Blank canvas


Everything except the stuff I use on a daily basis is packed.  The movers come on Saturday.  I’ll go over with a carload of the ‘difficult to pack and fragile stuff’ every day; and then one load from nearby ‘storage garage’.  Touch up the cleaning (I KNOW they clean everything but I just HAVE to wipe out every drawer and cupboard before I can start putting stuff in.  And I want to put down shelf paper.

P1210243View of the living room from the front door.  Well, THIS room is going to be quite the ‘challenge’ to arrange and decorate!  Is that the UGLIEST fireplace you’ve ever seen or what?!?!  And it the CORNER!!  And what’s up  with how that wall just out???  Behind that part of the wall is the coat closet.  Would it have really killed them to make the closet 2″ narrower to give the living room a straight wall?!?!  sigh. The wall on the left side is a ‘floating wall’; open at the back to the hallway and open at the front to the dining room.  (the kitchen is on the other side of that wall.)  I’m actually debating ‘closing off’ that opening by putting shelves in front of it. It’s a ‘straight shot’ from the front door, to that opening, but by the time I put FURNITURE in the room, it’ll be an obstacle course to even get to it!  You can still get to that hallway from the kitchen.P1210242The side wall is fairly long.  The front door is just to the left of the windows you see on the right.

P1210244Yep.  That IS the dining room!  All 9′ x 10′ of it!  (That is SMALLER than my booth at Stars!)  I’m probably going to make this my ‘office’ area.

P1210245Good thing I am only cooking for ONE in this tiny kitchen!  By the time I put a toaster and microwave on the counter I’ll have NO counter space at all.  And cupboard storage???  HA!!  I just may end up putting BOTH of my big shutter cupboards flanking either side of this end of the kitchen.  OR buy or build some sort of kitchen rack to put against the wall on the left.  (on the right side it’s open to the living room)  This doorway to the hall is only 3′ (width of the frig!) from the one in the living room that I want to block.  To the left in that hall is the door to the garage.


Just as you walk through the opening at the back of the kitchen, garage door to the far left then craft room door.


This is the ‘bigger’ bedroom, but not by much!  It will be my sewing and craft room, as the only logical place to put a bed has a VENT smack dab in the middle of it.  Perfect spot for my craft table though.


Looking forward and to the right from the kitchen opening: TINY bathroom and what will be my bedroom.  You can see a sliver of the linen closet on the left.


Looking out at the living room from the hallway.  hat is the coat closet door on the left.  This hallway cracks me up!  So many doors in one small space.  There are EIGHT doors/doorways in this tiny ‘hall’.  Entries from the living room and kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, garage, coat and linen closet!     The wall you can see on the right is just behind the kitchen.

P1210250The smaller, ‘my’ bedroom.  The door is open in this picture.

P1210251Just enough room for a queen size bed and two night stands.  There is a sliding glass door that goes out to the patio on the left.  Yep!  You have to go through the bedroom to get to the back patio!  Cracks me up because this place is almost exactly like a duplex I lived in YEARS ago in Beaverton.  Same funky back living room wall with the jutted in and out spaces at the back.  Exact same kitchen and dining room.  Sliding door to the deck was in the bedroom.  But the fireplace was centered on the side wall instead of the back corner.  And it had a little laundry room.

I didn’t get to SEE this place until  after I had signed the lease.  So I had been ‘using’ the former duplex that had I lived in as my ‘visual’ for size.  Spot on with that idea!

And NOW for my FAVORITE room!

P1210258The garage!  Washer and dryer will go at the back.  Bought a small chest freezer, which will go on the wall to the right of the door.

P1210263Single car width (12′) and 25′ long.  But there will NEVER be room to park a car in here!  It will house my scroll saw, 1″ and 4″ belt sanders, drill press, metal work bench, shop vac etc.  I’m HOPING to have enough room to leave an ‘open work area’ towards the front so that I can give furniture makeover workshops.

I have a feeling that even with ALL the ‘purging as I packed’ (and donating to GW!) that I did, that I am STILL going to have to ‘get rid of’ a lot MORE stuff.  And by ‘stuff’, I mean craft supplies!  But at this point, I can at least hold on to the stuff and have a garage sale.

P1210267Nice little ‘garden plot’ just off the back patio gets full afternoon sun.  I’m thinking this will be perfect for planting a little vegetable garden.  (only half of it is ‘mine’,  rest is the neighbors.)


Shady flower bed along the side which faces NE.  Perfect for a ‘shade garden’, or maybe LOTS of hydrangea bushes!  (after I’ve called for ‘cable locates’ of course!)

P1210266My lovely front yard!  A landscape service is supposed to take care of the lawns, but this looks pretty neglected to me.  Even the WEEDS are brown!  And pine cones all over the place.  A dose of weed n feed before the next rainfall and a little bit of watering should green it right up.

