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I’m getting pretty excited for the upcoming Rebel Junk Marketplace at Washington County Fairgrounds February 2 & 3.

Still working away on a few last minute projects for the show. . . . .

This shabby bar stool and little round accent table will be available at the show.


I especially LOVE the way the tops of these two items turned out; so EXTRA grubby and shabby!  The table had a ‘fabric-like’ finish; that shows through the two coats of paint when I sanded it.  The bar stool had your standard light wood seat.  BOOOOooo0000oooRING!  I did several layers of paint and it was still not grubby enough.  Since I really liked the texture that the fabric stuff gave to the table, I decided to try something similar with the bar stool.  I applied a single layer of a two-ply paper napkin with tacky glue.  Let it dry and added another two coats of paint; black then white.  LOVE how it turned out!  Single layers of napkins are going to be my new ‘secret weapon’ I think!


I’m also paring down some of my own personal items to sell at the show.  I’ve had this sweet little set of three wicker ‘suitcases’ for well over 20 years, and have used them to store just about everything imaginable, from craft supplies to clothing.  They are still in PERFECT condition.  $48.00 for the set of three.  (just $38.40 with your 20% discount . . .  don’t forget to ASK for the discount!!)


This metal Eiffel Tower clock was in my booth at Stars for a while.  I found the metal cut out at a thrift shop and added the clockworks.  For some reason, people are compelled to ‘mess around with the clock hands’.  I fixed them are re-tightened the nut that holds the hands in place at least a dozen times.  Finally decided to bring it home when someone actually STOLE the nut and broke one of the hands?!?!  Fortunately I have a stash of ‘clock works’ on hand at home and was able to replace them.  Will be taking this to the Rebel Junk Show too.

I can’t wait to unpack all the goodies that I’ve been stashing away for the last year for this show.  It’s going to be like Christmas for me getting to see all the stuff again!

There’s still time to buy your tickets on-line and avoid waiting in the long line on the show dates.


Second batch of tea stained quilt hearts

P1100700When it’s too cold to go out in the workshop and paint sign boards, I sit in front of the TV and stitch!  Have had LOTS of stitching time this past month!  This is the second batch of tea stained lace quilt hearts.

P1100703I stamped out some tea stained muslin ‘tags’ for this batch.





A few close-ups.  I don’t really know HOW to explain how I did these; other than gluing on layers and layers of lace and ric-rac.


Typically started with a BIG piece of lace first, then layered on the thinner pieces.

P1100709Sometimes I worked laying the lace ‘down the sides’; and sometimes across, like on this one.


 A few layers along one side, then a few along the other side; overlapping at the end point.


 I HOPE you can see all the layers in these close up photos.

P1100712Added a snippet of burlap to this one; and a border of lace around the right side edge.

P1100713This one I did the border along the outside edge on both sides.    I think this one is my favorite.  Not as ‘busy’ as some of the others and that ‘bluing’ on the button is just perfect!

These will be going to my space at Stars.    Then it’s time to start cranking out the signs for the upcoming spring show!

Buttoned up Christmas stockings.

10.1.13 pics 001

Bought a bunch of plain white Christmas stockings on post season clearance last year.10.1.13 pics 002

My friend Carolyn donated an ample amount of vintage white buttons to my button collection, so I decided to decorate the stockings with old buttons and lace.10.1.13 pics 003

I still have a few that I haven’t embellished yet.  I’m kind of out of ideas!  Can’t decide if these are TOO plain???10.1.13 pics 004

So they need MORE buttons?  More lace?  Fine as they are??10.1.13 pics 005Because they ARE so white, I’m tempted to put them in a plastic sleeve before I put them out for sale in my booths; to protect them from getting dirty when they are handled.  

10.1.13 pics 006

But THEN I always wonder if they look ‘too commercially packaged’ when I do that?!?!10.1.13 pics 007What do YOU think?!?!

My newest ‘thing’

Add KEYS to my list of favorite things.  Lately I’ve been adding keys to things almost as often as I do crowns!

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 054I added a few new glass canisters/jars to my recent collection.

1.23.13 signs Stars 079This thrifted bottle is about the size of an 8 oz baby bottle; and has a plastic screw on lid.

1.23.13 signs Stars 082Instead of using actual keys on this one, I decided to use some skeleton key rub ons that I had; just for the sake of variety and to see which will sell better.

