Seaside Picnic Basket

But first, and because someone asked how I had displayed the recent white bust I repainted; here she is:

P1070564I’m actually not certain that she won’t get repainted a cream color.  I really don’t have much bright white in my living room.

P1070563So, for now, I’ve got her sitting on this chest in my living room; amongst my angel and Santos collection.


I’d really like to find (or MAKE!) some kind of pedestal to set her on.  Until then . . . this is where she shall reside.

P1070540Recently thrifted picnic basket.  Notice how the lid is hinged on the lid?  I’ve discovered that this kind of lid has proven to be the sturdiest and longest lasting.  (as opposed to one that is hinged on the edge)

P1070542Nice and clean ‘innards’!  Clean innards is really MORE important than the outside.  The outside can easily be painted.  Innards are harder to clean and/or paint.

P1070541The only think I didn’t like about this basket is the eagle painted on the lid.  But that’s easy enough to remedy!

P1070647A couple of minutes of sanding with an orbital sander removed enough of the eagle so that I could paint the lid.

P1070650I dry brush painted the body of the basket.

P1070649Then completely painted the lid.

P1070651After the paint dried (about five minutes in this heat!) I sanded the lid to make it look weathered and faded.

P1070655I stenciled the word ‘SEASIDE’ on the lid.

P1070652And glued a big white fingerling starfish (using e6000) to the front of the basket.

P1070653And there it is!  All set to be filled with goodies for a trip to the beach!

P1070722It is available to purchase in my booth at Stars Antique Mall in Portland; $29.00.


Refinishing FORMICA tops.

Bought this PAIR of night stands at the thrift store.  The only BAD thing is that the top is FORMICA.  They were in GREAT shape though, so I grabbed them; figuring I could always PAPER the top if painting didn’t work.

I used my trusty orbital sander to sand all over, INCLUDING that formica top.  Then primed all over with KILZ (brush on kind). Then my favorite beachy blue paint!

Time to tackle those formica tops!  I sanded them with my orbital sander again.  And while I only sanded through the top coat of paint to the white primer; with the dark wood EDGES showing through I thought it looked just fine.  How much of the top is really going to even be SEEN once it’s in use anyhow?

Michael doesn’t like the knobs I used; and they happen to be MY favorite part of this make-over!  hehe

They look like little hydrangeas!  I found them at Marshall’s.  A couple of the little ‘flowers’ are missing, but I still love these knobs.  And I figure if a customer doesn’t like them, it’s an easy enough thing to change out.

SO, it looks like you CAN paint and distress a formica top; to an extent at least!

These will be going to my space at Stars very soon.

One fine day

This time of year (and the preceding 7 months really!) ‘nice days’ are few and far between.  I watch the evening news weather reports and literally plan my week around it, IF a ‘nice day’ is predicted.  What IS a nice day to a Pacific Northwester?  Any day that is DRY and warm enough to work outside wearing a jacket.   SUNSHINE is not definitive to nice days here.  Monday was a GORGEOUS day!  SUNNY and warm!  I’ve had ‘outside painting projects’ piled up for MONTHS, awaiting a day like that!

Sweet little desk.  This one was going to have to be SPRAY painted in order to get paint into that open drawer space.  Need to be sure I have a NOT windy ‘nice day’ for spray painting.

Another spray paint candidate.  When I tried to straighten that dowel it popped right out!  Ended up leaving them out, after trying unsuccessfully to permanently attach them.

Yep, another one to spray paint!  Lucky for me, spray paint was JUST on sale and I got 4 cans of white.  Spray paint is getting SO dang expensive.  The cost to spray paint an item is something to consider when selecting project pieces.

Lightly hand sanded this one to distress.  Still debating on applying ‘something’ on the desktop area.  Old book pages maybe?  OR I’ve got lots of old floral wall paper samples.  OR I could stencil a design on??

Just may leave this one ‘as is’ and not distress it.  Still thinking on it.

Need to sand this one for a bit MORE distressing, and may stencil a design in the center.  Looks a tad bare without those decorative turned dowels.  It took 3 cans of spray paint to cover these three pieces.

This one I had primed previously, but ran out of painting time.  I have another similar, but BIGGER 2 tier drum table  like this.  Can’t wait to see how they look stacked together!

This table had a shiny varnish, so needed to be primed (or sanded) before painting.  Due to all the details, priming was going to be quicker and easier than sanding.  THIS is how ‘heavily’ you need to apply brush on primer.  It does not need to completely cover the surface.  Just quickly ‘slap it on’!

After 2 coats of paint.

And distressed.