P1210271From under the tree, looking towards the front door.  Can you see my little ‘flower chair’ there in the corner?  soon it will be overflowing with pink and purple petunias!  I’m thinking a couple of hanging baskets of wave petunias might be in order too!  It’s a bit too late in the year to plant anything new in the ground, so I’ll have to settle for annuals right now.  But room for more flowers or pretty ground cover along the walkway in the front.  That ONE shrub just might have to GO!  It’s overgrown onto the driveway AND unless I park ‘just so’, it blocks my car door when I back in!  The neighbors have a big ‘kiddie pool’ on their side of the driveway, and those are their garbage cans.  I think I’ll store mine IN the garage.  No place else to really put them with how things are laid out.  P1210270Here you can see how that front garden space goes all the way around to the side.   

And that concludes your preview tour of my new home!  It’s VERY small.  But ‘it’s time’ for me to downsize and simplify my life.  It’s quite quirky and will be a real challenge to ‘make my own’; but I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge!

Will be packing up the computer for transport tonight, so I’ll be ‘off-line’ for a while.

Packing and purging and buried in boxes!!

Still packing away for my upcoming move, getting rid of as much as I can; setting some stuff aside for a garage sale at the new place and will still probably need to ‘contribute more’ to the garage sale stack as I unpack and try to find room for it all.  Of course, the majority of what I have excess of is craft supplies and project pieces.

P1210234Empty shelf in my craft room.

P1210235Boxed up etsy inventory.

P1210236And MORE etsy inventory!  It really did NOT seem like that much when I had it stored on the shelves!

P1210237Dining room.

P1210238Even having to stack on top of furniture in the living room.

P1210239Craft room and a little more etsy stock.

P1210240Boxes stacked in the closet.

P1210241And on the bedroom dresser!!

With all that packing, of course I have not had time to work on any projects.  And unpacking and figuring out how to arrange the rooms and where to put things is going to take a ‘good while’.  SO, don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for a while.

Then, once I get settled in and can take the ‘down time’, I’ll finally be getting my carpal tunnel surgery.  And again won’t be doing projects or blog posts for a while!  ( I tried to type with my brace on and it is IMPOSSIBLE!  And I am far too impatient to do the ‘one finger typing’! )

I’ll try to do mini updates on my Facebook page whenever I can.  Hope you all have a wonderful summer!!

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The Next Chapter . . . continued ( A BIG twist in the story!)

So, things were moving right along. I’ve been working away to be ready for the move.  Figured out who would keep what of our shared possessions.   Started shopping for the things I knew I’d need; a new vacuum, a blender, a toaster, shower curtain, plunger  . . . all that FUN stuff you need in a home.
~::~  (so if you are wondering what this > ~::~ is; it’s a spacer for paragraphs because for some reason I can’t get them to separate any other way just now, and I hate reading blogs that don’t use paragraphs because they are nearly impossible to read!)
I EVEN allowed myself to ‘splurge’ a little on some ‘pretties’ when I could find them at the right price.  Although since I’ve been ‘packing as I go’ I have a feeling I have forgotten half the stuff I bought!  Gonna be like Christmas when I unpack at the new place!
Made my list of people and places that I’ll need to give my new address and phone number, and list of ‘other stuff to do’ like order new checks when I have the new address; change the address on my PayPal account.  Had to decide who will keep the cat.  Michael won that decision primarily because Spike to TOO FAT for me to carry to the vet for his shots! (but I will continue to split the cost of his care)
I was really feeling like I ‘had a handle’ on the whole thing . . . .
Then, out of the blue a couple of weeks ago I get an email from my son.  “We need to talk about your move.  Can you meet me for lunch this week?” I FREAKED!  I kid you not, I went into instant PANIC mode.  Told him that while I could meet him for lunch, I could NOT wait until then to hear what I assumed  could only be BAD news about my move to the apartments!  I told him I had the move VERY well planned out, money saved to hire movers . .  . everything.  WHAT could he possible need to talk to me IN PERSON about?!?!?!
We scheduled lunch but I IMPLORED him to tell me “what was up” because I could only imagine the WORST!  So, he told me that he and Megan (his fiance’) just hated the thought of me throwing away my money to rent an apartment for the rest of my life, and that they had decided that they were in a position to help me by buying a house to rent to me.
WHAaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?  Um, you have a wedding to plan and should be shopping for your OWN home right now!  You don’t have time to shop for a house for me?!??!  Actually they had already been looking and already had a few prospects!  Who IS this young man and what has he done with my SON?!?!  Of course I’d LOVE to live in a house as opposed to an apartment, but it seems like a lot for them to take on right now.  He said, “We’re good.  Work is a little slower now.”
So, I guess my son and future daughter in law are ‘house shopping; for me.  Nothing fancy,  Probably a fixer upper; just cosmetic stuff, nothing structural.  I’m fine with that.  Then the phone rings on Saturday, it’s my son  He tells me to go check my messages on Facebook because he sent me a link to a house and that he’s going to put in an offer on it!!!
It’s ADORABLE!!!  A petite 1950’s bungalow with a white picket fence?!?!?  Are you kidding me?!?!  And a GARAGE for me to use as a workshop!  SCORE.

