Fine tuning my new space at Stars

After looking at the pictures I took last week of my new space, I decided I needed to ‘switch up’ a few things.  As well as I THOUGHT I had planned everything out, I had quite a bit to do-over.

3.12.13 NEW BOOTH Stars 001First was this out facing ‘wall’.  I have several of both white and aqua display shelves.  Can’t believe it didn’t ‘occur to me’ that it would look better to have all the same color on the same side?!?!?  Not that it looks BAD like this.  Just that it could look BETTER if both shelves were the same color.

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 080So I switched it to this.  The white and these aqua shelved are back to back; so I just switched them around.  (had to completely EMPTY them first of course!)  It just looks more ‘cohesive’ now.  Agreed?

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 055The next issue was the walking space (or LACK thereof!) inside the booth.  The bed took up more space than I thought it would; leaving very little room to actually walk through the booth.

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 056I didn’t want to get rid of the bed, but I needed to ‘make it shorter’ somehow.  It was a folding aluminum cot, and could not be shortened at all.  Michael had cut a couple of pieces of plywood for me to lay on the cot springs to protect the air mattress; so I thought I would use those and some stacked wood crates to make a faux and shorter bed.

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 057So I went to our storage garage to get the crates and had to move an old folding card table out of the way.  LIGHTBULB MOMENT!  Why couldn’t I just use the card table for a bed?!?!  Having it higher would help keep kids from climbing on it.  But one card table wasn’t quite long enough for all the pillows and some folded spreads at the foot of the bed.  So I used the two sheets of plywood to ‘extend’ the length of my card table a little at the head and foot!  And I’ll have storage space underneath!

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 092I was now able to put the vintage baby basket full of additional vintage chenille spreads and a basket full of little heart pillows  at the foot of the bed; which pretty much used up all the extra floor space I had just created.  BUT, as that stuff sells I’ll be able to move the baby basket.

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 091But it still ‘opened up’ the space quite considerably.  And the bed really doesn’t look like it’s not a real bed.

I can believe I didn’t think of using a table for a ‘make shift’ bed before?!?!  Like back when we had our own shop to display all the vintage bedspreads on?  And when we did shows?!?!?  Pillows and bed ‘thing’s just look SO much more ‘appealing; ON a bed (or something that LOOKS like a bed!)  So, save this little nugget of information in your memory bank for future use if you ever need a display bed and don’t have room for or just don’t HAVE a real bed!


Recent projects

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 049Cute little faux snake-skin bag I found on clearance at Ross (on Senior discount day of course!)

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 048Really a perfect size for toting scrapbook supplies in!

2.12.13 etsy projects 014

 I stenciled on PARIS and attached the felt chandelier tag.  Took me about 5 minutes.

2.12.13 etsy projects 018BIG ole basket!  I think this one came to me via a friend wha had picked it up at a garage sale because it was filled with all kinds of sewing trims and lace.  The basket WAS covered with floral fabric.  I took the fabric off ages ago, kept the trim I could use, and tossed the rest in the donate pile.  Then the basket was just a ‘catch all’ in my craft room for a while.

2.12.13 etsy projects 025I’ve been starting to ‘think spring’ as far as my projects go, so I just dry brushed it white.  I think I have another old white wicker basket with a lid that this one will stack nicely on top of in my booth.  Maybe fill it with throw pillows?

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 051Know what this is????  It’s an old calendar holder!  Been seeing a LOT of these at thrift stores lately and passed them up for lack of knowing what the neck to DO with them.  Michael brought this one home so I decided to experiment.

2.12.13 etsy projects 022Looking at it laying on a table, it reminded me of a TRAY.  So I set about to turning it into a tray.  First I painted and distressed it; then added handles to the ends.

2.12.13 etsy projects 020

While I had my PARIS stencil out for the snake-skin case, I used it for this too; then also added a little fleur de lis emblem.

2.12.13 etsy projects 021Distressed a little bit again and varnished.  Trays always seem to sell well for me in my booth.

2.12.13 etsy projects 024Forgot the before picture for this one.  It was a brick red with paint spilled on it.   Gave it a good sanding, painted it my beachy blue color.

2.12.13 etsy projects 023Then stenciled on this diamond pattern, and a quick coat of varnish on the top.  This one did NOT get distressed because I didn’t care for the red paint showing through.  I could have sanded more of the red paint off and/or painted on a primer.  But sometimes ‘time is money’ and when you are making things to sell you need to be careful how much time you spend on a ‘small ticket’ item.  Besides, not everyone loves the distressed look!

2.12.13 etsy projects 030Another little step stool that I didn’t get a ‘before’ photo of.  It had purple legs and a white top with some kiddie pictures on it.  Sanded the top, painted the whole thing white.

2.12.13 etsy projects 029And I had this chandelier stencil out using it to make some plaques, it was a perfect fit for the top of this stool.  Again, I varnished the top only.

