ANOTHER Re-made make-over

So, if stuff site in my booth TOO long without selling, I bring it home and re-make the make-over.

p1190273Such was the case for this simple little table.  THIS ^ was actually it’s THIRD make-over!  Originally it was the largest in a set of nesting tables that I bought new 20 years ago.  They were primitive/rustic style and I think this one was blue.

After a few years I sanded off the blue and stained it hunter green, to match literally EVERYTHING else in my house, which was also hunter.

When I’d tired of the hunter green, I changed my decor to Americana with a lot of red,white and blue.  At which time I painted the top of this table to look like an American flag.

Just before we closed our shop, I had tired of the Americana primitives and sold most of them in an estate sale via the shop.  Somehow this little table go left behind, and it has come in handy over the years.

In my most recent downsizing though, it HAD to go; at which time I did the above black and tan Paris chic make-over.  It has been in my booth for at least 6 months and not sold, so I brought it home and made it over YET again!!

But WHAT color do I try next???  I primed the whole thing black and it sat in my garage for quite a while as I pondered my options.  Ah-HA!!  Everything I’ve painted my ‘new lighter blue’ has sold quickly!  There’s my sign!


And here she is, in her fourth (and hopefully FINAL, incarnation!).  Plain and simple, light Robin’s egg blue over a black base-coat and distressed.

P1240247I love that, even after so many times being painted and sanded and repainted and sanded again, some of the grain pattern still shows in the distressing!

P1240249Painted and distressed the legs to match the top this time.

P1240250Will wait until after Christmas, and possible even until Spring, to take it to my booth at Stars.  Just depends upon when I NEED to add more furniture.

P1240252I also painted this chunky wood footstool the same color; but without the black base-coat.

P1240256And this cute little stool that already had a coat of white on it.

P1240258I almost always end up using the little stools that I take to Stars to ‘prop stuff up on’.  But they still always sell really well.

P1240259Ready to go and just ‘waiting for spring’!

P1240268Up next on my ‘paint blue list’ is these two bar stools. . . . IF my son and new daughter-in-law decide they don’t want them.

Just stocked at Stars:

Turquoise candelabra; $24.00.

Shabby beachy blue wood bar stools; 2 available @ $19.00 each.

Turquoise candle lantern; $19.00.

White cubby shelf; $60.00.

Upcycled seahorse table; $29.00

Eiffel Tower wine rack; $59.00.

LOTS of new signs!

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Recent rummage sale finds

Big ole table pedestal (hollow core).  Not sure what we’ll do with it yet, but couldn’t pass it by!  And a nice piece of trim; long enough to use on 2-3 different projects!

Rest of the piece of trim.

Tea cart style folding tray table. 

Big bulky old full size headboard.  Maybe to use as the back for a bench??

Michael scrounged these GINORMOUS drawers!  I have NEVER seen drawers this big; FOUR feet across?!?!  And with the cool ‘cup type’ pulls.   I can’t even imagine what these babies were ever used for.  They’re SO big that by the time they are filled they’d be too heavy to pull open.  Not sure what to do with them yet.  They’re big enough to just flip over and use as a bench!  Anyone know what they might be from? 

Sweet little rusty white bistro set; glass missing from table though.

Unique chair design; different from what you typically see.

Chunky wood end table.  Not sure if it will get painted beachy blue, white or black.

Top detail, might work to paint a design in the center??

Nice bit of detail on the legs.

Pair if bar stools that were REALLY wobbly, so they were really CHEAP!  I just removed the seats, added some glue to the holes and pounded the seats back on with a mallet.

Good as new now!  Will probably leave these as bar stools and just repaint them.