Broken cherub wall sconce planter : upcycled into a shelf


Found this cute little cherub wall sconce planter a while back.  It was originally black, so I repainted her white.

P1180912And while I was painting her, and as happens quite often with these plaster pieces that have metal loops on the back for hanging, the hanger broke!  NOW what??? Pretty useless unless I can HANG it on the wall!!  But I really don’t want to toss it out!

P1180914My remedy?  Add a 1/2 round piece of wood, glued to the top (covering what was the planter ‘bowl’)  and turn it into a little shelf!  I’ll be able to hammer a couple of saw-tooth hangers into the wood to hang it from.

P1190516Worked like a charm!

I desperately need a new purse!!

My current purse is seriously held together with duck tape!

P1180735Great COLOR though, isn’t it?

P1180734Yep, there’s the duck tape.

P1180733And if I don’t find a new one SOON, I’m going to have to completely tape both handles!

P1180736I found this cute yellow one on Zulilly. Figured it would hold me over until I found ‘the one’.

P1180741It had plenty of pockets and compartments; which I MUST have.

P1180738A nice little zippered pocket on the back; and it was only $20.00!

P1180739But only ONE compartment in the main part of the bag.

P1180737But it’s totally ANOREXIC!!! Look how skinny it is?!?!?  I can’t fit all my crap in there?!?!?  (btw, they did NOT show a side view on the website; hence my hasty and completely USELESS purchase!) sigh

If any of you want to buy it for what I paid for it, I’ll cover the cost to ship it to you.  Zulilly doesn’t take returns.  (but the ARE great about refunding if things are damaged)

P1180743So, out of desperation, and only because it would be better than duck taping the handles of my blue purse, I bought this UGLY thing at Ross.  It said it was ‘genuine leather’ but it sure LOOKS like cheapo plastic.  I doubt that it will hold up for very long.  But it was only $19.00.

P1180746It’s perfectly functional.  Has the inner compartments I need.

P1180748And the proper amount of GIRTH.

P1180744But it really looks more like a mini back pack than a purse!

P1180751And the closure is really WEIRD.  It’s a tab with a snap, but it snaps on the INSIDE, and it’s really awkward to reach.

SO, I need some good recommendations for places to buy a decent, attractive, functional and reasonably priced purse!  (I’d like to keep the price under $50.00)

Everything I have looked at thus far is either HUGE enough to be an overnight bag, or just too small; or is covered with STUDS.  (Studs???  I must have missed that fashion memo, because the studs just look LAME to me!)    SO many of them are just one big compartment.  I’d spend half the day just digging to find things in a purse like that.  Please, HELP ME find a new purse that I can ‘live with’.

Any suggestions???

Another “What is it”.

1.30.13 stars projects 092Found this little ‘thing’ last time I was out thrifting.  Have NO IDEA what it is.  It was in with the kitchen stuff.  It’s tiny.  Just 2-1/2″ tall x 2″ wide.

1.30.13 stars projects 093It’s 2 pieces.  The top lifts off, and is shown on the left in the above picture.  It ‘somewhat’ reminds me of the general principle of a butter bell.  But I would be awfully hard to get butter out of that small, oddly shaped top part.

Anyone know what this thing is????  First correct answer, and the internet link to validate the answer (otherwise how would I know!?!) will win any one of my e-books of their choosing.  Post your answers and link via a comment.

WE HAVE A WINNER!!  Beth C. provided the correct answer AND the link to prove it.

Gotta say that I never would have guessed that!!!  I think what had me SO fooled was that the pieces were staccked inside each other when I bought them.  But they are not intended to fit together like that!  Good job Beth!  Let me knwo which of my e-books you’d like.

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Trying my hand at some assemblages

Those who are truly talented at this art form seem to be able to combine  dozens of items in a piece and not have it look overcrowded.  But then, I see some that are just ‘too much’ and not balanced and just not right.  But I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is that makes the difference.

Have had these ‘box frames’ for quite some time.  They were a ‘graduated set’ of sizes.  I used the smaller ones to put some little nests and eggs into.  Decided to try my hand at some assemblages for these bigger ones.

I’m not quite convinced that I ‘have the knack’ for this kind of artwork though.   I see SO many wonderful conglomerations of elements and I think, “I could do that!”  But then I start digging through all my supplies and my mind just goes BLANK!  Is this too much stuff??? Not enough stuff?  Not the right stuff??? Does THIS go with that???

It’s such a delicate balance between a ‘carefully orchestrated’ grouping and ‘a bunch of stuff just thrown together; ya know what I mean??? 

I don’t know WHY this is such a challenge for me?!?!?  I can usually ‘just look’ at something for inspiration and turn right around and do one of my own.  I hate to ‘copy’ someone elses work, but maybe that is what I need to do in order to ‘figure this art form out’???   Not an exact copy of course, but follow the ‘formula’ they used for how much of this and how much of that and placement and balance.

Anyhooooooo  . . .  these are the results of my first attempts!

Your honest opinions and constructive criticisms are welcome.  I’m neither disappointed nor thrilled with my results, and YET, I haven’t a CLUE as to what I might have done differently!?!?

I’m just really NOT SURE I ‘love’ how these turned out.  They’re ‘okay’ but . . .

Do you have a favorite assemblage or collage artist that you recommend I study for some hints?



How do I remove the COLOR from these balls?!?!?

Bought these a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago at the thrift store.  Don’t care for the color of them at all, but they are really heavy-duty (3-4 layers thick!) twig balls and I figured I could easily bleach out the color and leave them white/cream.  Would look awesome in a beachy display.

Can you see how THICK they are???  Nice size too.  Slightly bigger than a softball.   I tried bleaching one of them when I first got them.  NOTHING!  Not even a hint of a shade lighter.  That’s when I stashed them away for another day.

So now I tried some Rit color remover, two packages, in the washing machine with hot water.  Directions say to soak for 30 minutes; I left them for over an hour!  I could see some of the dye in the water, but they BARELY looked any lighter once I let them dry.

NOW WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!   Painting them is out of the question.  There are too may layers to get paint into and not even spray paint would work.  Any other dye/color removing tips for me to try???

I suppose if I can’t get the color out that I can wrap them in muslin strips and glue moss on them to make big moss balls.  But I really had my heart set on shabby white twiggy balls!  sigh

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