2.12.13 etsy projects 069Here are the chandelier plaques I made using the same stencil.  I took one of these to Stars, and the rest are in my etsy shop.


Old candle jars and thrifted jars

Remember this post from a while back, about sprucing up old candle jars and making them into canisters?

And this was as far as I’d gone at that point:

The big jar in the middle was a thrifted one, and already had the handle on the lid, so I just painted it.    Just about ANY kind of jar will do though.  Just glue on a knob with e6000; and spray paint.  You could ‘call it good’ at this point; but you know me!  I can never leave well enough alone, and I had to embellish them!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 002

These were a couple of old Miracle Whip jars that I had bought filled with rusty hinges; so it was kind of a two-fer!~   Just cleaned them up, took the labels.   glued a knob  to the lid.  (let your e6000 cure at LEAST overnight before you spray paint!)

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 003

I added a strip of scrapbook paper, topped with some vintage dictionary pages, topped with some vintage pharmacy labels I bought on etsy.  You CAN also print up your own labels.  All kinds of free graphics sites out there to snag images from.  My printer is just on the fritz, so I had to improvise!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 004

Nice and neutral.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 005

And fairly quick, easy and inexpensive labels to add.  Who knows!?!   Someone may LOVE the jar, but hate the label and want to remove it!  ( I use tacky glue for the labels.  A soak in warm water will loosen them up for easy removal)

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 114

I’ve taken them to Stars, and displayed these with my shelf full of crocks and brown ware.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 115

You COULD paint the lids brown, or ANY other color you want really.  I just went with basic black because it’s the least expensive spray paint!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 118

Even though the lids are black, the neutral tones of the label ‘works’ just fine with the brown.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 022

Two of the bigger half gallon jars that already had a handle on the lid.  Just added some thin burlap ribbon and a BIG vintage repro skeleton key.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 020

Candle jars with repro keys and muslin ties.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 021

More candle jars with repro keys tied with tea stained muslin.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 023

They mix together quite nicely.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 027

A couple of still smaller thrifted jars that already had knobs, so I just had to paint the lids.  Tied on some vintage keys with muslin.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 028

Itty bitty one (sorry about the blur!) with the key GLUED on, and a strip of muslin tied around.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 119

THERE’S a better picture of the itty bitty one!    All of these jars are for sale in my booth at Stars.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 121

And now I can’t find those kinds of candle jars anymore!!!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 136

Displayed one of the jars under a cloche, just because I could!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 113

I took in a LOT of cloches last trip too!  Those coming up next!

Finally!! Time to bring the BIG cherub table out!

This gal and I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back!

She was a humble lamp base when I found her; and I had taken her to our booth in Camas to sell, as we found her.

Alas, that was not as lucrative a venture as we had hoped and she didn’t sell, so I carefully packed her up to take her home for a while, then to Stars eventually.

Upon unpacking her, and to my utter horror and dismay, her arm had broken off.  It was a ‘clean break’ and glued back on nicely, but the crack was very visible.  So, I got out my big ole bucket of spackling compound and lightly applied it here and there, paying careful attention to disguising her broken arm!

And I did a darn fine job, if I do say so myself!  I can’t even remember where the break was!  So she went to Stars but still did not sell.  Again, and ever so EXTRA carefully, I wrapped her up and took her home with a sigh.   She is such a cutie!  Why doesn’t anyone want to adopt her?!?!  Maybe she needed to be something more than ‘just a pretty face?!?!

I just happened to be working on a bunch of cake stands when I took her home and VOILA!  I knew what to do the giver her a ‘purpose in life’!  I added a plate to that nice flat top, gave the whole thing a fresh coat of white spray paint . . . and packed her away (with a bit of trepidation!) until the right time to re-debut her.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 088Valentine’s was the perfect time to her to re-appear.    I’m not terribly wild about HOW I have her displayed just now; but I had been working for 6 hours on my booth and just plopped her down where ever she would fit!  I can always go back and move her once I think of a better spot.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 123That’s the kind of thing I usually think about before I fall asleep at night!  What to move where in the booth,  What furniture to take in next.  What to make next.  What to shop for next.  The wheels are ALWAYS turning!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 089I have a beautiful new (repainted it last summer) dresser to take in next week, and plan to set her on it along with some of the smaller dessert white dessert pedestals I have.  Wouldn’t she be PERFECT to use as the centerpiece on a wedding dessert buffet?

Back down to ONE booth at Stars . .