AND it’s MOVE -In ready!!  Which I would really, REALLY love so as to not have extra work for my son to have to do (or arrange to have done) at this already very busy time in his life.  I love the location.  Walking distance to Farmers Market.  And the front yard is ‘dog ready’ and fully fenced.  (back yard fence needs dome repair)  I have been dog-less for way too long!!


Please say a prayer that their bid on this house is accepted.
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The Next Chapter.

*** WARNING!  This is a ‘just life stuff’ post with NO pictures, and it’s very loooooooooooooong.  Remember, I warned you!

About this time a year ago I was battling one of my ‘annual respiratory infections’; which inconveniently came on at the same day as a huge snow storm that kept us ‘house-bound’ for five days.  Not good!  
By now I’ve learned  that when I DO get sick, I get VERY sick, very FAST, and I do not wait to see how I feel in a day or so before going to the doctor.  And my primary care doctor knows how sick I WILL get, so he puts me on antibiotics and steroids right away.

But last year, I couldn’t get to the doctor as soon as I got sick.  We could not even get down the driveway for FIVE days.  And by then I was way too sick to drive myself to the doctor and KNEW that they would want to do an x-ray to be sure it wasn’t pneumonia (again!), so Michael ended up taking me to the ER as soon as we could get out.

Due to the fact that I had had to wait those five days to get the medical care I needed, I got EXTRA sick and it took an EXTRA long time and two rounds of steroids and antibiotics for me to get better.  sigh.  I spent WEEKS in bed recovering;  too sick and too tired to do anything.  Except think; when I wasn’t sleeping (which I did a LOT of!)

I took a really long hard look at my ‘living situation’ being way out here in the boonies and it really hit home to me that this was NOT a ‘safe place’ for someone who has as many ‘medical issues’ as I have to be living.  It’s just too far away from emergency AND regular medical care for me, and it was time for me to start thinking about where I should go next.

I thought and prayed about it a LOT.  And finally; and very contentedly, came to the conclusion that I needed to live closer to civilization.  I have a LOT of risk factors for having a stroke, and when one has a stroke, FAST medical treatment is SO important.  I just don’t have confidence that I’d get the level of care that I’d need to survive a stroke living so far out in the country.  And IF I had a stroke and survived but without motor function, they’d HAVE to give me a lobotomy or I’d go CRAZY not being able to DO anything!!  (kidding but not really.  I would go crazy!)

I waited about a month before I talked to Michael about my decision.  I wanted to be sure that I was sure that it was what I NEEDED to do.  And I wanted to figure out some of the logistics of where I would even GO from here.  I looked around at some apartments. Thought ahead to what my life might be like five years from now . . . and with my son getting married this year . . . in five years I could very well have grandkids!  And I MUST live in close proximity to my future grandkids!!

I decided that the BEST location for me was the same apartment complex that my son and his fiance now live in; but not BECAUSE they lived there.  (because they won’t be there for long as they are getting ready to BUY a house!)  Still, the location was ideal.  Close to both of their work offices (for future grandchildren babysitting duty!) 5 minutes to the hospital, 5 minutes to my doctor.  Just over 10 minutes to Stars and right between Portland and Beaverton.  Basically convenient to ALL the places I go!

Once I had all that figured out, I needed to break the news to Michael.  And I will tell all of you who read my blog the same thing I told him; that while I AM moving away from him, I am not moving TO get away from him.  I’m leaving him, yes; but that is not the REASON I am leaving.  We aren’t married, so no legal stuff to deal with in that regard.  But still, after 12 years together, it’s not easy.  I still love him, but I just can’t live out here any longer with all the inherent risks to my health and life!  And Michael is not ready to leave his property, so in the near future, we will be parting ways.

I WAS waiting for the floor plan I wanted to become available at the apartment complex to determine my moving date.  Hopefully sometime this spring or EARLY summer; because son’s wedding is the end of August! I have spent a LOT of time since last March ‘preparing for this move’.  Sorting through massive amounts of craft supplies and donating a LOT of stuff to Goodwill.  Packing the decorative stuff that I don’t need.  EVEN drawing a ‘to scale’ diagram of the apartment and all my furniture pieces to be sure everything will FIT in the apartment.  AND planning to actually work on the ‘furniture placement’ in the apartment ahead of time so I’d have a diagram on moving day!  I know that sounds a bit anal.  But if you lived in my defective body, you’d ‘get it’.  I have to be sure that everything gets placed right where it’s going to stay while I have the movers to help, because I CANNOT life and move furniture around anymore. (Oh how I used to LOVE to rearrange furniture!!)

