Trugs. TRUGS. . . and more trugs!


Trug production has been in full swing and just wrapped up.  I made eight of them to take to the Rebel Junk Market February 2-3.

Long narrow ones and more square shaped ones; with assorted upcycled handles.  The first batch (shown above) I just painted one color and distressed.


For the other five, I wanted a grubbier look, so I painted on several layers of color before adding the final top coat.  Sanding and distressing would reveal the all the layers for a more aged look.

You can’t really see the layers in the photos, but they look great in person. Priced $38 – $48.00, depending upon size/shape.  (Don’t forget to ASK for you 20% discount for seeing this information on my blog or Facebook page!!)

I predict that these are going to a very popular item at the show and will sell out quickly!    Come early for the best selection.



Spray painting binge

Went on a bit of a spray painting binge with this dark turquoise (teal?) paint:

P1140063Up-cycled cheese plate with a pillar candle holder base.

P1130958Rusty old metal file box; before.


P1130959Smaller brown metal file box; before.


P1130962Hanging wire plant basket.

P1130857Thrifted three tier metal stand; before.


P1130953Wrought iron wall towel rack.

Gotta LOVE getting so many projects painted in a short period of time with spray paint!!  And I haven’t even gotten to the two old bedroom lamps that I bought the paint for in the first place?!?!

Not yet sure what I am going to DO with all this stuff . . . . perhaps hang on to if for a bathroom makeover???

Buttons,BUTTONS! What to do with all those buttons?!?!?

So I found this big gallon jar filled with buttons at Stars last week and HAD to buy it!


Spent my first evening with them sorting according to colors; and sorting out all the ones that still had thread or fabric on them that needed to be removed.  (as soon as I can find my seam ripper!)


I’ve been cleaning out my craft room and getting rid of (donating to GW!) a lot of old craft supplies that I have not touched for TEN years or longer.  For the most part, if I brought it with me when I moved out here with Michael and have not used it since then, IT GOES!


But then I came across THESE plaster ostrich size eggs that I bought at Dollar Tree WAY more than 10 years ago.  ‘Back when’ I did folk art and primitives I used to paint designs on them.  Was even invited to display some of my painted eggs at a special art show at a winery.  Long story short, we switched over to cottage and shabby chic and I haven’t had a use for the big ceramic eggs since.  But I really did NOT want to get rid of them because I KNOW you can’t find them anymore; and if I DID toss them I just KNOW I’d see an idea on Pinterest for them the very next day!!  But I PROMISED myself that I would NOT keep things I did not have an immediate use for.    THEREFORE:

P1130030Button covered plaster ostrich eggs!


I got that “Seriously?!?!” kind of look from Micheal when I showed them to him.  Can’t blame him, as I am not entirely ‘sold’ on the either!


But at least I kept my promise to myself and USED them!


Now we’ll see if anyone actually BUYS them from my booth at Stars.  I only made three of them; put them in little felt baskets with some pretty iridescent grass.  HOPEFULLY no one DROPS one because they will shatter!!



Again, some old supplies that have been sitting around for years!  Little satin jewelry boxes with buttons glued on the tops.

P1130036These are at least a little more ‘practical’.  Can be used as a gift box for a small gift or as a pretty storage box.


Layers upon layers of buttons until all the surface was covered.  (used tacky glue on these and the eggs.)


Added a pretty sheer ribbon as a finishing touch before taking them to Stars.



Maybe this little pink jewelry box???


I had originally planned on repainting it, but decided to leave it pink since I was adding the buttons.


Just a few slightly pink buttons amongst all the white ones.


The inside top was a little scratched up.  Probably from where a mirror had originally been.  I just covered it with some pretty scrapbook paper.


That’s it on the button projects for now.  LOTS more buttons to use up still.

 Any suggestions?!?!?

Everything is all white.

We had a couple more partially dry days and I was able to finish up all the white projects that I started.

P1110696BIG wood lazy Susan went from this . . .

P1120164To this!

P1120077BORING wood night stand went from this . . .

P1120173To this.

P1120175Lots of distressing . . .

P1120172And a unique vintage knob turn this ‘basic piece’ into a one of a kind treasure!


Very water damaged little square table went from this  . . .

P1120177To this.  Simple clean lines will go with just about ANY decor style.

P1120073ANOTHER little square table with very damaged top went from this  . . .

P1120166To this.

P1120165Since I have two square tables that are about the same size, but very different styles, I decided to stencil a design on top of this one.   After painting the table and sanding it to distress; I stenciled on the design and once dry sanded some MORE to distress the stencil.  Quick coat of *varnish and done!

*I typically only varnish the TOP of tables, dressers etc to protect them from  damage from use.  The legs, drawers, sides etc are left unvarnished so that they will naturally distress more with age.

P1110694Vintage metal vanity chair.

P1120157Well I guess I forgot to take an after picture of JUST the chair, so this’ll have to do.  I’m on the hunt for an inexpensive round foam cushion to cover and add to the seat, but I’ll take it in ‘as is’ for the time being.