One VERY FULL booth!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 009Took me close to five hours to get the last little bit of stuff emptied out of the wall space, and displayed in my big booth.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 010But I could not be happier with how perfectly things ‘sold down’ and how smoothly the transition went.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 020I really only had to take home ONE piece of furniture, that didn’t sell or wouldn’t fit back into the big booth; and that was the red ‘washing machine cabinet’.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 011So I ma pretty proud of myself for how carefully I planned everything out over the course of the 2 month sell down.  Taking some new inventory in for the first several weeks, but also gradually moving as much BIG stuff over to the big booth each week as I could.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 012Taking out the Christmas stuff right after Christmas I think helped too. It really made things look BARE, and emphasized that it would soon be gone!  Gets people motivated to BUY instead of ‘think about it and maybe come back;.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 013Vintage soap dish ( I think!) makes a cute little cupcake stand.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 016Another cupcake stand, this one made from upcycled pieces.  I’m not sure WHAT that cherub to the left of it was originally for.  A candy dish maybe?  I see these cherubs a lot at antique malls, and I even buy them frequently  but I’ve never know what they are!?!?  (would love to know if any of you DO know what they were originally made for!)  They worked perfect to hold a few of my smaller felt hearts.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 017And some little heart shaped gift boxes that I made.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 014Felt hearts left over from last year.  Still meed to make more new ones!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 015Wood bead heart ornaments.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 018

Laser cut metal ‘love’ signs that I glittered.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 019Valentine crown.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 021Be mine shelf sitter signs.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 023AWESOME vintage cast plaster cherubs. Very French baroque -ish don’t you think?

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 022If these don’t sell I just might have to take them home and put them in my white craft studio!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 024Vintage wall planters that I repainted.  Ran out of wall space to hang things, so these are hung on the side of the hutch at the front of my booth.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 026Silver ‘trophy’; just because EVERYONE deserves to win a trophy once in their life!  Could be a ‘best boyfriend’ trophy for your Valentine?!?

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 025Nice glare from the flash, eh?!?!  Oh well!  the cherub still looks cute!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 027Heart shaped covers on a string of lights.  I really wanted to HANG these, but not sure I have room to!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 028There’s another one of those cherubs in back on the left!  This one I filled the top with clear heart ornaments with little keys attached.  The one in the middle was a candle holder; I put the nest over the candle hole.  Another one on the right (partially hidden by the table leg!) I filled with moss and added a little egg.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 029Better view of the one on the left.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 030And the one on the right that I put the nest in.  This one, I could actually see as having been a VASE, because it IS open clear to the bottom.  Most of them though, just have a ‘small shallow bowl’.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 036Vintage cherub lamp base that I upcycled into a dessert pedestal!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 033Little white doll chair.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 034Trinket box with little bird and nest.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 031

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 032More of the stitched hearts, in a tray with some finials.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 062

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 035

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 037A new batch of white pedestal birds with crowns.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 038Another altered vintage heart shaped candy box, and vintage repro Valentine cards.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 046Vertical hanging Valentine banner.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 045Decorative ball on metal stand.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 044Giant size vintage sheet music covered 3-D stars for party decorations.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 049New stock of white pitchers and creamers.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 051Adorable vintage little girl portrait!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 055Red glitter “LOVE” crown.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 057PINK glitter owls with CROWNS, of course!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 058Dream and happiness crowns.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 059

Paris chic TALL crown, and more small ones.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 064Pug dog salt and pepper shakers, and vintage sliver rim salad plates.  Quite a few more white dishes just re-stocked too.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 074

Always plenty of white dishes.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 065Vintage oval plates and boats.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 071Altered journals in concrete planter container.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 073

 Stars is open seven days a week; 11am – 6pm.    Come on bu for some New Year’s shopping THERAPY!

Tiny snowmen; repurposed old spools

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 016Got this big bag full of tiny spools of white thread at Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar last month.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 037My first project with them was to mount my tiny white bottle brush trees to some of them; and some of my bigger brush trees to bigger spools.   Still had a LOT more spools to use up.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 043While I was sorting through them to select the sizes to use for the tree bases, I noticed I had quite a few in graduated sizes that looked like tiny snowmen!

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 045So I started rummaging through my supplies to see if I could find something to make into hats for them.  Found these tiny wood spools and wood discs that were the perfect size!

12.12.12 projects Stars 020I found some small buttons and glued those on.  Picked the orange sprinkles out to use for noses and VERY carefully glued them in place.  (they crumble very easily!)

12.12.12 projects Stars 021A very QUICK dot with a DecoColor pen for the eyes.  And even though I made the dot super fast, the ink still bled a tad.

12.17.12 finds hats nude beach sign 017Glued the spools and wood discs together and painted them black.   Glued the in place as hats.  (there’s one of the ones where the eyes bled.  sigh.)

12.17.12 finds hats nude beach sign 018It’s a bit too late in the season to put these out for sale, so I’ll set them aside for next year.  Maybe use them in front of some little Puts houses?!?

Trash to Treasure: old candle jars

I’ve recently bought some jar candles that have metal lids, instead of the typical glass lids.