So, all that has steadily been in the works for the last year.  A lot of ups and downs.  Excitement for the future and sadness over what I’ll be leaving behind.  But RELIEF that I don’t need to worry about not being able to get TO the medical care I need.


I desperately need a new purse!!

My current purse is seriously held together with duck tape!

P1180735Great COLOR though, isn’t it?

P1180734Yep, there’s the duck tape.

P1180733And if I don’t find a new one SOON, I’m going to have to completely tape both handles!

P1180736I found this cute yellow one on Zulilly. Figured it would hold me over until I found ‘the one’.

P1180741It had plenty of pockets and compartments; which I MUST have.

P1180738A nice little zippered pocket on the back; and it was only $20.00!

P1180739But only ONE compartment in the main part of the bag.

P1180737But it’s totally ANOREXIC!!! Look how skinny it is?!?!?  I can’t fit all my crap in there?!?!?  (btw, they did NOT show a side view on the website; hence my hasty and completely USELESS purchase!) sigh

If any of you want to buy it for what I paid for it, I’ll cover the cost to ship it to you.  Zulilly doesn’t take returns.  (but the ARE great about refunding if things are damaged)

P1180743So, out of desperation, and only because it would be better than duck taping the handles of my blue purse, I bought this UGLY thing at Ross.  It said it was ‘genuine leather’ but it sure LOOKS like cheapo plastic.  I doubt that it will hold up for very long.  But it was only $19.00.

P1180746It’s perfectly functional.  Has the inner compartments I need.

P1180748And the proper amount of GIRTH.

P1180744But it really looks more like a mini back pack than a purse!

P1180751And the closure is really WEIRD.  It’s a tab with a snap, but it snaps on the INSIDE, and it’s really awkward to reach.

SO, I need some good recommendations for places to buy a decent, attractive, functional and reasonably priced purse!  (I’d like to keep the price under $50.00)

Everything I have looked at thus far is either HUGE enough to be an overnight bag, or just too small; or is covered with STUDS.  (Studs???  I must have missed that fashion memo, because the studs just look LAME to me!)    SO many of them are just one big compartment.  I’d spend half the day just digging to find things in a purse like that.  Please, HELP ME find a new purse that I can ‘live with’.

Any suggestions???

My love ~ hate ~ LOVE ~ relationship with Zulilly

Have you caught “Zulilly fever” yet?!?!?  I’ve got it BAD!!

I have a MAJOR redecorating project coming up next spring, so I’ve been perusing Pinterest for ideas.   From Pinterest I discovered Zulilly and their fabulous prices and LOW shipping.  Just as I did my Christmas shopping throughout the year this past year (some of it from Zulilly!)  I’m trying to ‘shop smart’ (for the best prices) and buy early for this upcoming project, so that I have everything I need and don’t have to waste time searching for stuff once I begin my re-decorating project.  I really have found a LOT of things that I want and NEED on Zulilly.

On a seemingly totally different subject (but it does come back to the subject!)  SOMEtimes working for yourself kinda sucks!  There is no one to help you when you get burnt out.  No one to tell you that you are doing a good job.  No benefits,  No sick days.  No vacations days . . . and no Christmas bonuses!

Well, this year I decided that I deserved a Christmas bonus.  I had been shopping for some essentials (storage and organizational type things) and I kept coming across this:


I fell in love instantly!  Not quite ‘my color’ but I like to mix it up a bit.  After looking at it about a dozen times, I convinced myself to SPLURGE (and reward myself!) and spend the $119.00 (+ $9.95 shipping) and buy myself this little cutie as my Christmas bonus.

I’ve worked very hard this year and I decided that I deserved a little something special!  Still, an occasional twinge of guilt would pop up, telling me that if I waited long enough and looked hard enough that I’d find something similar at the thrift store for a LOT cheaper.  NOPE!  I’m gonna splurge on myself for once and I am going to ENJOY doing so!

I waited anxiously for that little orange card in my mail box telling me I had a package too big for the mail box.  In the meantime I daydreamed about all the things my new friend and I would do together . . .

Invite friends over for tea and use the cart to artfully arrange ‘cakes and biscuits’ on.  When company came to stay I’d use it to set up in their room for those ‘little necessities’, a box of tissues, bottles of water and fresh flowers on the top shelf.  Big fluffy white towels on the bottom shelf and a bar of yummy smelling soap.  The rest of it I’d leave empty for my guests to put their stuff on.  I’d use it as a portable  craft station for my ‘craft du jour’ (which always ends up on the coffee table right now).  Then when company came I could just wheel it into a closet.  Keep it near the front door as a’catch all’ ; and when I came home with thrifted treasures I could drop them off on the cart until I was ready to use them.  Use it as a ‘holding station’ when I have my holiday cookie baking marathon to store all the ingredients on; keeping them within easy reach, but not cluttering the counter.

