’ both malls today.  Don’t forget Stars Birthday sale starts tomorrow.  And MY SPACE is 40% off all regular priced items for the sale.  (red sale tag items not included in the sale)



Folk Art angel ‘make do’

 I’m not much of one for sewing.  I can sew.  I just never do.  A few years ago I bought a bunch of sewn doll body blanks from a gal I knew via the crafting boards.  And I finally actually got one of them made up!  Here she is:

First, I stained her.  This is her shown in the e-book recipe for my grubby stain:  here

The tutorial for how I did her eyes is HERE.  You can use your regular craft paint and fine line permanent markers for outlining the eyes on fabric, just like you would on a hard surface.

Then I did her hair using my own recipe for textured paint.  You can buy that e-book HERE.

I used a scrap piece of wood to make her wings.  I’ve had this piece laying around for Soooooo long that I don’t even remember what it was left over from.  I just knew that someday it would make a great pair of angel wings.  (someday, being the operative word there!)  I painted them with antique white paint, then sanded.

 I wanted to give them a little bit of a ‘lace look’ so I used this foam stamp and some copper color paint and randomly, VERY lightly stamped and restamped the wings.  Once that paint was dry, I brushed on my weathered wood wash to make them look gray and weathered.  (Sorry, the wood wash is the only recipe I don’t sell.  But you can buy a can of it at the store.  Postal regulations make it too difficult and expensive to ship)

Next I painted a wood star the same copper paint color I used on the wings.  Put it in place with a bit of tacky glue.  Then I tied on the wings with a single strand of jute twine.

I just cris-crossed the jute across the front and back a couple of times, then tied it off in the back.


She still looked like she needed ‘something’ more . . . so I went digging through my box of misc. junk and found this little key to tie onto the front.


 She sat on my work table for a couple of days while I pondered what else to do with her.  She was ‘okay’ as she was, to just lean onto a shelf.  I thought about mounting her onte a plaque, but in the end decided to just give her a wood base so she could stand alone.  I used a broken 1/8″ dowel glued into a block of wood that I had painted black and sanded and stained.  Cut a TINY hole at her base, squeezed in some tacky glue then pushed her onto the dowel.