Trash to treasure: desk ends with NO top ~ New stuff at Stars

Michael found these at the ReStore, pretty cheap since they were ‘topless’.  He just added tops from his stash of birch plywood.  Parts of one old desk turn into two night stands!

They were missing knobs too.  Re-painting them white would have been easiest.  But I prefer to distress the white furniture a bit, so a DARK undercoat works best for that.  So I painted these my signature aqua blue.

Had some nice cast iron knobs in my stash, which worked perfectly on these.

They have gone to our space at Stars; priced at $59.00 each.

Just painted up this cute vintage curio shelf in the same color; which is also in our space at Stars.

The above little wood ‘treasure chest’ (Michael built it from scratch) had been painted a dark black /blue; but didn’t sell.  Took it home for a makeover, and now it’s beachy blue!

Beach signs at Stars.

They almost look WHITE in this photo for some reason, but those are aqua frames mixed in with the black ones.

LOTS of beachy blue furniture AND accessories in our space at Stars.

Three drawer chest – all done!

Had a half a day of dry weather last week and dashed outside to finish up this three drawer chest.

Luckily I found some simple, sleek brass pulls in my stash that perfectly fit the holes from the previous pulls.  It always amazes me how much of a difference ‘just changing the pulls’ or knobs makes on a chest.

I sanded this one quite heavily (using an orbital sander with COARSE sandpaper)  so the white undercoat AND the wood shows through.



This sweetie will be going to Stars sometime before the end of the month.

Shabby beach coffee table

This one started out as a full size pine table top Michael dragged home.  He cut it down to coffee table size and cut legs from some table legs I brought home.

The ‘apron’ was made using scrap birch plywood.  All I had to do was sand and paint!

Here she is, all painted and pretty: 

And here she is after a good once over with the orbital sander to distress and add character and vintage charm:

This one will most likely be going to the fall show IN TWO WEEKS!

ReVamped Vintage: new pictures of our space at Stars in Portland

While we mostly took lots of new STUFF to our space in Camas, the re-do at Stars was all about FUNCTIONALITY.  The ‘new stuff’ that we added was some permanent storage shelves, made from old tables, most of which we CUT IN HALF! 

The method behind this madness was to create an attractive and unique way to display the multitude of ‘small stuff’ I always have stocked in the space so that I didn’t have to PILE it on top of all the furniture.  HOPING that this will help the furniture pieces sell better.

The first part of the plan was to get rid of THESE!  I had use them on either side of the front of our space as ‘room dividers’ to create little display vignettes.  They are made from 6′ tall x 3′ wide old fences sections; hinged together in a pair, so they open up into an “L” shape.

In this old photo above you can see how we had used them.  It was nice to have the extra ‘hanging space’ and the two ‘nooks’ on either side of the space to create in.  But after a while I started feeling like I wanted the space to be more OPEN.  Our space is only 8′ wide and 10′ deep, so after a very LONG and succesful run of service at Stars, these two babies have gone to new homes.  We wanted them gone FAST, so I just slapped a $10.00 price tag on them and they WERE gone the next day!

It was nice having that divider at the front of the space to hang our booth sign from too.  It’s now been moved to the back wall, out of necessity.

This big ‘window pane shelf’ that had been at the back wall was moved to the front left of the booth.   It’s a tad bigger than I’d like to have across the front, but it was NEVER going to sell hidden at the very back of the booth.  So, front and center it went; and it will be getting a new ‘red sale tag’ soon!

And here is what the overall booth looks like now.  Can you see what we did with all those tables we cut in half????  I should have and WISH I could have, taken pictures of the ‘table shelves’ BEFORE I loaded them up with product.  Alas, it had been a VERY long day and we had to haul everything from a block away and we still had a LOT of moving around of stuff to do and the camera was in the truck and i just didn’t have the oomph left to go get it just to take a  couple of pictures, only to have to take it back to the truck for safekeeping while we finished moving stuff around!

What we did was take a full size dining room table (solid top, no leaves) a coffee table and cut both of those in half lengthwise.  An end table was cut in half width wise (because of the handle on the front.  We kept one bench and one little side table whole, and Michael built the tall skinny shelf that is in the corner of it all.  Painted everything a very soft grey. 

I had seen the idea of tables cut in half mounted to the wall as shelves in a blog ‘somewhere out there’ a while ago, and KNEW immediately that it was what I wanted to do as permanent (ie not for sale!) shelving in the space.  but I really had NO IDEA how we were going to ‘put it all together’ in the space; except for the positioning of the two halves of the biggest table.  They went in an “L” shape at the back corner.  (one side of our space is OPEN (no wall) to the next space; we have it divided off with free-standing shutters and a tall shelf) So there was really ONLY one place we could put the shelves, considering that with only two legs they had to be bracketed to the wall for stability.

Try to DE-visualize all the small stuff, and this is a pretty good picture of the overall structure.  Under the apex of the two pieces of dining table is the bench we left whole.  On the far left is the little table that was kept whole.  (I didn’t know if I’d need it on TOP of one of the other half tables.)  The left side of the structure is ‘shorter’ than the right because of how the two tables are placed together.  So, the overall design is asymmetrical.