Oh yes!  I had such grand plans for this little darling!

 It arrived in less then 2 weeks.  I could hardly wait to tear into the box!  It felt like Christmas morning!  It was in ‘parts’ and needed to be put together; which I had assumed it would be.


There was no damage to the box it was shipped in, and it was very well packed to prevent damage in shipping.  No dents or rips on the inside protective packaging either.  It was missing the washers that were supposed to be included.  No biggie, I have spare hardware and can find some to use if I really need them.  
It went together just fine without the washers, despite the fact that the ‘special tool’ included for tightening the nuts didn’t fit the nuts!  (one end was too big and the other end too small!)  Still, not a big deal, I HAVE tools and just used a pair of pliers, which worked just fine.  
Once I got to the top shelf, I discovered that it  had a CONSIDERABLE DENT in it.  It was bent in to the extent that the screw could not even go through the hole.  My heart sank!
The screws were ‘welded in place’ so couldn’t be moved, and the holes for the screws were pre-drilled.  So I consulted with my own personal Mr. Fixit and asked if he thought we could ‘pound it out’.  I was heart broken at the thought of having to send it back because I couldn’t assemble it.
Michael  gave it ‘one good tap’ with a rubber mallet while I held it firmly in place slightly over the edge of the work bench.  Doing so, cracked a little bit of the paint, and made the ‘crack’ that coincided with the dent a bit more predominant.    But, it reversed the dent enough that I could screw the shelf in place; and  there is a sturdy metal bar behind the screws, so I didn’t think it compromised the durability of the cart.     Just a minor hiccup; not enough for me to complain about . . . YET!
Once fully assembled, I wheeled it across the room (for the obligatory photo shoot!) and it almost tipped over!  It was still empty, but it felt unbalanced and a bit top heavy; like it was leaning to one side.   Since this was on a carpeted floor, I moved it to a hard surface to see if that helped.  On the hard surface the ‘lean’ was even MORE pronounced.  So I got out a level to check if it was even.  The TOP shelf was very uneven,  the middle shelf slightly less uneven and the bottom shelf completely level.  WTH?!?!?
Even just looking at it form this angle, you can SEE how much it leans to the right.
The center bubble in the level is completely over to the left!  I just stood there and stared at it for a minute.   This IS a biggie!  I can’t use a cart that leans like the tower of Pisa!  There is nothing I can do to ‘fix’ this and nothing that I could have done wrong in assembling it that could have caused this problem.  The holes are pre-drilled in place and the screws welded in place.  Putting it together simply involved lining up the pre-set screws with the pre-drilled holes and screwing on the nuts.   Mistake proof.  Heavy sigh.  NOW what do I do?!?
 I could have ignored the dent.  I was able to pound it out quite easily after all.  And the missing washers was not a real big deal.  The tool that didn’t fit was actually kind of funny; and didn’t prevent me from being able to assemble it.  But not standing straight once put together was ‘the straw that broke the camels back’, so to speak.  (this is part of what I wrote to Zulilly in my complaint email, as is the next paragraph)
 I’m totally bummed because I LOVE ‘the look’ of this cart.   I’m going to be even MORE disgruntled if I have to Dis-assemble it and ship it back for a refund or replacement.   I had no idea where I’d find a box big enough to ship it back ‘as is’ (assembled).  I’d be content with a partial refund, and IF it was required that I send it back, I would  have; but with growing contempt towards Zililly.  (And most likely losing me as a customer forever!)
So I composed my complaint email, injecting humor where I could (Not wanting to become known as ‘that b!tchy customer’, but making my point and  diluting my disappointment.  I hit the SEND button with as much contempt as I possible could and went off to drown my sadness in a cup of peppermint tea.  (this was Saturday afternoon)
A short while later I checked my email for etsy orders and there was a response from Zulilly!  (one of those lame automated messages; thanking me for contacting them and telling me they would respond to my email as soon as possible; I assumed!)  NO!  It was a REAL response from a REAL person whom had obviously actually READ my email.  No automated file form to fill out that just asks the same questions as I already accounted for in my email.  Just a very nice person, apologizing and asking me to send a couple of photos that showed the problems.
I sent the photos,  and heard back from them again in about an hour with another sincere apology and notification of a ‘more than fair’ refund to come.  He said he appreciated the humor I had injected into my complaint letter and admitted to having to ask a co-worker to look at the photos and explain to him how a ‘level’ works!  Very refreshing honesty and human-ness!  I’m so happy that I can LOVE Zulilly again and not have to worry about what will happen if I ever get defective product again.  They handled it with the utmost professionalism and I truly felt VALUED as a customer.
So, what should I do with my refund? I chose to further reward myself for not accepting defective merchandise and sticking up for my rights as a consumer.  To thank Zulilly for their great customer service and in recognition of their speedy resolution to my receipt of an unsatisfactory item, and for restoring my faith in them . . . .  I  spent it on the Zulilly site of course.  On THIS!

