Tiny snowmen; repurposed old spools

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 016Got this big bag full of tiny spools of white thread at Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar last month.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 037My first project with them was to mount my tiny white bottle brush trees to some of them; and some of my bigger brush trees to bigger spools.   Still had a LOT more spools to use up.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 043While I was sorting through them to select the sizes to use for the tree bases, I noticed I had quite a few in graduated sizes that looked like tiny snowmen!

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 045So I started rummaging through my supplies to see if I could find something to make into hats for them.  Found these tiny wood spools and wood discs that were the perfect size!

12.12.12 projects Stars 020I found some small buttons and glued those on.  Picked the orange sprinkles out to use for noses and VERY carefully glued them in place.  (they crumble very easily!)

12.12.12 projects Stars 021A very QUICK dot with a DecoColor pen for the eyes.  And even though I made the dot super fast, the ink still bled a tad.

12.17.12 finds hats nude beach sign 017Glued the spools and wood discs together and painted them black.   Glued the in place as hats.  (there’s one of the ones where the eyes bled.  sigh.)

12.17.12 finds hats nude beach sign 018It’s a bit too late in the season to put these out for sale, so I’ll set them aside for next year.  Maybe use them in front of some little Puts houses?!?

Trash to Treasure: old candle jars

I’ve recently bought some jar candles that have metal lids, instead of the typical glass lids.

Not only are the lids metal, they have rubber inserts that make them SNAP ON really tight; AIR tight I’d venture to say.  So I’m thinking that these would be great to re-use for food storage.

I could just glue on a decorative knob (using e6000 of course!) to really give it the look of a canister.

Then I spray painted the lids flat black.  But of course you could paint them ANY color you like.  I just selected black because I had some bigger, thrifted jars that I had already painted the lids black, and I wanted them to coordinate.

They are actually also quite attractive jars withOUT the lids too.   Because the lids SNAP on, they don’t have the ridges along the rim for lids to screw on.  Pretty storage and/or display jars.

Here’s the bigger jar lid.  It was originally the same color as the candle lids.  I’ve found this exact same jar several times at thrift stores, so I’m guessing it was some kind of food gift container.  The lids to these fit nice and tight too.

These bigger ones with the handle lid are actually were actually the inspiration for the candle jars.

Not yet decided if I will embellish this new batch the same as I did this former set.

One large and two of the candle jars makes a nice little set, doesn’t it?

So what do YOU think?  Embellish them a bit, or sell them plain, as is?

Third time’s a charm???

I’ve had this vintage cherub lamp base around for quite a while.

It was a little ‘beat up’, so I gave it a fresh coat of white spray paint, and then planned to sell it ‘as is’; as opposed to turning it into a lamp.  Took it to our booth at Camas, when it sat and sat and didn’t sell.  So I decided to move it to Stars.  But en route it broke!

Here entire left arm just snapped off!  I was heartbroken.  I could not bear to part with her.  thought about breaking off the other arm ala ‘Venue De Milo’ .  But first I tried re-attaching the arm with some e6000 adhesive.  It held just fine, but the repair was VERY noticeable.  Wall spackle to the rescue!  I lightly applied some wall spackle around the seam of the break, and randomly all over to make it look like that was how it was ‘meant to be’.

And it worked quite well.  She had gone to the spring show last April, and when I unpacked her I decided to try to think of ‘something else’ to do with her (since she hadn’t sold!)

I’d been working on a lot of dessert pedestal plates lately, and the cherub lamp DID have a FLAT TOP?!  Voila!  A BIG dessert pedestal plate, of a little ceramic side table.  Whichever you prefer to call it!

It’s in storage for now, until after Halloween probably; when I take the Christmas stuff into Stars.

Whaddya think?  Too FAR outside the box?  Or just unique enough to be a hit!  Wouldn’t she be a fabulous ‘focal point’ on a big wedding dessert buffet?

Bed canopy made from old ladder ~ Awesome REpurpose!

How SWEET is this?!?!

To read the entire post, hop over to Laurie’s blog, CHIPPING WITH CHARM.

We’ve got one such ladder in our stash, but it’s ‘earmarked’ to be used as a shelf when we get a bigger space at the antique mall.  AND it would have to be cut down to fit in my shabby chic bedroom to use like this.  BUT, maybe Michael will find another, shorted one that I can use.

I’ve been itchin’ to dive back into finishing up that bedroom; but just not sure WHAT I want to do to finish it?!?!?  I’ve got a pile of wall decor stuff (keys and crowns) but don’t want to start hanging them until I finalize my shelf placement, so I know where the usable wall space will be!   And THAT mostly involves sorting through the stuff  (supplies and half completed paper craft  projects!) I’ve let ‘pile up’ .   Waiting for inspiration to strike!

A new old ladders sure would get me motivated!!

I think I’d probably MAKE (er, have Michael make FOR me!) brackets from old wood though, instead of using the metal ones like Laurie did.  (although if I still had kinds at home like she does, I WOULD use the sturdier metal ones!)

Any other awesome ideas you’ve seen out there in bloggeritaville using old ladders lately??


Making do: Salvaging the broken

I LOVED that big white ceramic bread box!  It was ‘one of those thing’s that I was REALLY tempted to keep for myself.  But I talked myself into taking it to Camas (back when!) because it was such a great addition to all the other white dishware I had for sale.   You can see it on the second to the bottom shelf.

I almost CRIED the day I went in to find it sitting on the FLOOR, with the lid cracked in half!!!  Such a beautiful piece; RUINED!  I couldn’t throw it away though.  For quite some time it sat on my paper craft work table as a ‘catch all’  for scraps of paper I wanted to save.  Finally decided to try to ‘dress it up’ and ready it to sell again.

