A jar with no lid ~

This is the ‘front view’ of the half bottle I altered in the last post.  I wanted to show you how BIG the jar for today’s project is by comparison.P1180177

It’s a nice BIG half-gallon jar.  I LOVE the big gallon size ‘restaurant pickle jars’.  Like to paint the lids and use them as canisters.  Was thinking that I might find ‘just a lid’ some day for this half-gallon jar, OR convince myself to sacrifice one from a gallon jar for it.  THEN, I had this idea!

Add a wire handle and make it into a candle lantern!

P1180191I’ve seen this idea used on baby food jars with battery operated tea lights, hanging in trees for outdoor party decor.

P1180192And done with pint and quart size canning jars.  You can ever BUY the canning jars with the wire handles already on them!  I wired my own.  YOU just have to be sure your wire is SNUG, and below you lid ridges.


It needed ‘something more’ than just the wire handle, so I attached an old padlock and key.


And I always put candles in anything that is supposed to hold a candle before I put it out for sale.

P1180197And a burlap bow for good measure!

Meet my two new ‘helpers’ . . . .

Most of you know that I have some pretty severe physical limitations due to an unexpected outcome from a spine surgery 15 years ago.  Couple that with plain ole ‘old age’ creeping in and everyday activities are becoming more difficult for me.  Especially stocking my booth at Stars and setting up for shows.  It was time to ‘get some help’ with all that work.  Meet my two new helpers:

zu14325886_main_tm1412174103A FOLDING three tier cart!!!  (that I bought fromZulilly)  
This thing is going to save me SO MUCH extra ‘lifting and carrying’!!  I have one of the old three tier metal kitchen carts, mine is rusty pink.  The shelves bend if I put too much weight on them and the wheels screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech when I push it from place to place.  AND it takes up the entire back of my car.  So when I needed to use it for moving product around in my booth, I couldn’t fit any new stock for my booth in my car that day!  sigh.  But occasionally it was a necessary evil.  
It’s just SO convenient to load the stuff I want to move to a new spot in the booth onto the cart; then I can wheel it out of the way while I prepare the new location.  Saves me a LOT of ‘bending and lifting and carrying’ of stuff from one place to another.  And this new one folds flat enough that it fits in the small space behind the front seats, without using up any of the ‘cargo space’ in my car.  
It also sets up and folds down SO easily, that I just might use IT instead of my ‘flat-bed’ dolly for hauling stuff from my car to my booth.  (sometimes I have to park BLOCKS away from Stars!)  The flat bed works great for furniture, but small boxes of stuff tend to ‘slide off’ if I hit a bump crossing the street!
zu21195604_main_tm1416597082I also got this little cutie from Zulilly.  A folding stool to sit on!  It fits in the same area along with the cart.  Will be perfect to sit on when I am working on the ‘near the floor’ areas of my booth, since I don’t ‘stoop down’ so well anymore.  Usually have to get down on my knees; which isn’t too bad.  It’s the getting UP that’s the hard part!  
These two new helpers are going to make my work SO much easier!

One last Valentine craft!

I thought this flat back ‘half bottle’ was interesting and would led itself to an interesting alteration.


My initial thought was to decorate the flat side; then I had this idea!

P1180257I glued some paper to the flat side with the design facing toward the INSIDE of the bottle.

P1180251It’s quite IMpossible to photograph it well because the flash glares on the glass in the front.  You’ll just have to trust me that it looks pretty cool when you see it in person.

P1180259I really did try taking pictures from EVERY angle!  You can at least SEE the paper in this one (it just has some scribbled writing on it.)

P1180260Still trying to get the ‘perfect picture’!  To no avail!

P1180252I did the flat glass things on top of this one.  BUT I had to use three of them, because the neck on this one was very concave, so I glued (e6000) the first one curved side down.  Then the second one ‘flat side to flat side’, then a small one on top.

P1180253Tied on a little key with some sheer white ribbon.  Made this one all white, so I can leave it out AFTER Valentine’s day.  Would make a cute little wedding or anniversary gift, no?

P1180255You can see the topper better in this picture.

And that is the last of the Valentine themed items for me.  My Valentine craft supplies have been packed up and taken to the storage garage!

Time to start on spring the Easter things!

