Rearranged my space at Stars

I’m still happy with having that extra open side wall completely closed off, but I wanted to change HOW I had the shelves arranged; AND to ‘simplify’ the items I had ‘flanking’ the entry.  It was just looking too ‘busy’ the way it was:6..22.13 Both + projects 042

See what I mean????  I wanted the stuff on either side of the entrance to ‘frame the space’.  More like it looked when I had the shelves on either side, but I didn’t want to put the same shelves back in the same way!

6..27.13 both malls 053

I HAVE to put something there that completely hides that part of the wall.  The shutter that I had there was working fine.  And I liked the extra space it gave me for hanging signs, but all those signs made it look too cluttered!  AND the signs I have in containers throughout my space (and NOT hanging on a wall) have actually been selling just as well as the hanging ones!  (a pleasant surprise!)

6..27.13 both malls 043I was wanting to move the white dishes that were on the ‘white shelves’ to these aqua shelves anyhow.  WHY I put white dishes on a shelf that was also white in the first place, I have NO idea!  And the one aqua shelf was just the right size to cover that ‘open part’ of the wall. (the rest of that open part is covered by the big aqua hutch, next to the bed and against that wall)

6..27.13 both malls 014Which you can see here.   The front facing skinny aqua shelf is a bit wider than the hutch is deep, but it’s not too bad.

6..27.13 both malls 002This is what the outward facing side wall now looks like.  One big aqua shelf, the spinner rack filled with smalls, then two white shelves side by side.   This ‘back alley’ of the mall is somewhat lacking in lighting, so the white shelves ‘show the product’ much better.  Next trip I hope to add some lights clipped to the top of the white shelves.

6..27.13 both malls 003Same back alley; just looking from front to back this time.

6..27.13 both malls 008Now the dresser is in the front on the left side.  I ‘used to’ always try to put my big furniture pieces ‘at the front’ so they are easier to remove when they sell.  NOW with this arrangement I can actually DO that!

6..27.13 both malls 009Put the new little side table on top of the dresser.

6..27.13 both malls 010Opened up the little white jewelry hutch and displayed some smalls inside.

6..27.13 both malls 011And of course, lamps!

6..27.13 both malls 039The white wicker end table right next to the dresser; and a small bench with a container of signs.  I’m trying to get the containers of signs UP off the floor.

6..27.13 both malls 015At least enough to encourage shoppers to look through them.

6..27.13 both malls 016This basket of smaller size signs is on top of a small shelf and right at eye level.  A wire crate of longer signs next to it.  If you can think of any other ‘creative ways’ to display signs ‘in bulk’; DO TELL!

6..27.13 both malls 033I moved the shutter to behind the dresser, and have room for a few signs here.

6..27.13 both malls 059And was able to hang the big ‘subway art’ sign on the back of one of the white shelves.

6..27.13 both malls 058Other than the back wall of the booth, that’s all the hanging space I was able to create.  Oh!  And there is another shutter on the back of the big aqua shelf that faces out; where I have all my ‘beach themed wall decor’.

6..27.13 both malls 021With doing so much shuffling stuff around, I didn’t bring in any new stock this week.  That means I’ll have LOTS to take in next week!

6..27.13 both malls 023


All settled in to our new space at Stars Antique Mall

And I finally remembered to take my camera to take pictures!  We moved from a wall booth to a back corner booth.  I LOVE how much more light this new space has.

Hmmmmm . . . It looks kind of cluttered and disorganized from this view!  Still figuring out the best way to display in this ‘more open’ space.  These pics were taken last week, so there’s still a bit of Halloween stuff in front there.

Awesome BIG old advertising letters.

Jelly cupboard we made using an old screen for the door.

Old cutting boards, cabbage shredder and rolling pins.

BIG vintage tool carrier, set on it;s end like this makes for a fun side table!

Lotsa frames!  And a turquoise and black checkerboard.

Old suitcases and a shabby dresser.


Little table and shabby Paris lamp.

Little footed trunk.  (that was a breadbox in it’s former life!)

Vintage wood child size ironing board, wood bowls and an old child’s broom.




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