Sorry I’m a little late getting these pictures of the show posted.  I’ve been distracted by all this sunshine; as I’m guessing the rest of you locals have been too!  Fear not!  The rain is supposed to return tonight so you won’t feel guilty abandoning your gardening duties for a little shopping adventure!

Looks like ‘my color’ is catching on with a lot of other vendors!




‘My’ little corner of the show with lots of my signs.




And all these pictures just barely scratch the surface of what you will find at this show!  Truly something for everyone!


is open from 10am – 8pm Today, Thursday and Friday.  Saturday from 10am – 5pm.

  SHOPPING TIP: Best times to avoid the crowds is evenings!!  

Pictures from the Rebel Junk Vintage Market

At the Washington County Fairgrounds; Saturday, February 6, 10-4.  $7.00 admission,  Free Parking.

Stopped in today during set-up to help a friend with her booth and snapped a few photos.  Not ALL of the booths were ‘photo ready’, so these pics are just a SMALL SNIPPET of what you will actually see in person!










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Prettied up prayer candles

Here’s my newest batch of prettied up prayer candles.

P1230512In the past I’ve used vintage sheet music for the background paper.  This time I decided on old dictionary pages.

P1230514There are SO many pretty colors and styles if paper doilies available now.  I love this turquoise and kraft combination.  The center medallion was punched from some wrapping paper I bought that has assorted vintage looking handwriting on it.

P1230650I don’t care for the look of the plain white paraffin wax that these are made of, and they always have at least an extra inch of wick.  So I top them off with some scented candle was.

P1230649I tied a couple of reproduction keys around the rim with some turquoise/white bakers twine.

167532You can find prayer candles at just about ANY grocery store, but the plain white ones like this can sometime be more difficult to find.  Dollar Tree always has them in stock.

P1230513My booth at Stars is SOOOOO packed with Christmas stuff right now that I am probably going to set these aside until the first of the year, or maybe spring.
P1230521I made this altered bottle at the same time as the candles.  Just an old glass bottle and some of the wrapping paper glued around it.

P1230520The ‘padlock’ came from the craft store.

P1230519As did this key with ‘MEMORY’ stamped into it.  (I think the key was from a Tim Holtz set.)  I put a band of tea stained muslin around the neck of the bottle, and tied the key on with bakers twine.  I’ll set this one aside too, until I get a whole batch of altered bottles made to take in.

Now, back to watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel, and ‘resting up’ for craft show delivery and set up.

Every Husband’s Nightmare at the Washington County Fairplex; Tuesday – Saturday.

Every Husband’s Nightmare Spring Bazaar . . . .

Opened TODAY and runs through Saturday at 5pm at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro.  Here are some pics of the signs that I took to the show:


Not sure how well I like how I have it set up, but not sure how ELSE I could do it either!?!?!


I sure two of the 8′ tables set ‘back to back’ to create one large square table; with a shutter facing outward on each of the four sides.


I’ve got too many signs to really use the shutters to HANG them on; except for the little bit of extra room ABOVE the ones ‘stacked on end’.


Had to take some of the really long ones and just pile them in a tub; and/or prop them at the end of the tables.  (can’t hang things on the wall of this facility!)


I’ve got this one small ‘tiered’ stand that helps a little for some of the small signs.


I’ll take an inventory again after the show to see which signs sold the best and probably weed out some that didn’t sell well for the next show.  (AND I’ll have some ‘holiday themed’ signs for the fall show to make room for)


Keeping the ‘piles’ in order will probably be a challenge.  I’m sure they’ll get mixed up as people look through the stacks.


Short or actually ‘building walls’ to display them on, this was my best guess.  Plus I have to be able to HAUL my display pieces in my car!

And that’s IT for my items at the show!!!   NOTHING like what I used to do.  But that’s life!  My bad back is just getting too old to haul as much stuff as I used to!

P1130533Here are some pics of the rest of the show.  )some of my signs are also placed throughout the other displays also.)






























So get in while the gettin’s good!  Open 10am – 8pm Wed Friday and 10am – 5pm Saturday.

***HELPFUL HINT:  If you prefer to AVOID the crowds, shop in the evenings!

NEW SIGNS in my etsy shop

Put a few of my newest stencils to work and got some new signs made for my etsy shop  AND for the upcoming EVERY HUSBAND;S NIGHTMARE BAZAAR!

P1130290Retro style EAT signs.


Great reminder!

P1130302Any Grandmas out there??