I used some double-sided tape to hold the burlap ribbon in place.  I didn’t want it PERMANENTLY attached, and it just slid right down without anything holding it in place, so the tape worked best for that.

Added a little just string and an embossed kraft tag, and called it good!

So now it;s at Stars, awaiting a new home.  Who knows!  Maybe someone had one like it and broke the BASE and kept the lid?!?!  It’s makes a nice planter box otherwise.

UPCYCLED cupcake or Wedding cake pedestal stand

Why spend a small fortune on a nice BIG Wedding cake or cupcake pedestal stand; when you can easily make your own?!?!

This big scalloped edge aluminum platter had been sitting on my ‘to do’ PILE for quite some time.  My original thought was to use it as a ‘canvas’ for an altered art piece.

I bought the white ‘vase’ intending to use it as the pedestal for a cake stand made using a regular size plate.  Alas, it was just too BIG and just looked too heavy underneath a white dinner plate.

As I went to put it in my ‘spare parts’ box to use some other time, my big platter caught my eye!

I stacked them together to eyeball the proportions.  PERFECT!

These vases from Edible Arrangements are fairly easy to find at thrift stores.  This particular one is much fancier than the others I usually find.  But they are PERFECT to use pedestal bases for projects like this.  Be sure you put you WIDEST part facing DOWN, for the best balance.  (sometimes that will be the RIM, like here; and sometimes it will be the actual base)

Attached my base to my platter with some e6000 adhesive, and let cure for 24 hours.

Then I just spray painted the WHOLE thing flat white.  Yes, the base WAS already white, but GLOSSY.  I wanted the top and pedestal to match perfectly, so I painted the whole thing.

A perfect display stand for a quaint country wedding!

It is available for purchase in my booth at Stars Antiques in Portland.

Little sea horse table do-over

The longer I looked at my painted sea-horse table, the LESS I liked it.  See the entire  original project HERE.

I TRIED to like the neutral black/tan color combo.  Really I did!!

And THEN I painted these little metal  wall sculpture sea horses.  Had multiples of them so I could try different colors.  Liked the aqua SO much better on these, that I decided to repaint the table too.

Bits of the tan paint still show through in spots, adding more interest.

NOW it’s ready for me to take to Stars!


Spring has sprung with new bird and nest decor

Bird topped cloches.  Birds from Michael’s (40% off!) attached to thrifted glass containers with e6000 adhesive.

BIG thrifted hurricane globe topped with thrifted bird.  Bird was the solid dark color.  I lightened up and brought out the details by sponge painting on a bit of light tan craft paint.

Thrifted hurricane vase topped with Dollar Tree rooster.

ALL of the following pedestals came from thrift stores.  I stockpile them until I am ready to repurpose them in a craft project.  They were various colors; I spray painted them all white to match the white birds I bought at Michael’s (40% off of course!)  All the birds are glued in place using e6000.

SO, I had all these pretty white birds on white pedestals all finished up and sitting on the dining room table; awaiting price tags and to be packed up for their destination of either Stars or the spring show.  The ones for Stars have been taken in . . . but after looking at the rest of them sitting on the table I decided they weren’t DONE!  One more little detail to add. . .

CROWNS!!  Pretty little glittery crowns!

MUCH better with the crowns, don’t you think???  Now I’m going to have to bring home all the ones I took to Stars, add the crowns and take them back in!

Visit my Dollar Diva blog   to see the tutorial for these bird cloches with nest.

And now for some nests!  Again, thrifted bases, spray painted white.  Nests glued onto containers using e6000.  Little blue eggs were leftover from ones I painted last year.

And yes, I even glue down the eggs and feather!

And to some I added some little Dollar Tree birds; glued down

Some of the WOOD bases I decided to distress.

Decided the nests needed a little ‘fluff’, so I added a pinch of Spanish moss (buy mine at Dollar Tree for MUCH less than the same size bag sells at craft store!)

Added little birds, bought at Dollar Tree.

 Couldn’t find the nests I needed anywhere locally; so I ended up ordering a CASE of them from Craft Wholesalers on line.

These little cuties also got the ‘royal treatment’  . . .

But their crowns are made of vintage sheet music instead of being glittered.

This little shadow boxed bird got a crown also.  I just didn’t get a picture of it.

Look for these items in my booth at Stars and at Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar at the Washington County Fairplex; April 24th – 28th.  

AFTER the show, I will be adding what’s left (OR will make more!) to my etsy shop.

Finally! completely done with my faux Santos doll!

You’ll have to look back at  this post if you haven’t already read about how this project began, or just can’t remember.

So I did finally go back and paint the cage and the base white, then added some Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze.  Better now?  I tucked a few vintage looking post cards into the cage.  Here’s a little history on Santos dolls.

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Re-purposed old canvases – BACKWARDS!

Now, I consider myself pretty creative in coming up with ideas for re-using and re-purposing stuff, but I don’t think I’d have EVER thought of this!  Taking old canvases and flipping them  BACKWARDS to make into wall pockets is the brainchild of Cathe Holden HERE.  Click on that link and visit the original post for the complete how to’s.

As always (or so it seems!) as soon as I see a great idea like this, my wheels REALLY start turning.  It’s like a spark that ignites the creativity in me.  I immediately thought of how frequently I’ve come across those old open box type little wall display shelves; with four wide sides and NO backing.    I see them ALL the time and have NEVER bought one because I had NO IDEA what I could do with it.  They would be PERFECT for this project!

It really wouldn’t even be that hard to make your own frame from scratch!  Just take four boards (all the same size for a square, or 2 different sizes for a rectangle)  and nail them together, no mitred corners necessary!  Add a backing and take it from there.

So NOW when I go out shabbyshopping, I’ll have to remember to look at things BACKWARDS too when searching for inspiration!


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