1.23.13 signs Stars 080The rub ons are less expensive to use too, so I can price the jars with these less than the ones with the real old keys or the big  repro skeleton keys.

1.23.13 signs Stars 081I decided to dress up the lid on this one a bit too.  I could have just spray painted it with the flat black that I used on all the other metal lids.  But, as long as I was trying something different; why not go different with the lid too!  I glued a strip of this burlap ribbon around the edge and a punched round scallop paper medallion on the top.

1.30.13 stars projects 079The jar on the left is the same kind as the two biggest jars I did in the last batch.  I sure wish  I knew where/what they came from!  They are very thick and heavy glass, and the lids are brushed aluminum; which I spray paint black.

1.30.13 stars projects 084Some jute twine around the neck.

1.30.13 stars projects 083In keeping with the ‘key’ theme I added a big skeleton key rub-on on top of a tea stained and hand stamped paper label.

1.30.13 stars projects 082I’m not sure I like this one better than the others that I tied the big ole repro skeleton keys to, but again, just wanted to add some variations on the theme AND offer a lower price point.

1.30.13 stars projects 080These are pretty standard glass canister jars with tin screw on lids.  With the ribbing in the glass along each corner, I needed to keep the label inside one panel.  I miscalculated a bit on the positioning of this rub-on, but it wasn’t bad enough to scrape off and start over.

1.30.13 stars projects 081I decided that this short stubby repro skeleton key was perfect for the top of this jar.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 020These have all gone to Stars and are blended in with the last batch I made.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 036I had re-painted this formerly red tin embossed heart back when I got it; then packed it away with my Valentine craft supplies.   One of the big repro skeleton keys tied on was the perfect finishing touch!.

1.30.13 stars projects 009This is what I originally made the hand stamped tea stained paper labels, like I used on the one jar.  Found these four good sized spools of string at the thrift store.

1.30.13 stars projects 011

 Usually I like to just toss assorted balls and spools of string ‘as I found them’, into bowls and jars to display and sell.  But now that several other vendors at Stars are doing the same thing; I decided to ‘take mine to the next level’.

1.30.13 stars projects 008LOVE how these labels turned out.  I was going to use some of this  paper ribbon I got a while ago:

12.29.12 stars Val buys 096

And even held it up to the spools to see how it looked.  That’s when I got the inspiration to make some of my own.  The purchased stuff would have worked just fine, but it was kinda pricey.  So I really need to save it for a higher priced item.

1.30.13 stars projects 007

I really like my home made stuff just as well.  Might even have to make more of it; and sell just the labels!  Whaddyathink?!?!

1.30.13 stars projects 028Took the spools of string to Stars and tossed them in a big old wooden bowl with some vintage crochet threads.

1.30.13 stars projects 029Might have to make some thinner labels to add to the crochet threads too!

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 016Then ultimately I ended up tossing some hand stitched hearts in with the mix too!

Pondering putting together some ‘bundles’ of assorted spools of threads and string and pillows like this to sell in my etsy shop.

Stitching away

Been stuck INSIDE from all the rain lately, so I’ve been getting a lot of stitching done.

Lots of starfish throw pillows made from a vintage chenille bedspread.

All of these are for sale in my etsy shop.

Also made a few sets of hearts.

Had a little bit of cream colored chenille too; enough to make 2 pairs of pillows.

LOTS of other new stuff in my etsy shop.  190 items!!  Too many new listings to show you them all here.  I hope you’ll pop over and take a peek.

String theory

I’ve got a thing for string lately.  Started seeing jars filled with old cones of string and big spools of crochet thread a couple of years ago, and instantly fell in love with the look.  Don’t ask me WHY??  It just seem to be appealing to me; and apparently to a LOT of other designers too.

Once it was ‘on my radar’ I began noticing it in abundance at rummage sales and thrift stores.  Bought enough to fill one BIG jar and a smaller ‘fish bowl’ for my own decor at home.  But it didn’t stop there.  It’s like I was ADDICTED to buying the stuff.  BIG bags of a dozen or more were to be found, and it I was patient enough (and lucky enough!) I could get the whole bag full for half price!

Jars full.  Bowls full.  So many cute ways to display them.  Lots of ideas for making cute new labels for those without them.

