Quickie litle cosmetic case update

Basic blue cosmetics case with more of a fabric like surface; as opposed to plastic.

Two quick coats of flat black spray paint and DONE!!  I added a little turquoise chandelier felt tag just for fun.

This case is currently in my space at Stars.

MORE old book pages papered furniture

Hey!  I forewarned you that this stuff was addictive!  Plus I’m kind of in ‘last minute craft show panic mode’ and WHATEVER is fastest and easiest is how things are getting done these days!

Sweet little vintage night stand / end table.  LOVE to curves along the top of the drawer, and at the bottom.  Pretty cool drawer pull too.  (although it did get replaced with one I liked better!)

ONE $.99 can of flat black spray paint, a little sanding along the edges, a few old book pages (same book as I used on the desk; not as old/yellowed as the gate leg table) 

And a new white ceramic drawer ‘pull’!

This one is a LOT more modern styling than I usually go for, but it was CHEAP, so I figured, why not!?!

Trying to paint around all those little slats with a brush takes WAY too much time.  So “.99 a can flat black spray paint” from Home Deopt to the rescue again!

And more of those old book pages; applied with good ole fashioned liquid laundry starch.  (Vano or Sta Flo; one of them has a ‘blueish tint’, but still dries clear)

Rain headed our way this evening!  I’ve got about seven half-finished projects sitting outside that I’ve got to get finished up real quick!

Quick and easy repainted resin crosses

I liked the detail on these resin crosses, but not the color.

I spray painted them a flat brown.

Then lightly sponged on some black (craft paint) to highlight the detail.

Now they look great with the Paris apartment decor in our booth at the antique mall!

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Another quick re-do

Wall word updated with a little bit of ‘stippled’ on blue paint.

The blue paint just makes it feel ‘dreamier’!  This got hung on the same wall arrangement as the blue shutter.

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Sweet little spring boxes

VERY simple project!  I just picked out some pretty spring colored scrapbook embellishments and put one or two of them on the top of each of these little mullberry paper covered boxes with sheer ribbon handles.  (the boxes came with the paper covering and ribbon handle)

These embellishments are from “K & Co.”.  I sooooooooooooooooo wish I could stock their stuff in the store!  Just don’t have the room for the minimum order quantities some of these bigger suppliers require.  I just buy the ones I use at the craft store.  Michael’s stores usually has this brand.  And sometimes I see them at Target.

I only put one simple decoration on the lid of the box, (since I was doing so many of them to sell in the store, and wanted to keep the price down) but these would be cute to add ric rac or beaded trim to, to dress them up more.  And the lids could be made into a more elaborate altered art collage.

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FREE image sheet

Click on the link to download and print.


Captured fairy jar video

I sooooooooooooooooo want to try making some of these!  The one in this ‘how to video’ is a LOT more involved than many that I’ve seen.  A lot of them that I’ve seen pictures appear to just be the fairy and stuff in the bottom of the jar.  This video does a lot of embellishing to the jar, inside and out. 

Lots of possible adaptations too!  A cupid looking one for Valentine’s day.  A bunny in grass with eggs for Easter.  Here’s the link to the instructional video:


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Quick and easy Valentine wreath

My best wreath making tip is to NOT ‘permanently attach’ your decorations to your wreath.  Why, you ask???  Well, by leaving  your wreath embellishments easily  ‘removable’ , you gain a LOT of flexibility!

You can take ONE grapevine wreath and re-decorate it for different seasons and holidays, instead of having several different wreaths to pack up and store. 

Here is a Valentine wreath I just made for the store:

I simply took this purchased glittery ‘love’ garland and cut the pieces apart and tied them onto the wreath!

BAM!  Done in 60 seconds! 

After Valentines day, just untie these embellishments and pack them away and add on something for spring or Easter.  Berry picks and pips are very easy to do.  Just ‘tuck them in’. 

You can also use your grapevine wreath ‘as a frame’ of sorts.  First hang something like one of these hearts and hang it on from your nail; on the wall or your door:

Then hang your plain grapevine wreath so that it ‘frames’ the heart. 

You can also wrap the wire hanger around the wreath to have the heart hanging form the top of the wreath.  I use ‘rebar tie wire’ on all my hanging things, and it’s VERY durable and can be bent and un-bent and re-bent many, many times.

Quick and easy!

If you can;t find any of the clear boxes, here is another idea for a Valentine goody (or gift) container.  I got these little metal mail boxes at the craft store.  Tied a bow around it and put a Valentine scrapbooking sticker on the front! 

Valentine goody boxes!

Okay, remember those spools of pretty ribbon in the last post????

Well, they came in these little clear plastic boxes.

I take them out of the boxes because I like how they look piled into clear glass bowls.  But I just hated throwing away all those cute little boxes.  So, here’s what I did!

Cleaned them up real good.  Put some assorted candies (candy corn and jelly beans) into little plastic zipper bags and put the bags of candies in the clear plastic boxes.  Since the chocolate kisses are individually wrapped, they did not need to go in the zipper bags.  Then I taped the boxes shut and tied on a pretty red ribbon!  Well???? Whaddya think????

I want to print up some tags to put on the bows.

Cupid corn on the candy corn

Cupid kisses on the kisses

But I don’t know what to put on the jelly bean ones?!?!?!  I’ve seen them done as ‘cupid poop’, but that is one idea I’d rather NOT use.  Any suggestions?

Here they are all piled onto a cake pedestal:

And a box of the kisses in a ceramic heart dish in a table setting:

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