Altered Christmas bottles

Rounded up a few small bottles from my stash to ‘Winter-fy’


Just ‘using what I have’ this year as far as supplies ans embellishments go.  It feels pretty good to pare down my stash a bit!


First, I partially filled them all with some fake snow (bought at Dollar Tree AFTER Christmas last year!)


Glued a little white tree that I covered with Mica flakes to the top, a sheer bow and a small metal snowflake ornament.  On top is a tiny snowflake BUTTON with a clear rhinestone glued to the center.


On this tall bottle, I glued a ‘CHEER” label to the front and tied and aqua bow around the neck.


Similar (but BIGGER) tree glued to the top of this one.  This one had a cork, so I took the base off the tree and screwed the tree into the cork; unscrewed it, put a dot of glue ion the hole and screwed it back in.

The previous bottle had a bigger opening and rim and no cork. so I glued it with the base still on.


This one is a triangle shaped bottle, small opening but good sized rim.  Blued this little bottle brush tree directly onto the opening.  Glued the JOY embellishment on and added a larger snowflake button to it.

These will be going to my booth at Stars Antique Mall soon.

Altered jars

P1070393Finished another batch of altered jars.  


Two layers of scrapbook paper and a vintage prescription label (bought on etsy) on this one.

P1070396Sheer ribbon and a vintage key around the top.


Very vintage looking.

P1070398Two layers of papers and a ‘flat key’ embellishment.  I found these flat keys at the craft store in the scrapbook section.  I think it was a package of 8 assorted sizes and styles.  PERFECT for projects like this as they are flat on the back and easy to glue to a flat surface, but still ‘raised’ enough to look fairly realistic.

P1070397And some ribbon around the neck.

P1070400A little chipboard bird-cage on the label of this one.  A tiny repro skeleton key around the neck.

P1070399Added a vintage white ceramic knob to the lid of this one. (glued on with e6000)

P1070402These have all available for purchase in my booth at Stars.

P1070401Stars is open seven days a week; 11am – 6pm.