Altered art / collage little silver tray

What to do with this cute little silver tray?


I almost just slapped a price tag on it and sold it ‘as found’.  It’s the perfect size for a catch-all for keys, coins or jewelry.

P1180060But I was feeling crafty, so I gave it a little ‘oomph’!

P1180061The little crystals don’t show up very well in the photos, but I glued six of them onto the ‘small petal’ sections.  A big brass color skeleton key, a small skeleton key and a ‘love’ charm.

P1180064The ribbon for hanging it was the hardest part to figure out.  I glued it to the back, then glued some paper on top of the glued on ribbon for added strength.

P1180062The attached ribbon held just fine, and looked fine . . . from the front.  But it was UGLY on the back!

P1180069So I cut out a picture into an oval shape and glued it over the glued on ribbon.  Now it’s reversible!

P1180065Just a wee silver tray.

P1180067And a little love!

It is available for purchase  in my etsy shop

My latest findings

Taking a quick break from painting furniture OUTSIDE . . . seriously!  It is warm enough to paint outside today . . . without a coat even!  Maybe I can finally get caught up on all the outside projects I didn’t get to last summer because it was just too HOT out!

Here are my most recently procured goods:
P1170998I’ve been gathering up dress forms, big and small, for quite a while now.  Soon I shall have myself a mannequin dressing marathon.  (been gathering up clothes for them too!)  This is just a small one, 19″ tall, but I can see her with a big lacey tutu type skirt and maybe some wings.

P1170999I don’t usually go for metallic stuff, but for some reason I really liked this gold box.  Trying to add some more variety and ‘different’ elements to my booth st Stars; and this matte gold box just caught my eye!

P1180002Little metal frame.

P1180003HUGE round finials.  Much bigger than you usually see!  NINE of them!

P1180007Unique oval ironstone platters.

P1180009I typically look for ‘just white’ for the vintage dishware for my booth.  Again, for the same of expanding my repertoire, I got these with a mustard color trim.  They are smaller than the typical oval dinner platter.  Another reason I really liked them!



Jars and bottles.

P1180014Angels and cherubs.


P1180023Vintage Madonna vase and baby booties vase.

P1180030HUGE aqua bottle and smaller, lighter one.


Set of four bunny napkin rings.

Time to get back outside to my many painting projects!  Happy SUNNY Sunday everyone!

Trio of small chests


It started with this box.P1150075

Thrift store find cigar box; taller and better construction than your typical cigar box.

P1150076While the outside was a bit scratched up, the ‘innards’ are nice and clean!  I can easily ‘paper over’ the inside of the lid to cover up the wording.

P1150786I removed the broken hardware from the front and spray painted it a sea-foam green.

P1150823Perfect place for me to use this scrap book paper map to cover up the writing on the inside of the lid.


Decided it needed a little ‘something’, so I glued on a repro white skeleton key to the front.  Just right!

P1150789Then I found this box at the thrift store. Not terribly fond of the wood burned design in the top.  Not even sure I’ll be able to ‘sand it off’.  But I can always ‘paper over it'; which actually might look perfect with the raised trim around the edge of the lid.

P1150790Clean and divided inside.

P1150791  Fortunately my orbital sander fit inside the trim, and the design on the lid sanded off better than I’d expected.  A wee bit of the wood burned color still shows, but the top is smooth, so I can just paint over it.

P1150792Alas, I found a piece of trim in my stash that fit perfectly, so I decided to add it.

P1150824Used my lightest aqua acrylic paint on this one and hand distressed a bit.

P1150825I had removed the hardware on the front before I painted it.

P1150826Pretty easy to remover and reattach; one screw for the latch and an eye screw.

P1150827Decided to leave the inside ‘as found’.

P1150834Sanding detail on the wood applique.

P1150835And along the edges.

So, now I had those two individual pieces done;  but before I got them priced and stocked them in my booth at Stars; I found this:


On an ‘inspiration excursion’ to Home Goods.  It’s not at ALL the blue that I normally go for.


and it’s got a GLOSSY finish, which I NEVER do. (and which is impossible to capture in photograph!)


 But it was such a cute little chest, and for some reason it ‘spoke to me’.  And I listened and bought it!