Not only are the lids metal, they have rubber inserts that make them SNAP ON really tight; AIR tight I’d venture to say.  So I’m thinking that these would be great to re-use for food storage.

I could just glue on a decorative knob (using e6000 of course!) to really give it the look of a canister.

Then I spray painted the lids flat black.  But of course you could paint them ANY color you like.  I just selected black because I had some bigger, thrifted jars that I had already painted the lids black, and I wanted them to coordinate.

They are actually also quite attractive jars withOUT the lids too.   Because the lids SNAP on, they don’t have the ridges along the rim for lids to screw on.  Pretty storage and/or display jars.

Here’s the bigger jar lid.  It was originally the same color as the candle lids.  I’ve found this exact same jar several times at thrift stores, so I’m guessing it was some kind of food gift container.  The lids to these fit nice and tight too.

These bigger ones with the handle lid are actually were actually the inspiration for the candle jars.

Not yet decided if I will embellish this new batch the same as I did this former set.

One large and two of the candle jars makes a nice little set, doesn’t it?

So what do YOU think?  Embellish them a bit, or sell them plain, as is?

Third time’s a charm???

I’ve had this vintage cherub lamp base around for quite a while.

It was a little ‘beat up’, so I gave it a fresh coat of white spray paint, and then planned to sell it ‘as is’; as opposed to turning it into a lamp.  Took it to our booth at Camas, when it sat and sat and didn’t sell.  So I decided to move it to Stars.  But en route it broke!

Here entire left arm just snapped off!  I was heartbroken.  I could not bear to part with her.  thought about breaking off the other arm ala ‘Venue De Milo’ .  But first I tried re-attaching the arm with some e6000 adhesive.  It held just fine, but the repair was VERY noticeable.  Wall spackle to the rescue!  I lightly applied some wall spackle around the seam of the break, and randomly all over to make it look like that was how it was ‘meant to be’.

And it worked quite well.  She had gone to the spring show last April, and when I unpacked her I decided to try to think of ‘something else’ to do with her (since she hadn’t sold!)

I’d been working on a lot of dessert pedestal plates lately, and the cherub lamp DID have a FLAT TOP?!  Voila!  A BIG dessert pedestal plate, of a little ceramic side table.  Whichever you prefer to call it!

It’s in storage for now, until after Halloween probably; when I take the Christmas stuff into Stars.

Whaddya think?  Too FAR outside the box?  Or just unique enough to be a hit!  Wouldn’t she be a fabulous ‘focal point’ on a big wedding dessert buffet?

Bed canopy made from old ladder ~ Awesome REpurpose!

How SWEET is this?!?!

To read the entire post, hop over to Laurie’s blog, CHIPPING WITH CHARM.

We’ve got one such ladder in our stash, but it’s ‘earmarked’ to be used as a shelf when we get a bigger space at the antique mall.  AND it would have to be cut down to fit in my shabby chic bedroom to use like this.  BUT, maybe Michael will find another, shorted one that I can use.

I’ve been itchin’ to dive back into finishing up that bedroom; but just not sure WHAT I want to do to finish it?!?!?  I’ve got a pile of wall decor stuff (keys and crowns) but don’t want to start hanging them until I finalize my shelf placement, so I know where the usable wall space will be!   And THAT mostly involves sorting through the stuff  (supplies and half completed paper craft  projects!) I’ve let ‘pile up’ .   Waiting for inspiration to strike!

A new old ladders sure would get me motivated!!

I think I’d probably MAKE (er, have Michael make FOR me!) brackets from old wood though, instead of using the metal ones like Laurie did.  (although if I still had kinds at home like she does, I WOULD use the sturdier metal ones!)

Any other awesome ideas you’ve seen out there in bloggeritaville using old ladders lately??


Making do: Salvaging the broken

I LOVED that big white ceramic bread box!  It was ‘one of those thing’s that I was REALLY tempted to keep for myself.  But I talked myself into taking it to Camas (back when!) because it was such a great addition to all the other white dishware I had for sale.   You can see it on the second to the bottom shelf.

I almost CRIED the day I went in to find it sitting on the FLOOR, with the lid cracked in half!!!  Such a beautiful piece; RUINED!  I couldn’t throw it away though.  For quite some time it sat on my paper craft work table as a ‘catch all’  for scraps of paper I wanted to save.  Finally decided to try to ‘dress it up’ and ready it to sell again.

I used some double-sided tape to hold the burlap ribbon in place.  I didn’t want it PERMANENTLY attached, and it just slid right down without anything holding it in place, so the tape worked best for that.

Added a little just string and an embossed kraft tag, and called it good!

So now it;s at Stars, awaiting a new home.  Who knows!  Maybe someone had one like it and broke the BASE and kept the lid?!?!  It’s makes a nice planter box otherwise.