Beach Cottage Decor now at Stars

I rearranged my wall space at Stars and put out all the beach cottage decor.

P1360399I brought in my shabby white crates to create shelves for the booth.

A couple of shabby blue nightstands tucked in there, and a white wall shelf.

A sweet vintage shabby white child’s chair and a little three legged foot stool.

Shell topped jars, shell filled jars and shell candle jars.  A little round table with a shabby white trug on top.

Distressed turquoise frames with ‘floating’ white fingerling starfish.  Some BIG sugar starfish, painted white and glittered.

A shabby vintage spice rack filled with little jars of shells and sea glass.  Some small mermaid crowns and a sugar starfish mounted atop a shabby white candle holder.


I did some rearranging and stocking of my big booth too.

Lots of stacks of old books, as always.

This giant turquoise cubby shelf is filled with vintage milk glass and Ironstone pieces.

Some additional, and smaller, cubby shelves.

LOVE this vintage chicken tureen!


I’ve added lots of this style of vintage Ironstone with the scalloped edges.

Beautiful hand painted vintage milk glass vase with gold accents and ruffled edge.  Gold glitter Eiffel Tower tags.  Little vintage vanity jars.  Old bottles and upcycled bottles with repro labels.

Vintage metal chair with new gold paint and pretty soft blue and gold Toile covered seat.


Come on by and check it all out.  The construction on the next block continues; BUT, they have not been blocking off the side street parking as much lately.






I think I’m becomming a HOARDER?!?!

A stencil hoarder that is!  IS it hoarding if it’s items that I actually USE though??

 I just got a bunch of new of stencils to make signs with.  I’ve got SO many stencils now that I had to have Michael build a wood storage box to store the bigger ones in!  The smaller ones are still in manilla folders and a cardboard box file holder.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 034

5.21.13 finds signs projects 035

5.21.13 finds signs projects 036

5.21.13 finds signs projects 037

5.21.13 finds signs projects 038

5.21.13 finds signs projects 039I already have a small believe stencil; wanted a BIGGER one.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 040Bigger ‘THE MAN CAVE’ stencil that I custom ordered.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 041Photo booths are SO popular at weddings these days!  This will make a cute sign to use for weddings, then later use the sign on the family photo wall.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 042I already have a smaller LAUNDRY sign too; and it has sold really well on etsy.  I custom designed this larger one; which I can make in two styles.  LAUNDRY ROOM or just LAUNDRY.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 043I have another ‘beach house’ stencil too, but I don’t really like the font and it hasn’t sold very well.  Just the word ‘BEACH’ is always a good seller for me, so I custom designed this BIGGER ‘Beach House’ sign that I can make with or without the ‘house’ part.

Signs made from these stencils coming soon!

More cottage beach decor ideas


These simple jars of shells were created with blank jars and shells purchased at the craft supply store.  I just glued a shell to the lid (with tacky glue) and tied on some jute and attached a tea stained tag.

Vintage cabinet just needed a little sanding to give it the ‘beach cottage feel’. 

Assorted signs using old painted fence boards.  I just hand sanded a little to remove the loose paint, then stenciled and stamped the letters on with acrylic paints.

Some of those signs worked into a display.

Another jar of shells and a shell candle which consists of a glass cylinder vase with the candle in it, set in the middle of the bell shaped glass container.  The shells are then placed between the two glass pieces.  This is a great way to create candle displays when you want to burn the candle, but not get wax all over your decorative components.

Framed shell saying on the left was created using a matted frame like the one shown on the right.  Tea stain your paper and mat.  Print saying on tea stained paper then tear out.  Glue onto another piece of tea stained paper.  Glue shells to mat.  And you’re done!

Blank frame arrangement on a shelf.  Frames with back and glass missing are easy to find (and very inexpensive!) at garage sales.  These were oak frames I painted assorted shades of aqua then lightly hand sanded to distress.

Shadow bos frame filled with shells.  Glass cylinder vase filled with sand, then shells and a candle.

The two glass bottles were ‘dressed up’ by adding inexpensive beaded bracelets to them.