LOVE this one!!!

P1130315Great Easter sign!

P1130362You KNOW you want to say it sometimes!!




Yes, I will be returning to Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar as a vendor; but NOT with as humongous of a set up as I used to do.  Just signs now.  The show is NEXT WEEK at the Washington county Fairgrounds in Hillsboro.

Coming (and GOING) attractions

Well if you haven’t been to my booth in the new antique mall, Curiosities in Beaverton; you have precious little time left to do so.


The mall will still be there, but my booth, will not be as of the end of March.  I really did my best to make it work.  Really thought that a location ‘closer in’ the suburbs (more convenient for our former store customers than Stars) would be IDEAL.  Alas, it just isn’t working out for me.

Fabulous antique enamelware table now just $50.00.  SO Farmhouse chic!

Fabulous antique enamel ware table now just $50.00. SO Farmhouse chic!

The good news is that I will be having a moving sale and EVERYTHING in my booth (including several  of the big shelves and display fixtures!) will be 50% off.

These display shelves WILL be for sale at half off!

These display shelves WILL be for sale at half off!

I still have the ‘HALF PRICE WHITE SALE’ going on right now.  Will be changing the sign to half off EVERYTHING moving sale some time next week.  Will post that notice on my Facebook page,  then here in my blog as soon as I have time.

ALL signs will be half off!

ALL signs will be half off!


I will be returning as a vendor to Every Husband’s Nightmare for the spring show April 21 – 26th.  


 I can no longer ‘haul and set up an entire mini store’ like I used to do for this show.  So I had to think of something that I could more easily set up and tear down and haul.  I’ve built up quite an extensive collection of hand painted signs via my etsy shop and decided that they would be just perfect for the show.  (esty prices run a little HIGHER than what I price my signs at for local sale) .

A very SMALL preview of some of the signs that will be available at the show.

A very SMALL preview of some of the signs that will be available at the show.

Mark your calendar and save the dates!

*** I will still continue on with my booth at Stars antique mall in Portland; just giving up the secondary booth in Beaverton.  I add new inventory at Stars several times a month.

Sneak peek at the Junk Salvation show 2014

This is just a ‘snippet’ of a sneak peek of the show, as most vendors were still in the throes of working their displaying magic.  So I didn’t get any ‘full booth’ photos; just quick pics of some of the goodies that caught my eye as I made my way around.

P1110642How fabulous is this vintage trash can!!  This is the metal garden sculpture guy who was across from our booth the first year when we did the show.  I was soooooooooooo  tempted to buy this beauty!  Wouldn’t it make a great laundry hamper?  It was a little rusty inside, but that could easily be painted over to protect your clothes.  You just can’t fake that ‘REAL faded paint patina’!



P1110649I was quite pleasantly surprised at how often I saw items in ‘my color’!  Of course NO ONE does it to the extent that I do, but there were lots of individual pieces throughout the show.



P1110651These are CHILD size!  super cute!








P1110644Lots of whites too.

P1110656Old enamel ware bowls.

P1110657Old windows.

P1110660Lots of cool mannequins!




P1110672Unique lighting!


P1110662Old bird cages.




P1110675Little drawers.

P1110674Buckets, watering cans and wheel barrows.

P1110678Lots of unique revamped furniture.

P1110661Some REALLY grubby stuff!

P1110659And Valentines goodies!

Show information HERE.

P.S.  No, we don’t have a booth at the show this year.

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Michael’s Recycled Remnants @ the Beaverton FLEA MARKET ~ June 15th 10am – 4pm


 Michael has been very busy building all kinds of unfinished pieces to sell at the Beaverton Flea Market this Saturday; sponsored by Curiosities Vintage Mall.

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 058I don’t know what he has priced things at, but he ALWAYS keeps his prices super low!

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 059Little unfinished cedar patio tables.  Can be left unfinished to naturally weather and age just like your cedar fence does!  This stuff still has a nice raised grain, so it’s perfect for a quick ‘dry brush paint job’.  OR if you want a nicer traditional finish, you can sand the wood smooth and paint or stain.

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 060A few pieces, like this bench, were built using painted  scrap wood.

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 061New cedar and old weathered cedar plant ‘steps’.

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 062Rustic cedar garden ‘trugs’.  SO many ways to use these!  To haul around your garden tools, of course.  But you can also paint them up and hang them on a wall as a shelf and towel rack.   In the kitchen to hold your cook books?  In the bathroom maybe with extra towels and wash cloths on top and your hand drying towel hung from the handle?  LOTS of ideas for  these things on Pinterest.

