Changing things up a bit

Not quite two weeks in, and I’ve already rearranged my new wall space.

P1350513This is how I had it set up originally.  I absolutely LOVE using a ladder, opened up and filled with product; but I really NEED to sell that ladder.  So I decided to re-work the space and lean the ladder, folded, against the wall; making it easier for someone to purchase.


This is how it looks after the rearrange.  I added the black metal table on the far left, and the vintage metal bar stool.  Everything else was just moved a little.

Side by side comparison.  To compensate for the loss of the vertical display space on the ladder, I hung a few things on the wall at the top of the space.

P1350594Galvanized cubby shelf and canisters.  Little metal ‘file basket’ set on its side with stack of grubby books and electric candle.


Close up of display on top of cubby shelf.  Those little baby food jars contain some moss and hand painted tiny faux bird eggs.


Wall space just above the cubby shelf, a wire basket hung on its side to function as a shelf.  Vintage repro tin tiles that I upcycled into memo boards, a bundle of grubby books and a couple of old whisk brooms in a small tin flower bucket on the ‘shelf’.  The little wash board ‘memo board’ has clothespins backed with magnets to hold memos.


A couple more baskets hung to use as shelves above the burlap curtains.

Perfectly grubby industrial style vintage metal stool.


I was HOPING to have enough room to open up this little step-ladder.  That didn’t happen, but I was able to move it closer to the front where it’s more visible and accessible to shoppers.


With the ladder folded up, it’s more difficult to display items on it.  This metal basket tucked into the ladder just perfectly!  Tight enough to not fall out, but loose enough to easily remove.  It was a perfect spot for some garden signs.  The rusty wire baskets I had, fit nicely in the two rungs below this.  Rolls of chicken wire filled one.


A trug on top of a trug.


Trying to make the various trugs more visible, moving them to the front edge of the space.

P1350605Here you can better see the other baskets on the ladder rungs.  Big rusty and metal urn, stacked with assorted other vintage buckets and baskets.

And a few new things in my big booth!


My NEW Baby!!!

Isn’t she absolutely adorable?!?!?!

f9b779884f971dfd73f8aca1c9bc5135This is a picture I found on-line since I am still cleaning mine up.  But I found this EXACT mixer with the two matching bowls at the thrift store today.  The biggest bowl has a chip in it though.

I have wanted a ‘pretty’ stand mixer; pretty enough to leave sitting out on the counter, for as long as I can remember.  And it works!!  But I can’t get the beaters out?!?!?  Even Michael tried to no avail.  I looked around on-line for old instruction manuals (it’s a 1950’s version) to see if there was a secret to getting the beaters out.  No luck there either.

Finally cam across a you-tube video of how to use the juicer attachment (which I do not have).  Decided to watch and see if maybe they showed how to remove the beaters.  They just pulled them out!  But they were hard to get out in the video too.  So, maybe I’ll be able to get them out after I get it all cleaned up.  Lots of ‘grease marks’ all over it to clean.


Yep!  I finally found a place. . . . AND it has an attached garage!  Hallelujah for that garage!!  So, now it’s full steam ahead on the packing.

Seems like I have been ‘packing and purging’ for forEVER already.  feels so good to finally have an end in sight.  And I can’t wait to make the new place ‘my own’ and share the pictures and progress with you all here in my blog.

I’ve been heavily stocking my space at Stars in anticipation of my upcoming move.

P1200868I’ve got it full enough right now that I shouldn’t need to take in any more inventory until after I get moved.  All the furniture in my booth is stacked 2-3 pieces high, so I’ll just lower the stacks as things sell, and rearrange and tidy up every week as needed.

P1200919Took in a HUGE stack of frames last week!

P1200918Some really BIG gold frames, behind the big distressed framed chalk boards.


A few ‘word cloud’ chalk boards; but the more popular name for these seems to be ‘speech bubbles’.  Great fun to use for photos at parties.


A couple of vintage styled dry erase boards.


And still MORE frames!

P1200856Here is a better look at a grouping of white and gold distressed frames that are a bit hidden in the above pictures.

P1200857It’s been ages since I’ve had a lot of frames in stick so they are bound to sell quickly!

P1200798How cute is this vintage pair of suede shoes!?!?

P1200871One of a kind teddy bear lamp that I made.

P1200842Over-stuffed ‘granny’ foot stool.