P1120078Vintage metal newspaper table.  Looks like I forgot the after photo of this one too!  See the above picture for how it looks painted white.

P1120075Another very ‘standard’ piece,  I see these types of stools EVERYWHERE!

P1120169White paint and some distressing give it a bit more personality.  I ‘considered’ adding some kind of design to the top, but figured it will probably actually get USED as a step stool, and the design would wear off too quickly.

P1090716And the desk top leftover after I made 2 night stand out of the drawers.

P1110808Here are the night stands (which have already SOLD)


Michael attached the desk top to this rusty old set of legs he had.  ( I spray painted the legs with a clear coat before he attached them,  this keeps them from rusting more AND shedding rust on the carpet.

P1120161Here’s how he attached the legs.

P1120328And here’s how it turned out!!!  I love, LOve, LOVE it!!!

P1120326The top distressed just beautifully!!!


OOPS!  Looks like I forgot the BEFORE picture for this one. sigh. I just get SO excited when we have a dry day, I kind of go into a ‘painting frenzy’!  hehe.  This was originally dark brown.

P1120183I distressed the edges and the surface of all the shelves.

As much as I LOVE my signature ‘beachy blue’ paint color, every so often I feel the needs to ‘cleanse my palette’ and do something different.  Will be changing over my booth at Stars to predominately WHITE sometime next week.    In order to make ROOM for all this white stuff, I may need to pull out some of the existing product.  Depends upon how busy it was for the four day Expo sale at Stars.



And if I have to pull some old stuff from Stars to make room for the new white stuff, I’ll be stocking that stuff at Curiosities.  So even though I am in ‘clearance mode’ for moving out, I will be adding MORE inventory as things sell down!

One dry afternoon

Here’s what I accomplished in a recent rare DRY spring afternoon:

Formerly gold frames spray painted white.

Formerly gold frames spray painted white.

The smaller frame still had the glass and backing, so I put it back together.  Added a pretty piece of scrap book paper because I don't like 'blank' frames (unless they are also backless!)

The smaller frame still had the glass and backing, so I put it back together. Added a pretty piece of scrap-book paper because I don’t like ‘blank’ frames (unless they are also backless!)

WHITE PAINT MARATHON!  Some of the  'brush painted' items still need a second coat.  Still not bad for a single afternoon's work!

WHITE PAINT MARATHON! Some of the ‘brush painted’ items still need a second coat. Still not bad for a single afternoon’s work!

This is the 'orphaned desk top'

This is the ‘orphaned desk top’

Close up view of how Michael attached the top to the rusty leg base.

Close up view of how Michael attached the top to the rusty leg base.


Nice and secure!

Nice and secure!

Attached, sanded and ready to paint!

Attached, sanded and ready to paint!
Care to guess what COLOR it will be painted?

Care to guess what COLOR it will be painted?

And NOW, I wait patiently for the NEXT dry day to finish up all of these projects!

Out with the old (Valentine stuff) and time for some NEW Spring stuff!

And I am NOT ready!!!  Well, I have my ‘starter box’ of Easter leftover items from last year; but I haven’t got much NEW ready to go.  REALLY trying to use up what I have (craft supply wise) instead of buying new.  Forcing myself to look through the boxes I have before allowing myself to go shopping.

P1110871I had started on a few things before this durned bronchitis completely disrupted my life and crafting time!  These were the plastic pull apart eggs.  Covered them with tea stained paper scraps.

P1110873Turned out a bit ‘scrappier’ looking that I had envisioned.  Thought about sanding them or adding more tea stain . . .

P1110875But I settled upon GLITTERING them!

P1110877NOW what to DO with them?!?!?

P1110880I only have 10 of them; one is a larger size.  Decided to just bag them with some grass.

P1110879We’ll see how they sell like this.  I can always hunt for some little baskets to put them in if they don’t sell like this.

P1110903Got a couple of little nest collages done too.  I tend more towards SPRING things than actual Easter.  That way I can leave them out longer.

P1110904Still getting a lot of good use out of that old dictionary!  The pages are a perfect background for so many different themes!


NEW stencils

One of my favorite stencil suppliers  (   had a 40% off sale in December, so I splurged on some new stencils to add to my sign repertoire!

P1100870These are small 4″ x 4″  stencils.  Not really big enough for signs, but maybe I’ll use them for cards.  They were a freebie with my other stencils.

P1100871For next Christmas, and the scrolls on here can be used on other signs as well.



P1100874Really like this border design!



P1100875Scrolls to use with stencils I already have.

P1100878I really liked the border more than the word on this one.  Hoping I can fit other words in this border.

P1100879Another La toilette stencil.  This one is bigger and fancier than my other one, AND a very cool scroll I can use elsewhere also.

P1100880Will make this one ‘as is’ and also add it to my cupcakes sign.

MORE picnic baskets!

YEP!  I keep finding them.  No one else wants them so they sit in the thrift store until their color tag goes on sale for half price and I grab them up!!

10.20.13 BAR pics 027This one needed a bit of repairs where the braiding is.  A bit of tacky glue and a few carefully placed finishing nails solved that issue.

