Happy! Happy!! HAPPY!!!

I was SO BUMMED the last time I went to Home Depot to buy paint and discovered they no longer carry Ralph Lauren!!  They have Martha Stewart brand instead, which, the salesman told me, was manufactured by the same company as Ralph Lauren.  So I gave it a try.

Sorry!  No cigar!!!  I have tried ALL brands of paint and NOTHING is as good as Ralph Lauren.  It costs more per gallon to BUY, but is a better value to USE.  Better coverage and just literally goes on like soft butter on toast.

So, WHY am I telling you all this when you can’t get it at Home Depot anymore???  I just saw a commercial that said Miller Paints now carries Ralph Lauren paints.  That was the ENTIRE commercial too.  Just that quick blurb and a picture of a can of RL paint!!  Nuf said!  I’ve got me a new favorite paint store. 

Oh Ralph, I HAVE missed you so!!!!