TRANSPAC_76057_1354926942Swoon!!  I will still love the cattywompus  green cart, and find a use for it despite it’s flaws.  This new piece is completely for FUN!  I can see myself filling it with fresh greens and big ball ornaments as a Christmas decoration.  Or big plastic snowflakes and snowballs for a winter decor theme.  Easter grass and bunnies and faux eggs at Easter time.  Perhaps even as a PROP in my booth at Stars (with a BIG ‘not for sale!tag on it of course!)  I foresee both of them being the subject of many future blog posts.

I know this sounds like a paid advertisement for Zulilly, but I promise you it’s NOT.  I am just a firm believer of giving credit where credit is due.  And I can wholeheartedly recommend Zulilly to anyone, confident that they will become satisfied customers based upon my personal experience.

If you want a quick peek at some of the other fabulous stuff that Zulilly has, here is my Pinterest page for ‘favorite on-line finds’, MOST of which are from Zulilly!

How did THAT happen?!?!

60.  SIXTY???  Seriously?  sigh.  sigh AGAIN!  Yes, sixty.

I’m 60 years old today and I seriously don’t know how it happened?!?!  I don’t FEEL sixty.  I don’t think I ‘look’ sixty.  (at least I still get an occasional raised eyebrow and am asked to show my ID when I ask for the senior discount)

What IS sixty supposed to look like anyhow??   (and NO, I will NOT be posting a picture.  I honestly do not HAVE any recent pics of myself and that is FINE by me!)

I honestly thought I’d look AND feel much older when I turned sixty.  I think back to when my mom was 60.  My son would have been 6 years old and my mom LOOKED and ACTED sixty.  Didn’t drive anymore so I had to take her shopping and to Dr. appointments; help her with housework too.  She DID have several ‘medical issues’ (but so do I now; and mine are WORSE than hers were!)  Still, I do not FEEL or look any where NEAR as old as she seemed at 60.

I did not know my grandmother (mom’s mom) very well at all.  She did NOT like kids.  She stayed with us a few times, and she was a ‘old BITTY’!!  I remember her coming to help after my youngest sister was born.  I was six.  She taught me embroidery.  She was plump and wrinkley with soft flabby arms and a big grey bun on top of her head.  Mom would have been 32.  I’m not sure what year ‘Grandma Newman’ (that is what we HAD to call her!) was born; but I’d guess she was about 60 then.

And SHE looked much older at 60 than my mom did at sixty.  And I look younger still than either of them at 60.   There is ‘that point’ in your life when people see old pictures of you and have to REALLY look to see that is you.  When you facial features really change.  I wonder why or HOW ‘that time’ has changed so much over the years.  ALL of my high school friends are still very ‘recognizable’ from their high school pictures too.

Not that none of us looks ANY older, because we absolutely do.  Just not as old as I ‘expected’ to look at 60; based upon how my mom and grandmother looked at 60.  And it makes me wonder how long we can continue to delay the aging process.  And WHY are we seemingly aging so much slower than our parents and grandparents did??

SO, THAT is what is on MY mind upon the occasion of my sixtieth birthday.  But I really AM looking forward to this sixtieth year of my life and the marriage of my son to his amazing fiance.  And theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen to being a grandma a few years down the road.

Growing old isn’t all that bad, I suppose!

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Still limping along . . . sorting buttons and feeling kinda NAKED!

The big ugly boot IS making my foot begin to feel better, but boy is it ever a PITB!!  Can’t wear it when I drive, so for running errands I have to constantly put it on and take it off at every stop.  I’ve been fudging a little on wearing it when I am just running into some place for just a minute or one thing; like the bank or post office or PetCo for cat food.  But I make sure I can wear it ALL day at least every other day.

Staying off my feet as much as possible on non errand days.  Spent a lot of time sorting that gallon of buttons.  Then reorganizing my button storage system to accommodate the increased volume of buttons.  I even spent a good amount of time ‘ripping’ the thread out of the buttons that still have the thread in them.  Finally had to give that a rest after I’d stabbed myself so much with my seam ripper that I was bleeding.

Finally took my camera in for repair to get rid of those wretched SPOTS.  Dropped it off on Monday and stopped back by on Wednesday on my way back from Stars to see if it was done.  Nope!  ACK!!  I really feel naked without my camera!  I go to grab it at least three times a day.  They said it was dust on the sensor and nearly the entire camera had to be disassembled, cleaned, re assembled, checked to be sure they got all the dust off; and if not, repeat the whole process again.  DANG!!  I really wish I knew HOW I got that dust INSIDE my camera so I can be sure to NOT ever do it again.

Sooooooooooooooooo . . . I am picture-less for a while!

The ‘crazies’ are on the loose again!!!

