Another project using vintage individual salt shakers

I can usually find these little guys at thrift stores and rummage sales for a dollar.  


Sometimes for less, if the caps are missing!  (which is fine by me, as I don’t use the caps.  Need to think of a project TO use them though, as I’m accumulating quite a stash of them!  SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!)


Lots of different shapes and sizes of shaker lids; awaiting an inspiring idea.


Taller / wider ones are a bit too big for this project, but will work for larger cloches.

Whoa!  That does NOT look ‘centered’ in the photo, but I assure it is centered in reality.  These pretty little individual vintage salt shakers make perfect knobs for the tops of cloches!

P1160826I just put a little e6000 adhesive around the rim of the shaker and place it upside down in the center of an upside down vase or hurricane jar.

P1160828I had four of these medium sized ‘bell’ shaped vases to turn into cloches; so I decided to vary the shakers.  (I didn’t have four matching ones anyhow!)

P1160849A snippet of pretty ribbon tied around the neck of the shaker and no one would ever guess it wasn’t a crystal knob.

P1160851What can you DO with these cloches?? Put ANYTHING that will fit under them.  Everything looks more special ‘under glass’.

P1160852I don’t have many things here at home to put under them; so I just used a couple of the little tree topped shakers I recently showed you.  Will have lots more ‘examples’ of ways to use them once I take these to my booth.

Cloches are a STAPLE in my booth.

Halloween goodies just added to our space at Stars!

OOPS!  This picture came out blurry!  But it’s the only one I took of the ‘overall’ Halloween area.  sigh.  but you’ll be able to see all the details clearly in the following close up pictures.








And some ‘fall’ pretties . . .



Wood ‘porch pumpkins’. 

P.S.  Because someone asked, and because I forgot to mention OR show; I’ve added a picture and explanation of how we attached the ‘stands’ to the backs to these porch pumpkins to make them ‘free standing’.  Just scroll back to the original post showing them to see.

Just added a bunch of pretty cloches to the space too. 

And a few pretty glittery gourds!

The glittered gourds are SO versatile!  They look beautiful on the Thanksgiving table, and are elegant enough to leave out through Christmas!

Some cloches with pedestal stands too.