Fine tuning my new space at Stars

After looking at the pictures I took last week of my new space, I decided I needed to ‘switch up’ a few things.  As well as I THOUGHT I had planned everything out, I had quite a bit to do-over.

3.12.13 NEW BOOTH Stars 001First was this out facing ‘wall’.  I have several of both white and aqua display shelves.  Can’t believe it didn’t ‘occur to me’ that it would look better to have all the same color on the same side?!?!?  Not that it looks BAD like this.  Just that it could look BETTER if both shelves were the same color.

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 080So I switched it to this.  The white and these aqua shelved are back to back; so I just switched them around.  (had to completely EMPTY them first of course!)  It just looks more ‘cohesive’ now.  Agreed?

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 055The next issue was the walking space (or LACK thereof!) inside the booth.  The bed took up more space than I thought it would; leaving very little room to actually walk through the booth.

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 056I didn’t want to get rid of the bed, but I needed to ‘make it shorter’ somehow.  It was a folding aluminum cot, and could not be shortened at all.  Michael had cut a couple of pieces of plywood for me to lay on the cot springs to protect the air mattress; so I thought I would use those and some stacked wood crates to make a faux and shorter bed.

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 057So I went to our storage garage to get the crates and had to move an old folding card table out of the way.  LIGHTBULB MOMENT!  Why couldn’t I just use the card table for a bed?!?!  Having it higher would help keep kids from climbing on it.  But one card table wasn’t quite long enough for all the pillows and some folded spreads at the foot of the bed.  So I used the two sheets of plywood to ‘extend’ the length of my card table a little at the head and foot!  And I’ll have storage space underneath!

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 092I was now able to put the vintage baby basket full of additional vintage chenille spreads and a basket full of little heart pillows  at the foot of the bed; which pretty much used up all the extra floor space I had just created.  BUT, as that stuff sells I’ll be able to move the baby basket.

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 091But it still ‘opened up’ the space quite considerably.  And the bed really doesn’t look like it’s not a real bed.

I can believe I didn’t think of using a table for a ‘make shift’ bed before?!?!  Like back when we had our own shop to display all the vintage bedspreads on?  And when we did shows?!?!?  Pillows and bed ‘thing’s just look SO much more ‘appealing; ON a bed (or something that LOOKS like a bed!)  So, save this little nugget of information in your memory bank for future use if you ever need a display bed and don’t have room for or just don’t HAVE a real bed!