Thank you all very much for your comments.  I have read them all and appreciate hearing all sides of everyone’s interpretations.  I have decided to delete the post, but I will take your suggestions to heart.

I DO like using my capital letters and exclamation points to emphasize certain things!  That is how I talk too; raise my voice inflection when I want to stress a word or two.  I know that using all capital letters on the internet equates shouting, but I have never heard that a few words being capitalized as shouting.  Sometimes I think people are just being nit-picky.  Guess that also gives away how old I am and the fact that I learned to type ‘back when’ using caps on a typewriter was the only way to emphasize words.

I usually do go back and re-read what I have written and edit it before I send messages / emails.  And I sincerely respond to others they way I would want to be responded to.  I’d want to know how things work and why a seller could not accept my etsy gift card.  I really believe that the typical shopper probably thinks all we have to do is click a button and we can accept their gift card; and I don’t want to be ‘thought less of’ for not taking them.  Hence, the detailed response I gave.

I have sent simple, to the point replies  out on occasion.  It seems I always then get asked ‘why” or ‘why not’; so I tend to try to pre-empt  those long unnecessary conversations with detailed replies.  Case in point, someone from another country asks if I will ship to their country and I politely reply, “Sorry, I do not ship outside the US.”  Then I get a long diatribe back about how I am missing out on a lot of business because people in their country love American hand crafts and that it is quite selfish of me to not ship to other countries, especially theirs because stuff like this is impossible to find in their country and they really want to buy it.  sigh.

And then I feel compelled to defend, or at least explain my decision to not ship internationally. And the thing is, when I quote them what the shipping will be, they NEVER (literally never; at least not from me) still want to buy the item.  And they will read me the riot act on shipping being so high (almost always higher than the price of the item) as if the cost of shipping was something that I has any control over or say in.  sometimes you just can’t win.

Oh well.  Thanks again for all of your comments and helping me learn form this life lesson.

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Negative experience with Positive Changes


Have any of you ever looked into Positive Changes Hypnosis for weight loss?  Boy, those commercials make it sound REALLY good and really EASY.  It’s been a while since I attempted ‘dieting’.  After my last failure (lost 5# the first week, then NOTHING for the next FIVE weeks) I pretty much gave up and resigned myself to being pudgy for the rest of my life.

Because of all my physical limitations and disabilities (too many to mention!) , I really can’t ‘exercise’. A 30% lung capacity  pretty much shuts me down after 3 minutes of even moderate exercise.  So the ONLY way I am going to lose weight is via a diet regimen.  Because of this, I am not your typical ‘dieter’, and prior to my spine surgery I never NEEDED to diet.  I was always ‘on the go’ and just naturally stayed thin.  Physical limitations and menopause put an end to that about ten years ago.

My physical disabilities and limitations (and consequently, my financial limitations)  prevent me from doing a majority of superfluous  (and DUN!) activities.  I really have to reserve my energies for the stuff that I HAVE to do.  Plus I really can’t afford to take time away from my work to ‘do fun stuff’.  Not that I don’t enjoy what I am doing  (because I really, REALLY do!) . .  . but sometimes you really need to escape all that.  Eat, sleep, work.  Eat  – sleep – work – repeat.  THAT is the story of my life.

Soooooooooooooo, within the confines of that ‘life story’ the only area that I really CAN inject some fun or pleasure into is the EATING part.  And here I am now, needing to shed a good 40 pounds!  I am not a crazy over eater.  Not a binger.  Not a real sugar fiend.  A am a ‘snacker’ and a boredom eater.  So it seemed quite logical that a few hypnosis sessions could help me conquer those mental blocks!

So I made an appointment for my free consultation.  They had me fill out a fairly extensive one page form, then called me into a room where a lady gave me the ‘spiel’.  She started off by saying, “We will never make you step on a scale or take your measurements; or make you do anything that you are not comfortable with.  Hypnosis cannot make you do anything that you are morally or ethically opposed to.  It simply helps your subconscious better control your conscious habits.  (something to that effect.)

She stressed that their job is to HELP people lose weight; not to shame or embarrass them.  Then she asked me to explain what weight loss steps I had taken in the past that brought me there today.  I had BARELY started with my spine surgery story (maybe TWO minutes!) and she stopped me mid-sentence and said “Okay, now that I know a little more about you; let me tell you about our programs.  WTH???  She never even asked ‘what I did’ ?!?!?  (and that was NOT asked on the questionnaire)

She went on to say that their program is not suitable for everyone and if she did not feel it was right for me that she would be honest and tell me so.  From the get go I had explained that I was on a limited and fixed income, so the cost was paramount to my decision.  (hoping to get her to cut to the chase and shoot me some numbers early on)  She said costs vary client by client, and do the programs they offer.  She needed more info to determine the best program for me, THEN she could give me a price.