Michael built the 2 bigger benches for me.  I built the little pink one YEARS ago!

Couple of little thrifted benches.  ALWAYS on the look out for little benches and step stools like these.  They are great for adding height to displays AND they always SELL well!

Painted and distressed.

This one is more of an ‘end table’ size than a bench.  Just lightly distressed it.  Pondered painting stripes on the top.  May still do so.  Most of the striped aqua/white stuff I did last year sold quickly.

Forgot the before pis on this one!  Was just stained, no varnish; so a very quick sanding was all the prep it needed.

Distressed and ready to go.

Stencil something on the top maybe????

Not bad for ONE days work, eh??

Show pictures

SO, here’s what I’ve spent the last 2 days doing:

As you approach my space.

On the outside left.

On the outside left.

Front and center when you walk in.

Beachy bistro table and chairs.

I’ll try to post the rest of the more detailed pics tomorrow.  Right now I just want to put my feet up!

Half round coffee table

Michael scrounged (rescued from a dumpster!) several of these BIG half round pieces of plywood, so I’ve been wracking my brain to think of a good way to USE them.  First thought was a headboard for a child’s bed, or maybe a GIANT ‘man in the moon’ painting.  Nope, just not the right inspiration yet.  THEN I was telling Michael what items are on my current ‘wish list’, and coffee tables was at the top of the list.  Why not make some half round coffee tables?!?  And so we did!

SUPER simple design with an elongated “H” base (instead of legs) like we use for step stools.  I painted the whole thing beachy blue, sanded to distress then applied some of my own ‘weathered wood wash’ (a stain or glaze would work just as well) to give it that weathered beach feeling.

Things NEVER look as ‘distressed’ in the pictures as they really are!  sigh.  It is QUITE well distressed, trust me.

We actually made 2 of them.  Was thinking it would be fun to display them together, as a big round, like this.  Alas, I don’t think there is going to be enough room in my booth at Stars for both of them just now.  One of them will be going in this week, for sure though.

We’ve got a couple more pieces of this half round stuff to work with; so we’ll see how well these coffee tables go over before we decide to make more or not.  I also spotted a smaller half round in Michael’s stash and was thinking we could do a TALL sofa back table, with a shelf  below, and an upper shelf  from the smaller half round.  Would work well as an entry hall table or even a BAR! 

Watch for LOTS of the beachy blue items to appear at Stars by the end of the week!

The rest of the pictures from latest Stars re-do:

You saw MOST of what I re-did in the space in yesterday’s post, showing the re-done shelf.  I also moved some other things around and ‘thinned out’ stale product that had been sitting too long.

The other ‘big change’ I made to the space was pulling this vintage window pane shelf (which Michael made) to the FRONT of our booth; and ‘staged’ it with just a select few items on the shelves.

I really love this shelf, but for some reason it keeps ending up in the back corner and crammed full of odds and ends that I don’t really have room for and am too lazy to pack up and haul home!  It would make a wonderful ‘sofa back’ table.

Aren’t these white wire baskets the perfect complement to this shelf?!?!?  I wish I could have found MORE of them.  Alas, I got the last of them.

I really tried to ‘think ahead’ on this move.  Usually when something this BIG sells, I have to go back in as soon as possible to ‘fill in the bare spot’ and find another place to display the contents.  What I did this time is put a couple of small tables/stands on top of the shelf; and THEY can just be left right there after she shelf sells.

Another plus to having the stands up off the floor is that I can also display stuff UNDER them.

I filled the grey cubby shelf that sits atop the grey chest with a collection of bird/duck ceramic pieces.


So that’s what the space at Stars looks like for now!

Ready for some shopping therapy???

Spring show ~ Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar ~ Pictures of OUR area

Just posting pics of OUR area today.  Will post the rest tomorrow.  I’m still pretty wiped out from setting up so much stuff in 12 hours.  I slept for 10 hours last night.  Got up and fixed Michael’s breakfast and lunch, then went back to bed and slept for another four hours.  Putzed around the house for a bit, then took a 2 hour nap!!!  On to the photoshow:

I’ve been wanting to try this ‘enclosed’ (but still airy!) look for the spot we set up at this in.   Finally gave it a try this year.  The show owner provides the lattice dividers, and I just used two ‘three-part’ sections and folded them around one end of each table at the entry to our area.   Placed a board across the top and draped some tulle.  What do you think of the look?  Yea or nay?