And a couple more vintage foot stools; newly reupholstered.

P1200931I’ve built up quite the collection of vintage cream pitchers and sugar bowls.

P1200874And plenty of ‘butter bells’.  I LOVE my butter bell.  Keeps the butter nice and soft and FRESH without refrigeration.

P1200875And look at this CUTIE PATOOTIE mini butter bell with it’s mama!!!

P1200889Replenished the vintage Milk Glass dishes.  The gold rimmed ones are SO pretty!

P1200890Milk glass bowls and custard cups.

P1200891Pretty scalloped Milk Glass fruit cups and a creamer.

P1200893Gold rimmed serving bowl and a lace edge Milk Glass candy dish.  I’ve got several of the candy dished in this small size and a larger size.  Perfect for your party candy buffet!

P1200892Adorable Milk Glass egg cups.

P1200894LOTS of vintage Ironstone in stock too.

P1200877Dessert / Hors d’ourves size stoneware plates for your next party.  So much nicer to use than paper plates.

P1200880And of course Ironstone BOWLS.  Bowls always seem to sell the fastest.

P1200879And I’m well stocked on several sizes and styles of stoneware bowls and ramekins.

P1200878Including these extra BIG Ironstone soup/cereal bowls.

P1200873Plenty of white Ironstone canisters, utensil crocks and covered casserole dishes too.

P1200876Several sets of white stoneware napkin rings too!  Chickens, bunnies, kittens and plain ones.

P1200923And for those warm summer nights when you want to languish on the patio . . . this big rusty rooster is a candle lantern! One wing lifts up to place a candle inside.

P1200911So, fret not if you don’t hear much from me for the next month or so.  I’ve got a few posts ‘written and ready to publish’ saved up so I’ll have SOME new content to add.  But I’m going to be pretty much buried in bubble wrap and boxes for the next month.  Wish me luck!

IT’S A CONTEST! Win a $20.00 credit to my etsy shop!! What can I do with this???

p1130679Remember this fabulous turquoise GLITTER lamp that I made a while ago??

p1130680I had just coated the base with several coats of glitter and glue.  Once completely dry I apply a couple of coats of clear spray to ‘set’ the glitter and minimize it’s ‘shedding’.  Add a shade and a bulb and it’s ready to sell.

P1170011Alas,  THIS is all that is left of it at this point!  It apparently got knocked over one too many times while on display in my booth at Stars and the switch broke.  Now I KNOW I ‘could’ buy the parts and replace them and re-wire the lamp; but I wanted to come up with ‘something else’ UNIQUE to do with it.

I already have that ‘something’ in mind, but I thought I’d also ask for YOUR ideas and input.  And since it’s ‘Christmas time’, why not make it a contest with a PRIZE?!?!

So, here’s the deal . . . leave your suggestions as comments to me.  Whomever has the BEST and most unique idea (OR actually guesses the same idea as I already have for it) wins a $20.00 credit to spend in my etsy shop.

There is a small hole on the top of it where the wire came through; and a small hole where the cord came out in the back (that can easily be ignored) but the hole on top will have to be ‘dealt with’ in some way in your suggestion.

Cut-off date for entries in December 5th.  The winner will be announced on the 6th, and will be able to SHOP for their prize immediately.  Michael will be judging the entries with me.  (He doesn’t like MY idea for it at ALL!!  But if you come up with the SAME idea as I did, you’ll still be the winner.  Otherwise entries will be judged upon the following aspects of the idea:

EASE of completion.  SPEED of completion.  COST of completion.  (Fast, cheap and easy being the BEST scores!)

Put on your thinking caps and start thinking . . . . . What would AJ do?!?!

Just add GLITTER!!!

Had three old lamps that I wanted to get rid of but the bases were just ‘blah’!  What to do???  Add GLITTER!

P1130760The pictures DO NOT do these glittered lamps ANY justice.  They are SO much prettier in person. (and the spots on the shades from the dust INSIDE my camera lens aren’t helping either!  I have GOT to find a digital camera repair place!!)

P1130681Since all of my lamp bases had shiney (slick) finishes to them, I first applied a coat of ‘sealer’ so the glitter would stick and STAY on better.


After my sealer dried, I brushed my adhesive on the entire base (glue or mod podge or even varnish will work) and coated it with my glitter.  Gently tap the lamp to remove loose glitter, then let dry.