BUT, the majority of the rest of the time was spent with her continually attempting to get me to admit to things that really do NOT matter to me, and asking very personal and embarrassing questions that I really did not care to answer!  She was NOT a very good listener at all.  Felt like she had a script to follow and every time my comment, question or answer varied from the norm; she FORCED the issue back to what she wanted to hear.  At one point I actually looked around the room to see if she was talking to someone else!!

“How do you feel when you get out of the shower in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror?” she asked, leaving me feeling totally taken aback and embarrassed and ashamed!  (what was it that she said earlier about NOT inflicting those things on their clients!?!?)  “How has your being so overweight affected your sex life?” she asked next.  NOT really her business.  While I DO understand that this MIGHT be an issue for some, she really could have worded it differently.  Like “does this have any impact on intimacy that you want to address?”  Then she asked what size clothes I wore?!?!?  I said that I did not care about what size clothes I wore, but that I wanted to lose weight for health reasons.  Again, VERY uncomfortable.

Felt like she was TRYING to get me to say “I really want to be a size 6 and wear skimpy and tight fitting dresses again.”  I have NEVER worn those kinds of clothes, not even when I weighed 125#!!!  Besides, I don’t GO anywhere that I need to dress like that!!  My life is very ‘functional’.  I don’t have the time, energy, physical ability, money OR DESIRE to live otherwise.  I’d just like to lose this extra weight and be healthier!!”

“But won’t it feel great to lose the weight and  go out shopping for new clothes in smaller sizes and all the newest trends?”  Again, is she really talking to ME?!?!?  Did she not HEAR what I just said.  I’m overweight.  I am considerably physically deformed.  I WOULD be 5’10” tall IF my spine was straight.  Instead it is curved and scrunched and I am only 5’4″ and NO amount of weight loss is going to give me a waistline.  I did not have a waistline when I weighed 125# in high school and was 5’7″ tall!!!

I guess their ‘game’ is to really tear you down and make you feel worse than you already do about being FAT;  to build you back up and make you jump of their hypnosis weight loss bandwagon.  But is that really necessary??  I’ve already proclaimed my NEED for their services by being there!!  I already KNOW that I want and need to lose weight and other attempts have failed.  I KNOW how to eat healthy.  I just get lazy sometimes.  I’m in the middle of a project and get hungry but I really don’t want to stop and fix a meal and lose momentum.  THAT is when I grab a cookie.  OR when I have worked as much as I can and HAVE to take a break and rest my back and I am bored because I’d rather be crafting and I can’t.  I get bored and frustrated and turn to a snack for comfort.

Oh, and get this, when I was waiting to check in and noticed several shelves STOCKED FULL of diet supplements and ‘think thin’ diet bars!!!  I asked her about that, point blank.  “if your hypnosis program is so successful, why do you what shelves full of diet bars and other supplements in the lobby?”  She replied, “Oh those are ‘just in case’ someone needs a snack, like if they have a 2 hour session and their blood sugar is low and they need something real quick. And some people need extra enzymes and vitamins along with their weight loss program.”  I call BS!!  You do not have a 8′ tall shelf FULL of THOUSANDS of diet bars ‘just in case’.

So we got to the end of our ‘Twilight Zone” like consultation and she said, “We can help you lose weight and I have determined the perfect program for your needs.  Do you want to lose the weight quickly, and risk gaining it back (isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron to their sales pitch!?!) or would you prefer to lose slowly and KEEP it off.”  I answered that I was not on any specific time line and I wanted to take it off and KEEP it off.”

I have the perfect program for you,  once a week for NINE months at the cost of $2,700.00.  I was dumbfounded.  ‘I Can’t afford that on a limited set income!”  (I really wanted to say “ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!)  She said we can help you figure out the cost.  I said no you can’t.  There is NO wiggle room in my budget.  I spend money on ESSENTIALS only as it is.  I have $1,000.00 set aside and that is IT.  If you can’t customize a program to fit my budget, we are done.  And I got up to walk out.

She said, “We can let you make payments.”  That does not magically put any more money in my back account.  I can’t afford it in a lump sum OR broken down.”  and I handed her back the printed info she had given me. She said you can keep that.  I said, why?  I’ll never be able to afford it.  Then she said, if you want to do what the people you see in our commercials do and give a testimonial after your weight loss, we give you a voucher for $1,200.00 for OTHER programs; or you can give it to someone else.  Um, and HOW is that supposed to help me afford it NOW?!?!?  sheesh!

And after I got home I came up with all kinds of clever come-backs!!  After she told me the price I could have said “If I had that kind of money I’d just go get liposuction!”  or “After paying for the program I won;t need it because I won’t be able to AFFORD to buy food!”

I STILL do not understand why she quoted me a nine month program.  Nearly ALL the commercials have people saying they lost 40-50 pounds in 6 months.

So, I guess it’s back to the diet drawing board for me!!  sigh