It’s Complicated: movie review

You know how SO many movies show the BEST parts in the trailers and commercials to entice you to go see them, and you go expecting to see MORE good stuff?  Only to realize that you already saw the BEST parts in the ads?   OR it turns out to be TOTALLY not what you thought it was going to be and you would have NEVER gone to see it had you really known what it was going to be about?  (Good Luck Chuck was like that for me.)

Well, “It’s Complicated” totally delivered what I had anticipated seeing.  Has Meryl Streep  EVER done a bad movie??

The ‘clincher’ (shown in the commercial for it) for me in getting me to want to go see this movie was the  ‘bedroom scene’ with Alec Baldwin naked on the bed with the laptop computer screen open in front of him.  But then I was kind of afraid that having already seen it, that I’d seen the funniest part already.  NOT SO!  That part of the movie had EVERYONE in the theatre laughing out loud!

Just those few seconds were worth the price of the movie ticket alone.   Definitely one I’d recommend to others.

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