These white shades were NEW and still in the packaging; but bought at a thrift store.

P1130682This ‘fairy dust’ glitter is SO pretty in person!  So, after the first coat of glitter is completely dry; tap again to remove any loose glitter.  Apply another coat of your adhesive over the first coat of glitter by using a ‘stippling’ motion with your brush; add second coat of glitter.  Tap to remove any loose glitter and let dry overnight.


This next step is optional, but HIGHLY recommended; and is done to minimize the amount of shedding your glittered item will do with handling and usage.  Again using the stippling motion with your brush, apply a coat of clear varnish over your two layers of glitter.   (OR spray varnish works well for this final step also!)

P1130759This final top-coat WILL diminish the ‘sparkle’ of your glitter a little bit, but is SO worth it to keep the glitter from shedding EVERYWHERE!

P1130764That’s it!  Easy peasey glittered lamps!

All three of these lamps are available in my booth at Stars.

Finally!! Time to bring the BIG cherub table out!

This gal and I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back!

She was a humble lamp base when I found her; and I had taken her to our booth in Camas to sell, as we found her.

Alas, that was not as lucrative a venture as we had hoped and she didn’t sell, so I carefully packed her up to take her home for a while, then to Stars eventually.

Upon unpacking her, and to my utter horror and dismay, her arm had broken off.  It was a ‘clean break’ and glued back on nicely, but the crack was very visible.  So, I got out my big ole bucket of spackling compound and lightly applied it here and there, paying careful attention to disguising her broken arm!

And I did a darn fine job, if I do say so myself!  I can’t even remember where the break was!  So she went to Stars but still did not sell.  Again, and ever so EXTRA carefully, I wrapped her up and took her home with a sigh.   She is such a cutie!  Why doesn’t anyone want to adopt her?!?!  Maybe she needed to be something more than ‘just a pretty face?!?!

I just happened to be working on a bunch of cake stands when I took her home and VOILA!  I knew what to do the giver her a ‘purpose in life’!  I added a plate to that nice flat top, gave the whole thing a fresh coat of white spray paint . . . and packed her away (with a bit of trepidation!) until the right time to re-debut her.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 088Valentine’s was the perfect time to her to re-appear.    I’m not terribly wild about HOW I have her displayed just now; but I had been working for 6 hours on my booth and just plopped her down where ever she would fit!  I can always go back and move her once I think of a better spot.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 123That’s the kind of thing I usually think about before I fall asleep at night!  What to move where in the booth,  What furniture to take in next.  What to make next.  What to shop for next.  The wheels are ALWAYS turning!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 089I have a beautiful new (repainted it last summer) dresser to take in next week, and plan to set her on it along with some of the smaller dessert white dessert pedestals I have.  Wouldn’t she be PERFECT to use as the centerpiece on a wedding dessert buffet?

Third time’s a charm???

I’ve had this vintage cherub lamp base around for quite a while.

It was a little ‘beat up’, so I gave it a fresh coat of white spray paint, and then planned to sell it ‘as is’; as opposed to turning it into a lamp.  Took it to our booth at Camas, when it sat and sat and didn’t sell.  So I decided to move it to Stars.  But en route it broke!

Here entire left arm just snapped off!  I was heartbroken.  I could not bear to part with her.  thought about breaking off the other arm ala ‘Venue De Milo’ .  But first I tried re-attaching the arm with some e6000 adhesive.  It held just fine, but the repair was VERY noticeable.  Wall spackle to the rescue!  I lightly applied some wall spackle around the seam of the break, and randomly all over to make it look like that was how it was ‘meant to be’.

And it worked quite well.  She had gone to the spring show last April, and when I unpacked her I decided to try to think of ‘something else’ to do with her (since she hadn’t sold!)

I’d been working on a lot of dessert pedestal plates lately, and the cherub lamp DID have a FLAT TOP?!  Voila!  A BIG dessert pedestal plate, of a little ceramic side table.  Whichever you prefer to call it!

It’s in storage for now, until after Halloween probably; when I take the Christmas stuff into Stars.

Whaddya think?  Too FAR outside the box?  Or just unique enough to be a hit!  Wouldn’t she be a fabulous ‘focal point’ on a big wedding dessert buffet?

Just restocked (STACKED!) at Stars

After a very busy sale weekend at Stars, I pulled the few remaining white pieces to make room for all my new beachy blue stuff.