Like this.

Or this!

TOO much to look at on PInterest!!

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 101Lots of reclaimed birch plywood book shelves.  These are the kinds of shelves that I paint up and sell, and use for display.  Nice smooth wood.  Mostly just need to sand over the edges and corners before painting.  These paint up very nicely.

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 103Corner shelves, counter top book racks, hutches and wall shadow boxes!

Yep, Michael hac been VERY busy making stuff for this Flea Market!  Come and get ’em while the gettin’s good!

flea flyer





2012 Antique and handcrafts show – Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar

I’m not participating in the show anymore (due to my damaged spine), so it was REALLY fun to go as ‘just a shopper’ today!  Found lots of goodies.

35 decorated Christmas trees to inspire you.  (ALL the decorations ARE for sale!)

Vintage furniture; primitive and shabby chic.

Really, a little bit of just about EVERYTHING!

Stuff for kids, handcrafted jewelry, Oregon gourmet foods, gifts for gardeners, scarves and hats and things for your four legged friends.   Hop over to my Pinterest   to see LOTS more pictures!


At the Washington County Fairplex in Hillsboro, Oregon

OPEN:  Tuesday – Friday 10am – 8pm

Saturday 10am – 5pm        ~      Sunday 10am – 3pm

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More pictures of my area at the show:

Don’t forget, this is the LAST TIME I will be participating in this show.  I’ve had to step down for health reasons.

My decision has NO REFLECTION on the show.  It is a wonderful show with the most personable owner I have EVER worked with in all my years of doing craft shows; and I’d continue doing it FOREVER if I were physically able to!  (seriously!)

If you are in the Hillsboro vicinity, and are an antiquer or hand crafter and have been considering getting into doing shows, I HIGHLY recommend this show.    Just be sure to VISIT the show to be sure someone else isn’t already there and doing the same thing as you; and to see how your wares would ‘fit in’.

Feel free to contact me for advice on participating in shows.  For specific info on Every Husband’s Nightmare, you can contact Jackie Lee .  

On with the show . . .

Vintage advertising and handcrafted wood letters.

Beach collectibles and accessories.

OH so shabby rusty corner shelf.

Garden goods.

Three different shabby white picket fence sections make great headboards!

BIG OLE grubby garden ladder.  Fun garden accessory to fill with potted plants and birdhouses.

Little four pane window shelf for your collectibles.

Grubby little step ladder to use as a display shelf.

Half round shabby beach coffee table or foot of the bed bench; two tier drum table in back.  Handcrafted Paris chic finials.

More beach treasures.

Several pieces of black furniture; small round table, half round table, rolling vintage TV cart, wire corner shelf, 2 little step/foot stools and a small display shelf filled with paper crowns.

It’s all about the CROWNS this show.  Crowns are everywhere!  A whole shelf full of vintage sheet music decorative crowns here.

Silver glittery crowns on the heads of pretty white birds on pedestals.

Vintage sheet music paper crowns on little ceramic birds.

On little feather birds.

On a cherub wall plaque and a bird topped cloche.

Silver glitter crowns on little white piggy banks.

On some of the white ceramic cherubs.

Vintage rusty 3 tier metal cart (with electrical outlet!) and vintage pink wicker shelf.

Good night moon wall plaque; big word cloud chalk board,big faux wall clock and vintage plaster wall cherubs.

I call this chair ‘the throne’!  That over stuffed seat is soooooooooooo comfy!!!

Vintage shabby chic doll cradle.

Blue and white striped folding table.

Vintage white cherub lamp base.  SO Paris flea market chic!

Lots of great stationary items and sets.  Great prices on great gift items!

Journal and list pad sets, note cards, sticky notes.

Vintage suitcases; ALLIGATOR on top!

A matching pair!  These tweed suitcases are in VERY good condition; especially clean insides!  Great to use as an end table or bedside table.   Extra storage space bonus!

Primitive wood chair, big turquoise frame. handcrafted altered art  lamp and shabby chic folding card table.

Yes!  ALL the shelves with stuff on them on these tables ARE for sale!

Vintage book pages decoupaged on the top of a table and stool.

Beachy bistro table with starfish around the rim and vintage wicker shelf filled with beach collectibles.

Shell topped pedestals and sea glass wreath.

Remember, the show is open until 8pm!!    

Take home a pizza for the hubs and kiddos and head out for some spring shopping therapy!