Sofa back table

Thrift store sofa back table; before.  Very outdated!

After. Nicely updated!

How I did it:  the top had a very shiney finish, so I sanded it before painting.  Basecoat the entire thing black.  Then the top coat of my signature beachy blue (which BECOMES quite ‘Paris Apartment chic when paired with the black!)   A good sanding, then I used a FOAM stamp for the design down the center.  TIP: start in the CENTER, and work your way out to be sure your design stays even.


This table is currently for sale in my space at Stars.

Repaired and updated curio shelf

I come across old curio shelves like this quite often.  This one is missing the ‘decorative top piece’ (you can see where it’s supposed to be); which most likely had one of those wonderful country heart cut outs in the center.

Michael cut a new top piece and attached it for me.  If this one HAD still had the heart cut out top piece still in place, we would have just attached this plain one right over the top of it to hide the heart.

While the PLAIN top piece was just fine, and could have been left as it was; I decided to add a pretty wood applique.  I’ve also added decorative stamp designs on that top piece in the past.  Now it’s ready to paint!

My signature ‘beachy blue’ paint was my choice for this piece.

Close up of the wood applique.  Won’t this shelf look great filled with a collection of little white cream pitchers?!?

This, and the rest of the ‘beachy blue’ stuff I’ve been working on lately will be going to Stars by the end of this week.  If you’ve been thinking about buying some of the WHITE stuff, get it NOW; because I’ll be pulling it to make room for the blue stuff.

Building up my ‘beachy blue’ inventory for the next big booth update

Not sure exactly WHEN I’ll be re-doing the space and bringing the beachy blue stuff back in full force; but I’m getting ready!

This wire bird cage and metal stars were spray painted.

This vintage child’s chair and step stools were hand painted, then sanded to distress.

Likewise on this little wood wall shelf.  I’m guestimating it will be late July / early August when I’m able to take the time to do a MAJOR booth re-do.  Right now I’m focused on selling as much as possible at Camas before our scheduled move out date of July 9th.  July 8th will be the LAST  day to snag any half price goodies at Camas; as we’ll start moving out first thing in the morning on the 9th.

This little ‘smoking table’ was made using a big candle holder as the base and a round tray for the top. 


Painted the whole thing black first, then the aqua, then sanded to distress. 

This vintage two tier drum table is a recent re-do.  Was originally a beautiful mahogany wood that I restored with some oil finish because the wood was just too pretty to cover up.  Alas, no one else seemed to like the original color (it’s gone without selling for over a year!) so it was time for a re-do!

A couple of good coats of the aqua paint; then sanded to distress. 

That was the original color.

Oh well, so much for preserving the natural beauty of the wood, eh!?!

Old drawers repurposed into little shelves

Didn’t really need to do too much to these old drawers.  Cleaned them up and sanded off some scratches and glued some pretty paper to the inside bottom (which becomes the backing when hung as a shelf)

I removed the handle to distress the top and bit, then reattached the handle.  Used some vintage sheet music for papering this one.

 “Tea stained’  (using my own special stain formula; NOT realy tea!) the edges of this torn paper for a very aged look.

On this second drawer, the handle was splattered with old paint, so I gave it a fresh coat of black spray paint when I removed it to sand the drawer front.

Used a couple of coordinating scrapbook papers for the bottom of this one.  Just tore them up and glued them down kinda mosaic style.  You ‘could’ do nice neat straight line cuts if you prefer.  I just happen to like the torn edges look. 

Very quick and simple project!  These  two will be going to Stars.


Barn House

Another great blog, from just up in Washington state even!  They’ve got a list of upcoming shows beginning in May.  Here’s the link, and it’s added to my list of favorites along the right hand side:

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