It’s a tight fit, but I did manage to fit quite a bit of the newly painted beachy blue stuff into the space by doing some serious stacking!  There’s the half round coffee table I recently showed you, on the bottom of the stack.  Topped with several benches, a little corner shelf and a small storage shelf with a drawer.  ALL of these items were constructed by us using reclaimed wood.

Enough space under the coffee table for a basket of your favorite magazines.

Little cabinet with drawer.  White wire basket sold separately.

Assorted benches.  And a big vintage wood ‘trencher’ bowl filled with old architectural elements.

Little corner shelf for extra storage on the bathroom vanity perhaps?

And little black lamps with ‘skeleton’ shades.  Just LOVE these!!!

LOTS more stacked up on the right hand side of our booth!  A gate leg and a drop leaf table topped with small tables and chairs.

Vintage grubby little step ladder that I painted beachy blue, makes a great ‘catch all’ or plant stand.

Atop the beachy blue drop leaf table, a small pedestal table with carved base, a medium sized occasional table with a little step stool underneath.

A vintage cake dome /cloche fits perfectly on the little table!

This is the repurposed bar stool table shown recently.

And a little vintage child’s chair with a bird cage on it on top of that!


Behind the aqua drop leaf table is a gate leg table (covered with old book pages) and THIS stuff is stacked on top of the gate leg.  An aqua child’s chair and shabby little bench.

And an aqua end table under the bench.   Kind of hard to get a good photo of some of this stuff because it IS so jam packed in there!

A regular size chair next to the child size one.


‘Skeleton’ lamp shades

Just put these two little cuties out in our space at Stars:

The bases do NOT match, but are very similar.  Once both were repainted black, and paired up with the matching ‘skeleton’ shades, you hardly even notice the difference.

Just about any lamp/shade can be made into this style.  Size/proportion is what’s most important.   It takes a lot of hunting to find the perfect match like I did here.  Almost NEVER do I find both the lamp and the shade at the same place or at the same time.  I keep a small stash of both lamps and shades on hand all the time. 

When hunting for old lamp shades to strip, be SURE your top ring is ATTACHED to the bottom ring with the side ‘spines’.  A lot of them are NOT attached, rather the shade is a stiff ‘cardboard’ material that holds the whole thing together.  Unique shapes of shades work best for stripping too. 

Updated pics of our space at Camas Antiques

Pictures from the spring show will be up tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

In the meantime, here are pics of my recent re-do of our space at Camas Antiques:

We just reduced the price on this BIG vintage window pane shelf to $499.00 (down from $629.00)  I don’t have the exact measurements, but it’s approximately 6′ tall x 6′ wide.  LOTS of room to display collectibles.  Makes a great room divider too; just slap some paint or wall paper on the backside and voila!

The backing on the front side is covered with vintage book pages.  Nice and neutral to go with any decor.


LOTS of vintage chenille bedspreads in shades of white and cream.  Even a NEWER, hard to find KING SIZE one!

A few Easter decor items still available.


This vintage kitchen cabinet is wonderfully shabby, and has lots of storage space!


An old wire lamp shade form makes a fun ‘cloche’.

This cherub statue is actually an old ceramic lamp base, with the holes for the electrical works all set to be ‘wired up’.  I kind of like is ‘as is’, but it would be very easy to convert to a working lamp.

How sweet is this little farmhouse style childs bow back chair?!?


And ‘la piece de resistance’ of our current collection is this extremely shabby old farmhouse table with original warped wood top.  If you are one who says, “the shabbier, the better!”  This table is for YOU!


Lots of great little lamps.  These are vintage lamps with NEW shades.  It’s hard to tell in the picture, but these shades have clear sequins sewn on top of the fabric.  How fun!


Pottery Barn inspired BIG shabby wood wall clock face.

Reproduction clock, battery operated.

I just love old whisk brooms like these.  Always thought it would be really cute to make a ‘kitchen curtain’ out of them by hanging lots of them on a curtain rod over a small kitchen window.

Quick peek at a couple of new items


Muslin strip lamp shade in our space at Camas Antiques.

Close up pic.

LOVE the vintage baby ric rac.

Last year we made some little tables with tops like this.  This year we made it into a clock!

BIG 24″ shabby beach wall clock in our space at Stars Antique Mall.

More pics of both spaces coming next.  Headed out of town to deliver a big custom order.