Here’s what it looks like from farther back.  I hung vintage sheer curtains on the fronts of the lattice.  For the next show, I’d like to try hanging strands of little LED lights on the inside part of the lattice.  Creating this backdrop gave me a good spot to create 2 little vignettes, since I didn’t have a LOT of the pink or aqua stuff.  The effect is much more dramatic when you don’t water it down by blending it in with a lot of other colors.

Beachy blue on one side.   Some spiffed up old directors chairs with new seats/backs, and the word ‘relax’ stamped on the back.


And the pink side, with a little bit of green for contrast.

My wire mannequin with feather wings and a pretty handmade apron (apron made by another vendor)

Cool vintage pink shelf, vintage pink chenille spreads, old pink picnic basket.

Pink chair, vintage pink kitchen step stool and very rusty old pink three tire metal cart.

And below is what you see when you walk through the doorway:

This antique full size spool bed is in nearly perfect condition!  We opted to NOT set it up with a mattress, but to use the space for more furniture.


Little shelf along the back wall.

A little more of the back wall.  In this facility we aren’t allowed to hang anything on the walls, so I have to be creative!  Michael cut some big shutters in half for me, and we set those on top of our display tables; and can hang pictures from the shutter slats.

Looking down the left side.  These SIDE walls are ‘temporary ones’ that the show owner installs, so we CAN hang things on them.  I try to NOT place the big 8′ tables along the sides too much, so I can better access them to use for hanging thing on.  I always seem to have an excess of things that need to be hung.  Guess I got used to having lots of hanging space when we had our own store.

A bit of a better look across the back wall.  Still have a bit of primitive stuff left at this show, but it will probably be the LAST show that we bring the primitive to.  It’s just becoming too much work to keep up with more than one style.  Especially when the beach and cottage are ALL we sell at the antique malls.  There really seems to NOT be much of a demand (locally at least!) for primitive and folk art style furniture and decor.

Right side wall, black furniture and lots of signs!


My little hand stitched owls and kitties.


LOTS of monogram letters!  Had some fun and spelled out a few words with them.  “beach”

“home”  These wood framed monograms have an easel back and can also stand up.

“Sophie”, “nest” and “party”



“song’  These white frames have a pretty satin ribbon to hang from.

Lots of other monograms!

Handcrafted monogram tags’ just $1.95 each!   Great to tie onto packages as gift tags or enclose with a card as a little gift.

This big shabby white curio display shelf IS for sale.


This great shabby Paris chic chest of drawers is only $79.00!

The show continues, weekdays; 10am – 8pm through Saturday, 10am – 5pm.

Added some o0Oomph to the little blue suitcase


So, it sat like this on the work table in my craft room for a couple of days.  The more I looked at it, the more I thought ‘it needs something more’.

So, I rummaged through my stash of foam stamps and grabbed these.

I decided to stamp the design on the BOTTOM of the suitcase; so if someone wanted it to NOT show, they could sit it flat on the ground.  When adding designs to an item such as this, it’s a good idea to only do ONE side.  That leaves a blank side ‘just in case’ someone loves the piece, but not the added art work.  Either way it’s a WIN!

It’s now in my space at Stars Antiques in Portland.

Three drawer chest – all done!

Had a half a day of dry weather last week and dashed outside to finish up this three drawer chest.

Luckily I found some simple, sleek brass pulls in my stash that perfectly fit the holes from the previous pulls.  It always amazes me how much of a difference ‘just changing the pulls’ or knobs makes on a chest.

I sanded this one quite heavily (using an orbital sander with COARSE sandpaper)  so the white undercoat AND the wood shows through.



This sweetie will be going to Stars sometime before the end of the month.

Outdated grubby chair / updated to shabby chic!

’twas a sad little chair indeed when it first came our way:

The threadbare red velvet seat was absolutely FILTHY.  The entire set had to GO.  I removed it and set it aside for Michael to use as a template to cut a new wood base.

First of two coats of paint.

Perfect coverage with the second coat.  Let dry overnight, then sand and distress.

Test the wood base for the seat to be sure it fits right before covering it.

You don’t want your wood base to go all the way to the end; leave room for your fabric and cushion.

Close up of the distressing on the back.

I didn’t get photos of the cushion.  Those foam chair pads that you can buy are CRAZY expensive (even WITH a 40% off coupon!)  So, I improvised on this cushion and used a new pillow form!  (NEVER re-use old foam or pillows!  And ALWAYS leave the inspection tag on.)

All you need to cover the wood base is some padding, fabric and a heavy-duty staple gun! 

I made a coordinating little throw pillow with left over fabric.  Michael thinks the seat cushion looks TOO fluffy.  I think it looks nice and comfy!  Whaddya think???

This cutie pie will be going to the fall show.