I think THIS is my favorite part, where it goes 3 pieces high.   I want to add more lighting; probably some BACK lighting.  I think I’m pleased with how it all turned out.  Only time will tell if it ‘serves it’s intended purpose’ of freeing up the furniture pieces so they sell faster.

The ‘cabana’ UNslip covered chair is still looking for a new home.

The little round tables are right behind the big front facing window pane shelf, for now; and for lack of a better spot for the time being.  Now that the big fence section room dividers have sold, I’ll be going back in today to rearrange a bit.

There was no place to go but UP with the last little round table!

Cubby shelf full of beach collectibles.

Sheet music crown and top hat, just for fun!


Birds.  Gotta do groups of THREE!

Stacked up benches.

Little aqua shelf on top of a couple of benches.

Tall skinny aqua shelf and green corner shelf.







That’s all folks!


Good news / Bad news . . .

Or maybe it’s just a CHANGE of news. . . . .whatever!!  It’s HARD to think up titles for hundreds of different blog posts sometimes!  So, here’s the news:

Our plans to do a major overhaul of both of our mall spaces THIS Saturday, July 23rd; has had to be postponed until NEXT Saturday, July 31st.   Soooooooooooo . . . .the 25% off sale at Stars that was to end this Saturday has been changed to 20% off through the 3oth.  A slightly smaller percentage off, but MORE TIME to take advantage of it! 

The space is still JAM-PACKED with goodies, as you can see!

LOTS of wonderful beach blue goods!

The 20% off sale INCLUDES already discounted ‘red sale’ tags.

You KNOW you want a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to brighten up the house this summer!

Or someone’s got a birthday coming up that you need a gift for!  Who couldn’t use a practical little bench around the house?

Sweet little sentiments are always nice too.  These make fun package tie-ons!

Come and get it while the gettin’s  EXTRA good!

Little frames with shells

I did the BIG frames with a scallop shell and a starfish (my ONE AND ONLY starfish!) a couple of weeks ago.  Still had a few scallop shells to use; found a few sand dollars,  and found some small, 5×7 frames that I had painted a very pale aqua some time ago.

Put them all together, and here’s what you get!

And I’m STILL not tired of playing with shells and beachy looking stuff!

The blues . . .

Shabby cottage beachy blues that is!  Just stocked in my space at Stars Antique Mall in Portland.












Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar ~ Spring 2009

  • April 21-25, 2009
    Weekdays 10am-8pm
    Saturday 10am-5pm
  • Washington County Fair Complex, Hillsboro, OR (Main Exhibit Hall

Ahhhhhhh . . . . the sun is shining and you’ve been busily spring cleaning and working in the garden. Time to take a break and head to the bazaar for a little SHOPPING THERAPY!

Here are pictures of the area I set up:


Red and yellow cottage kitchen.



Potting shed and nesting place.




These rustic wood ‘vases’ filled with tall twigs are so great to decorate with! Just the perfect thing to fill in an empty corner inexpensively and with a simple and ‘organic’ look.




Sweet little robin’s eggs.



Several BIG (10-12′ tall!!!) curly willow branches. YES! They are for sale!




Coastal cottage decor.













Paint ’em yourself and SAVE! Unfinished shelves.


Grubby candles. Handcrafted in Oregon.


Grubby electric candles.


Yummy Oatmeal cookie wax tart ments.


Shabby chic yellow desk and chest. Priced to sell FAST at just $49.95 each!


A wee bit of Paris. Little framed pictures of the Eiffel Tower.



Vintage kerosene stove $99.95.



Assorted primitive needfuls: Difficult to see in the photo because I have them bundled up in plastic bags; rag balls and primitive stuffed stars, bead garland, old wooden spools.



Primitive linen valances.


Lots of pretty and practical gifts for Mother’s Day! Magnetic list pads, sticky notes, note cards, mini notebooks, journals, coupon file folders . . . . many of them bundled in sets and tied up with pretty ribbon


One of a kind journals. Each cover an original, one of a kind design. Lined ‘tea stained’ paper inside for a vintage feel. Makes a great gift!


More stationary gift sets.



We didn’t have room for this wonderful shabby chic vanity in the area with our other stuff, so it’s up towards the front end (closer to the registers) of the show. We got it at a GREAT price, and didn’t have to do any work on it, so we are selling it for just $39.95! It’s gonna go FAST at that price, so get to the show early!

And that is just the stuff that WE brought to the show! There is lots and LOTS more !!

Here’s what’s new in Sophie’s Cottage – late June 2008



Thrift store wood basket

Found this ‘perfectly beachy blue’ wood basket at the thrift store the other day.  Added some shells, blue glass and a candle to create a pretty little candlescape.

This little vintage cosmetic case just needed a little cleaning up.  It’s smaller than most cases; about the size of a child’s lunchbox.  Perfect condition inside.  Both of these treasures are headed for our booth at Stars Antique Mall in Sellwood.