The DARK inside was a bit TOO dark and dreary for me, so I added some vintage atlas pages (on the lid and bottom) to brighten it up a bit.  (the area was too big to use the same scrap book paper as on the first cigar box.)

P1150819I really didn’t NEED to do anything to the outside.  But I like to add my own little touches everything, so I attached a skeleton key.

P1150829Ah-HA!!!  This is why the biggest chest at Home Goods was speaking to me!

P1150833It wanted to come home with me and join the other two blue chests!

P1150832I LOVE it!  And I’m gonna KEEP them all to myself!  (for that big home redecorating project I have coming up very soon!)

P1150830Just waiting for me to fill with treasures!

Little green lady

P1170306Such a sweet looking face . . and such an UGLY color!!

P1170815Isn’t it amazing what a little paint will do?!?

P1170817A few quick coats of flat white spray paint turns this beast into a real beauty.

P1170818I almost want to paint the eyes . . . should I???  I can always spray over them if I don’t like it.

P1170823She’s a perfect companion to this piece that I’ve had for a while.  (both are shelves too!)

P1170827Here you can better tell that they are shelves.  Now I just need to find ONE more, so I will have three to hang in a group.  Will eventually take them to Stars.


Grubby, crusty, rusty old tool box.


Found it at Stars and HAD to buy it for myself.

P1170529Even MORE rusty on the inside!

P1170531And on the bottom!

So, what do you do with stuff like this when you want to ‘preserve the patina’, but don’t want the rust to progress and get rust dust all over your house and hands every time you touch it?  (Seriously, shedding rust is as bad as glitter, getting all over the place!)

P1170714First you need to remove all the loose rust.  That is actually the hardest part because every time you brush or wipe, you create MORE dust!  Use a soft brush or the dusting tool on a shop vac and get as mush of the loose rust of as you can.  Then gently DAB with a damp paper towel and let dry.

Then give it a couple of good coats of clear spray paint!

P1170715I personally prefer MATTE finish, but it can be hard to find.  Satin will do if you can’t find matte.  The clear spray paint SEALS the surface and stops the progression of the rust; and it sharpens the color a bit.

P1170718It makes the rust look a little darker too, but I’ll deal with that minor issue to NOT have to deal with rust!

I’m keeping this baby!

~ SAVINGS ALERT! ~ FOUR DAY SALE AT STARS ~ 50% OFF MY BOOTH! Friday 1/16 through Monday 1/19 (MLK Day)

haggle-sale-LOW RESThey call it their “HAGGLE SALE”, and many of the dealers will be on site to wheel and deal fabulous prices on the items in their booths.  Weather permitting, there will be additional sale items outside on the sidewalk during sale hours.

All three stores will be participating in the sale, and each individual dealer chooses HOW they want to participate; via on site haggling, or offering a percent off items in their booth.  Signs will be posted in participating booths indicating their sale terms.

Since I am not able to be there during the sale AND since I really don’t LIKE to haggle on prices, I am offering HALF OFF all regular priced items in my booth during this sale.  (* Already reduces ‘red tag sale’ items are NOT included in the sale’ *)

Just stocked lots of Valentine decor and gifts, added lots more ironstone dishes and as much furniture as I can cram into a 10′ x 10′ space! Here are the pictures:




























50% OFF ALL REGULAR PRICED ITEMS IN MY BOOTH ST STARS; FRIDAY – MONDAY; JANUARY 16-19, 2015.  Discount will be given at checkout.

Updated with old book pages . .

P1170308Finally got this itty bitty chest made over.


I spray painted it with black because I wanted to see how well the chickens would cover.  Not too well!


So I had to pull the handles off with pliers, then applies some vintage book pages inside the moulding on the drawers and the top.  Then glued the knobs back on.

It’s really just ‘wee thing'; but little things with drawers always sell well.

P1170889I also covered a stool top with old book pages.  I just use my matte varnish to adhere the paper to the surface of furniture when I do this.  Then give it a couple more coats for durability.

P1170896An 8″ x 10″ oak frame painted a yellowish-ivory color, distressed and stained with my good ole RL tobacco stain.


And while I was playing with old book pages, I decided to cover the inside of this tray!

P1170900Pretty good color match eh?  (those wrinkles in the paper will ‘go away’ after it cures a little longer)

P1170899On to the next project!


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