I desperately need a new purse!!

My current purse is seriously held together with duck tape!

P1180735Great COLOR though, isn’t it?

P1180734Yep, there’s the duck tape.

P1180733And if I don’t find a new one SOON, I’m going to have to completely tape both handles!

P1180736I found this cute yellow one on Zulilly. Figured it would hold me over until I found ‘the one’.

P1180741It had plenty of pockets and compartments; which I MUST have.

P1180738A nice little zippered pocket on the back; and it was only $20.00!

P1180739But only ONE compartment in the main part of the bag.

P1180737But it’s totally ANOREXIC!!! Look how skinny it is?!?!?  I can’t fit all my crap in there?!?!?  (btw, they did NOT show a side view on the website; hence my hasty and completely USELESS purchase!) sigh

If any of you want to buy it for what I paid for it, I’ll cover the cost to ship it to you.  Zulilly doesn’t take returns.  (but the ARE great about refunding if things are damaged)

P1180743So, out of desperation, and only because it would be better than duck taping the handles of my blue purse, I bought this UGLY thing at Ross.  It said it was ‘genuine leather’ but it sure LOOKS like cheapo plastic.  I doubt that it will hold up for very long.  But it was only $19.00.

P1180746It’s perfectly functional.  Has the inner compartments I need.

P1180748And the proper amount of GIRTH.

P1180744But it really looks more like a mini back pack than a purse!

P1180751And the closure is really WEIRD.  It’s a tab with a snap, but it snaps on the INSIDE, and it’s really awkward to reach.

SO, I need some good recommendations for places to buy a decent, attractive, functional and reasonably priced purse!  (I’d like to keep the price under $50.00)

Everything I have looked at thus far is either HUGE enough to be an overnight bag, or just too small; or is covered with STUDS.  (Studs???  I must have missed that fashion memo, because the studs just look LAME to me!)    SO many of them are just one big compartment.  I’d spend half the day just digging to find things in a purse like that.  Please, HELP ME find a new purse that I can ‘live with’.

Any suggestions???