I had some on cardboard spools/cones that were too bent to use ‘as is’, so I started making string balls!

At first I only looked for white and cream colors.  Then I found some batches with colors mixed in, so I had to find MORE colors to go with those!

I started making the string balls while I watched TV at night, and just kept making them!

Filled all the big glass jars I had on hand with them . . . now what???

Maybe shoppers already have their own jars/vases and just need ‘the stuff’ to fill them.  Here ya go!  An instant string collection, ready for you to toss into a bowl or jar.

They work great as potpourri too!  Just spritz some of your favorite fragrance oil on them and place them out in a bowl.

It’s fun finding ‘just the right’ color combination to fill the jars.

Some small spools of thread tossed in when I had ones that matched the color theme.  I also made some decorative FELT covered balls to add to the mix for more contrast and interest.

ALL of these shown are for sale in my booth at stars Antiques in Portland, Oregon.

I’ve also got some great vintage flour sack towels, and some new ones with red stripes.

I have a collection of shoe shine bruhses too!  they make great photo displays!

The votes are in on the angel wings controversy

Not everyone who commented specified ‘up’ or ‘down’; but of those who did; 4 voted for up and 12 voted for facing down.  I didn’t want to tell you which direction I preferred vs. what Michael liked better, so as to not influence the voting process.  I liked them better down, but almost immediately after I posted the pictures I decided on NEITHER, and set to work on a SMALLER pair, using tea stained music pages cut into leaf shapes.  And made them ‘not so directional’.


Here’s the previous options.  I still LIKE that pair of wings, just not ON this doll.  Will probably make them to just hang on the wall as a decoration.

Now that I’ve solved the wing debacle, I’m kicking myself for having not painted the base and cage before I attached them.  And I’m not sure I even CAN go back and do it now because I’d need to use spray paint and she is NOT removable anymore at this point!  sigh.

Looks like this one will end up in my ‘personal collection’ of ‘not quite right’ projects.  I can never seem to keep the ‘perfect ones’ for myself.  So I end up with the ones that aren’t good enough to sell.  I still LOVE them, imperfect as they are; because they are the ‘first fruits’ (so to speak) of my inspiration and have sentimental value.

Maybe I will display her among my globe collection, which will kind of hide her base.  Might be kinda cool having an angel overlooking the world (s!)

Pictures of recently made hearts

Most of these shown are bigger, about HAND size hearts that I’m selling individually in my booth at Stars.

Adding some *tea* stained vintage lace, felt and quilt batting.

*I don’t use actual TEA for my stain.  Recipe is sold on etsy.

LOTS of buttons!

It’s really quite relaxing, searching for ‘just the right button’ to fit in each spot and making sure they are all different.

Layers are stitched to the front piece, then buttons,  before stitching front and back together and stuffing.

Little French knots added between buttons.

I’m really “into” the LAYERS this year.

Smaller ones are packaged in cello bags in sets.

Pretty pink angel

I had made her to go to the show right before Valentine’s day; but the box she was in got lost in the shuffle and she never made it out!

This is the last of a batch of pre-sewn (but not stuffed) bodies that I swapped out some wood stuff for with a sewing frined a while back.

Her body is made from basic muslin.  I tea stained it with my own special stain recipe.  If you can stain before you stuff the bodies, you’ll waste less stain, because it will soak into the polyfill.

Her pretty pink petticoat is just hand stitched using a piece of vintage lace.

I guess she’ll now be destined to go out in the upcoming spring show.  I plan to do a small pink section along with my ‘usual’ beachy blue.

LOCAL FOLKS:  Mark your calendars and SAVE THE DATE for the spring EVERY HUSBAND’S NIGHTMARE BGAZAAR.  ~April 19-23.

Awesome new cutter quilt

I usually don’t even bother to look at the price tags on quilts I see at the antique malls because they are always WAY over my budget.  Something made me look at this one when I was at Stars last week though, and it was my LUCKY day!

Looks like it was made from scraps and snippets of old clothing; lost of bare spots where the fabric has worn away; but PERFECT for what I want to use it for.

First I’ll work with the best parts, and cut out covers for a couple of throw pillows to put on the bed at the Junk Salvation show.

Then I’ll use the rest to make more little quilt hearts, to also take to the show.

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