10.20.13 BAR pics 038The slat part is super fast and easy to ‘dry brush paint’.  Then I use a small foam roller to paint the lid; two coats, inside and out.  Use the dry brush on the braided handles too!

10.20.13 BAR pics 039Then I sand the lid, inside and out.  (oops, a little paint drip on the inside!)

10.20.13 BAR pics 040The base of this one was particle board (which I LOATHE!!!!)  And it had a few water mark type stains that bugged me.  So I grabbed an old atlas and my jar of Mod Podge and covered the inside base.

10.25.13 BOTH + etsy + projects 017

I had just received some new stencils, so I used one on the top of this basket.  I just can’t seem to leave these spots ’empty’!  They feel too much like a ‘blank canvas’ to me!

10.25.13 BOTH + etsy + projects 015

10.25.13 BOTH + etsy + projects 016

Finished off with a couple of coats of matte varnish.

10.18.13 both malls prijects 185This small one was in VERY good shape too.  And while the bigger ones ARE more popular than this size; it always looks cute to have various sizes in a stack.  These are a good size for storing kids toys in too.  A pretty basket that you can slide under the coffee table and pull out as needed.

10.18.13 both malls prijects 186Always remember to check for clean ‘innards’!  I’m so happy that they aren’t adding those fabric liners as often anymore!  HATE those things!

10.20.13 BAR pics 036Again with the dry brush technique.  It LITERALLY will take less than five minutes to paint the entire thing!

10.20.13 BAR pics 037

I continued the paint to the inside trim on the lid on this one; then sanded it a bit.

10.20.13 BAR pics 041Since I couldn’t add any ‘decorative features’ to the lid of this one since it wasn’t flat, I decided to STAIN the inside and over the top of the dry brush paint on the outside.

10.20.13 BAR pics 043It’s a very SUBTLE color difference.  A greyish brow
n, like cedar fence boards naturally turn with age.

10.20.13 BAR pics 042

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . . now that I look at this again, it might be fun to hand letter some kind of saying around the trim on the top of this one???  Any ideas?

10.20.13 BAR pics 03710.18.13 both malls prijects 186

I TRIED to put these two photos ‘side by side’ so you could compare the color difference; but it just wasn’t coming out right.  I hope this is good enough!

10.20.13 BAR pics 044

This is BOTH baskets, side by side.  The big ‘just painted’ one at the back; and the painted and stained smaller one at the front.  VERY subtle aged wood look.

10.25.13 BOTH + etsy + projects 061

The bigger basket has already sold.  The smaller one is stashed away until after the holidays.

Sulking a bit

Along with the ‘anniversary weekend’ photos, the computer ate a bunch of my project pictures too; so I’ve been sulking over that instead of posting lately.  The past couple of nights it’s been getting quite chilly overnight and the cooler air is beginning to smell like FALL; making me realize that my ‘painting marathon days’ will soon be dwindling!  Time to get busy and get more of those bigger projects DONE, and soon!

7.13.13 Both + finds 205I got this wrought iron etagere  painted turquoise and cleaned up the glass shelves.  Spray paint is your bet option for painting stuff like this.

P1070860It has gone to my booth in Curiosities, displaying a selection of my upcycled cake and cupcake stands.  It IS for sale too though; $119.00.

P1070823And whilst I was spray painting I went ahead and painted this little vintage wire newspaper rack.  Thought it would be cute filled with pillows.  It’s still in storage for now though.

7.13.13 Both + finds 197Got this little night stand all spruced up too.  Took the handle off and sanded the whole thing with my trusty orbital sander.

P1070812Gave it two coats of my ‘beachy blue’ paint then a bit more sanding to distress.  For varnishing, I usually only do the TOP of chests, shelves and tables.

P1070815Sanding mostly along the edges and raised areas where it would ‘naturally wear down’; then on the flat surfaces for good measure.  P1070816You want your sanding to be very ‘haphazard’ so it looks more like it happened naturally, over time.  I don’t quite know how to describe it; but sometimes I see distressed pieces and the just look too PLANNED; too perfect!

P1070814Simple designs like this with just one (or two) drawers are perfect candidates for a big ‘statement knob’.  I just a thrifted porcelain rose knob on this one.

P1070813Isn’t she sweet?!?!  This cutie will be going to Stars sometime in the near future; hopefully along with the 2 drawer one I am working on today!

All in a days work!

P1070537Here’s your sign!

P1070535This is one days worth of finished signs.

P1070536But don’t be TOO impressed!  I make my signs in ‘assembly line’ style.  So I sand, base-coat, paint and distress a bunch of boards all at once.  (usually when I’m in a ‘not so creative’ mood and just feel like doing ‘busy work’.  It’s very therapeutic!)  Then when I feel like cranking out the signs, all I have to do is letter them and varnish them.  THAT is the part that I got done in one day.

Will take another day for me to put hangers on them all and take pictures and measurements for etsy; and price the ones to take to the malls.

But STILL, it feels pretty good to have them all stacked up like that and when Michael asks me what I did, I can say, “here’s your sign!”  hehe